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What tamagotchi are you Gashapontchi Machine!

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Welcome to Gashaponitchi! The machine that will tell you what Tamagotchi you are! :lol: :unsure: :wacko:


Here's how you play.


You'll be given a list of numbered questions. You'll reply with the number of the question and the answer you picked such given question.


example: (1)1, (2)1, (3)4


The answers to the questions are scaled 1-4. 1 being the highest for a yes or most likely :D , and 4 being the lowest for a no or less likely -_- .



After you turn in your answers, I'll respond to you about which tama you are, you may even get a rare capsule and be your own unique tama! Remember this is just for fun so please do take it with a grain of salt! :wub:

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Q1: Are you more organize (1) or messy (4)

Q2: Do you enjoy fashion?

Q3: Are you more happy (1) or sad (4)

Q4: Can you control your feelings well?

Q5: Favorite color?

Q6: Do you enjoy science?

Q7: Do you enjoy math?

Q8: Do you like drawing?

Q9: Do you workout a lot?

Q10: How healthy would you say your diet is?

Q11: Do you believe in magic?

Q12: Do you get jealous easily?

Q13: Are you a introvert or extrovert?

Q14: Do you judge yourself more (1) or others (4)

Q15: Do you make friends easily?

Q16: Are you a planner (1) or do you act on your feet (4)

Q17: Do you feel good about yourself?

Q18: Do you help others often (1) or do you get helped a lot (4)?

Q19: Do you like cooking?

Q20: Would you rather design an act (1), Be in it (2) - (3), or watch it?

Q21: Quirky/Wild (1)? Chill/Casual (2) - (3)? Or Serious/professional (4)

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This is quite a unique idea! I like the tamaified "yes" and "no" and that question mark is cute :^)


1. More organized (1)

2. I do quite enjoy fashion because it's fun (1)

3. A few people tell me I'm always happy (1)

4. I've applied "emotionally subdued" to myself quite a few times (1)

5. Blue :kusatchi: (usually on the medium blue side)

6. I like science well enough, with a preference for Biology and Geology (2)

7. Math is a little intimidating (3)

8. I absolutely love to draw :^) (1)

9. Nope, usually just a half hour walk a day (4)

10. A moderately healthy diet since I love deserts (2)

11. I really like stories with magic in them and it is usually an element in my writing, but I don't believe it is a real thing (4)

12. I rarely get jealous because most people's lives and situations have other undesirable factors (1)

13. An introvert with social skills whose mind can go blank when talking to strangers XD (1)

14. I judge myself more as I know my own intentions (1)

15. I'm shy but I do make friendships where there are semi-permanent relationships like when working or groups (2)

16. A definite planner (1)

17. I definitely feel good about myself because I have God :^) (1)

18. I help others often because I usually know enough (1)

19. I love cooking but I mostly bake (1)

20. Watching is easy but designing is fun (1)

21. I can be all kinds, but "chill" is probably most accurate XD (2)


Thanks, Loxxy! :kuribotchi: :lol:

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This looks like fun! I'm excited to see what I get. ^_^


Q1. I try to organize my things when I can, but they never stay that way. (3)

Q2. Not particularly. I'm the sort of person who owns a bunch of outfits, but I only ever wear the same three t-shirts and jeans. :P (4)

Q3. I'm feeling pretty happy right now! (2)

Q4. I'm good at controlling my feelings, unless it's something that really upsets me. (2)

Q5. I've always love pink and dark blue. If I must pick one, it would be dark blue.

Q6. Never been a fan of it. (4)

Q7. I liked it up until high school. (3)

Q8. I love drawing! (1)

Q9. I try to go on a bike ride almost every day. It's not a lot, but it's something. :P (3)

Q10. I've been trying the low carb diet, but I haven't been doing it for long. (2)

Q11. I like stories with magic in them (like Harry Potter), but I don't believe that it's a real thing. (4)

Q12. Not really. (1)

Q13. Introvert all the way. :P If I'm hanging out with small group, I have a better time socializing. Overall, I'm awkward around new people and strangers. (1)

Q14. Myself. I know who I am as a person and what kind of things are going on in my life, but I can say the same for strangers. (1)

Q15. Once I get past being awkward, I can make friends with people pretty easily. (2)

Q16. I try to plan for the most part, but there's only so much planning you can do! (2)

Q17. For the most part, but like we addressed in Q14, I can be pretty judgmental towards myself. (2)

Q18. I try to help people whenever I can, but that doesn't mean I never need help myself. (2)

Q19. I like it enough, but I don't do it a lot... (3)

Q20. I'd probably like to design it. (1)

Q21. I'm pretty chill. (3)

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