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Over analysis of tamagotchi meets "gimmick"

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So I've been thinking about meets lately. I can conclude from the fact that the whole point of meets is being able to connect with other users via an app, which opens the flood gates to a lot of possibilities, let me explain those.


One thing I'll like to explain is that meets are capable to connect with old versions of mix, meaning you can transfer new genetics that didn't exist in the old mixs from the new, and add genetics from your old mixs onto your new meets.



Not only that, but remember that you will be able to connect with other meets from an app? While imagine this for a second. Say you actually manage to get in contact with someone who also has a meet and lives in japan. If you can get them to get a seasonal character or whatever from a mix station, and than connect with them via the app, you will now be able to obtain that genetic from a mix station. Which I consider very very cool. Now imagine that plus people with old versions of mixs. It's great because it gives us a reason to still use our mix. In my head i imagine people selling their tamas to breed or have a rating based on how rare those genetics are, but i'm sure that won't happen.


Also on a side note this is basically mix ver 2.0, sorry ratama U_u


Another thing i want to mention is, I believe you'll only be able to either have two twins or one tama plus one pet.


reason i say this is because when I was looking at this image i notice that there is only one pair of twins + a pet

unknown.png These lovelies right here.

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You don't really "get" seasonal characters from the M!X stations, you just marry them, I think. So at most I think you could get a trait of that character if anything. Which is still a cool opportunity, if they will be able to breed via app.

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The only thing I would really hope to get out of this app functionality is being able to unlock everything that was supposed to be base content on my own Meets without having to either buy a second Meets or be in Japan to use the Mix Station.


I'm sure the app will only be limited to the Japanese appstore (at least for iPhone users like me) so if they can at least do that for the Meets, it'd make the hassle of creating a second appstore account for it a bit more tolerable :)

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Somehow I really, really doubt that you will be able to breed through the app. For all we know it's mostlikely going to have a Music City like functionality.

Unless it has been stated that it will be possible already?

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