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Hello! I've got a new collection addition to share with you today!



Wasn't expecting to find these as I've heard mixed things about their release date here in Canada. The store I went to didn't have a huge selection of shells, but I'm very happy with the one I picked. It very much fits in with the type of shells I like. In fact, I even have a very similar looking Japanese P2 that's white with blue characters on it. The only bad thing is that it had a paint scuff on it right out of the box which I'm not too amused about (you can see it in the picture, it's on the character in the bottom right corner) - it's not that noticeable but the fact that it's there bugs me. I popped it into one of the protective cases to prevent it from getting any further scratches/scuffs.


Anyway, onto the main portion of the log.


V1 - Bruce


Bruce got married this morning! I actually did marry him off early - he's 6 years old and the matchmaker wouldn't have otherwise come until tomorrow. But for some reason I was eager to start a new generation on this tama. I also had another plan with the way that I married him. What I did was put a battery into a V2 of mine that happens to be debugged, and chose a female Mimitchi, AKA a top tier adult. See where I'm going with this? My orange V1 has been stuck in a bad care rut for a very long time, and I attributed it to the fact that the matchmaker always brings me bottom tier mates. By marrying Bruce to a top tier mate, I may finally get out of this rut.


Anyway, Bruce and the unnamed Mimitchi had a baby girl. I haven't decided on her name yet.



Since I had to connect many times before the marriage actually took place, Bruce also got his connection items. The first one is wings, which I didn't get a photo of, and the second is a cape:



Both items are pretty fitting for Halloween, aren't they? I really like the ability to receive usable connection items. I wish that was something that was kept in the later connection versions. The V1 also does the item animations for a very long time unlike the later ones whose animations only last a few seconds. It's very cute to watch.


V2 #1 - Ella


I finally accepted the matchmaker for Ella at the tender age of 9. Her mate was a Pochitchi who I of course could not say no to. After all, Pochitchi is another one of my personal favourite characters so how perfect was it to marry my two faves to each other? Anyway, Ella had a baby boy. I suppose you can probably tell there's already going to be a prearranged marriage here between him and Bruce's girl.



Ella's pose in this picture is pretty funny. She looks so proud of her child! Other than that she hasn't done too much today. I did catch her brushing her teeth this morning:



I am sure going to miss her once she leaves. She has the cutest animations! So far, I've done this with every Ginjirotchi I've had - they've all stayed with me until at least the age of 9 because I never like letting them go and Ella is no exception. Oh well, I'm hoping I get just as good results with her son.


V2 #2 - B


Not much is new with B the Young Mimitchi. I don't think I'll be getting a top tier adult with her because I've slipped up on her care a few times. She's now 3 years old and set to evolve tomorrow.



I have no idea what she'll turn into. It's going to be a complete surprise because I've slipped up a bit but I haven't treated her horribly either. That's one thing I like about the V2 - it's a teen for three days and during those three days you have no idea what adult you'll get. The element of surprise is very nice - it's the reason I always seem to come back to the older connections.




Yes, I decided to start up my P2 rerelease. I'm pretty familiar with the original P1/2 so it's interesting to pick out the little differences in this one along the way. It is louder and the screen contrast is better and easier to see. The buttons are heaps more responsive which I'm happy about because the buttons of the originals always bothered me.


p22.jpeg p23.jpeg

I've currently got Tonmarutchi, age 2. I'm being very careful with his weight because I've seen a lot of reports on premature death from being overweight and feeding too many snacks. I wonder why that is. Other than that, I've noticed a few other differences like faster animations, more frequent discipline calls, and far more randomness in the number game, but with those differences aside it does play pretty much the same as any other P2.




Last but not least, my iD is still kicking. Violetchi should be getting her final tamatomo stamp tonight, though I probably won't marry her off until tomorrow because I don't like marrying my tamas off in the evening/night. Not sure why, but I prefer to raise new generations in the morning.


id43.jpeg id44.jpeg

We did manage to find a tamatomo stamp this morning! This one was actually by accident - I was playing around with items, and to my surprise Violetchi liked the hula hoop so much it gave her a happy stamp! Yay! Her other two symbols were the sandwich at the convenience store and the macaron at the cafe. Once she obtains her 72 hour stamp tonight, she will be my 9th tamatomo entry. I did have a repeat character in there once, so I will be starting my 11th generation tomorrow. That's one of my highest colour tama gen counts so far, I don't typically seem to run them for long periods of time like this. The only other one I have that's higher is my 15th Anniversary iD L which I ran for 18 generations. I've been having a ton of fun with it - it's a pretty simple tama but it still has so much to do and explore. I can definitely say that even after 10 generations I am not bored of it at all yet.

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Hello! What do you know - looks like we've reached page 2 already! I'm normally pretty bad at committing to logs so I'm kind of proud of myself for sticking to this one. I got another new collection addition yesterday, which I posted here - I really do love Entamas and this is my first packaged one so that's nice. I really love the design but I'm resisting the temptation to start it up right away - I'd rather save it for the winter because the shell design is pretty festive.


In other news, the other two vintage rereleases I preordered shipped out this morning, so I should have those soon. I probably won't start those up right away either as I'm already busy with the rerelease P2 I bought the other day, but they'll still be nice to have.


Anyway, let's move on to the main portion of today's log entry. Quite a bit has happened with my tamas, so read on!


V1 - Dara


Bruce departed last night, so this morning I was greeted by crying baby Dara. She marks the eighth generation on my orange glitter V1, the second highest V1 gen count I've achieved (the first was the plain white shell, on which I reached 14 or 15 generations, I believe).


dara1.jpeg dara2.jpeg

Her baby stage was typical, but after that came the moment of truth. I purposely chose Bruce's mate on a debugged connection, in an attempt to finally get out of the bad care rut I was in and maybe even see a Kinakomotchi again, a toddler I rarely see when I run V1s. And guess what? It worked! Here's what Dara looks like now:



So V1s are exactly like the V2/V3 in that the parent's health does affect the health of the offspring. Interesting. Since I'm on an even generation now, Dara has a very high chance of turning into Young Mimitchi (unless, of course, I REALLY neglect her, but I'm not going to do that), who's perhaps my favourite V1 teen (I just had one on my V2, but hey, I definitely wouldn't mind having another). From there, I'm thinking of going for Mimitchi again, but I'm worried about slipping up and getting Memetchi, who's definitely not my preferred character. In fact, keep reading on to see why I really don't want her to turn into Memetchi...


V2 #1 - Alexi


Just as Bruce departed last night, so did Ella. Baby Alexi started his life at the same exact time as my V1, Dara. I'm not as far along on this tama as I am on the other one, this marks the second generation.


alexi1.jpeg alexi4.jpeg

Alexi had a fairly typical baby stage. It was kind of challenging caring for two baby tamas at the same time, but for the most part it was fine. Predictably, he evolved into the toddler stage at the same time as Dara, and that's not the only thing that ended up being the same:



Yup, Alexi and Dara evolved into twins! I haven't raised a Kinakomotchi in a while and now I've got two at the same time. I'll be interesting if they turn into the same teen as well, though the V2 has more of a variety in that department so I'm not so sure that's going to happen. Also, I've already started connecting them since I'm planning on marrying them when they're older - might as well let them get to know each other first!


V2 #2 - B


B evolved yesterday and like I said the other day, I didn't know what to expect. I didn't treat her horribly, but I wouldn't describe the care I gave her as perfect either. Training was at 6/9 when she evolved. And while I guess I'm happy she still turned into a good care adult, she turned into my least favourite of the bunch so, meh.



My only reason for my irrational Memetchi hatred is that there was one point where I was getting her literally ALL the time. There was a time last summer where I had her on four tamas at the same time, and it kind of seemed like I couldn't avoid her (I had the exact same problem with Megatchi on the V3, who I also still can't stand). So yeah, I'm not too amused by B's evolution - I may end up firing up the debugged V2 again so I can marry her off early.




My re-release P2 is doing very well. He is 4 years old today, so he did not succumb to the age 3 death thing that many have reported. Probably because I haven't been feeding snacks at all - I'm way too paranoid for that. I do believe feeding snacks in the baby stage is safe though because I did do that and my tama is so far not affected.



In other news, my little guy grew legs last night! This tama really does call for discipline a lot - his discipline bar is completely full already and another interesting thing is that this tama continues to call for discipline after the bar is full, which the originals didn't do. Oh, and want to know another very trivial difference I've noticed with this one? Tongaritchi no longer has teeth when he eats! What a strange thing to tweak. I do have one of my original Japanese P2s going in the background (which I've chosen not to log here since a) it's mostly for experimenting and b ) it's pretty much the same thing anyway) to compare to this one which has been making this run a lot more fun. So far I think I do prefer the rerelease to the original - I think it's the super responsive buttons that have sold me. My original P2 feels so sluggish now when I use them side by side.




Violetchi got her final happy stamp the other day, but I didn't get around to marrying her off until this morning. I now have nine tamatomo stamps on my iD:



The only two characters I have left to obtain are male characters, so during the marriage process I was just really hoping she'd have a baby boy. Not the biggest fan of repeat characters. Luckily my prayers were answered, and she ended up with a baby boy. I forgot to get a photo of his baby stage, but he's now Mattaritchi:



I've decided to go for Monpatchi and then Kikitchi. It was kind of a hard decision though because the only characters I have left to obtain are Mametchi and Kikitchi and, well, I love them both. I decided to go for Kikitchi because I haven't had him in quite a while on any tama. It's going to take a lot of neglect (4+ care misses as a toddler to obtain the bad care teen, then another 4+ care misses once he becomes a teen), but it will be worth it in the end for sure.

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Hello! Sorry for disappearing these past few days but I've been working night shifts so I've practically been nocturnal and so have my tamas. In other news, I got the other two vintage rereleases I'd been waiting on in the mail today! I preordered these at the end of September:



My original plan was to get one of each version, though I obviously ended up buying the white/pink P2 later so now I have two P2s. Admittedly, I'm not as huge a fan of the P1 shells as I am of many of the P2 shells, but this red glitter one is stunning. There's something about the red combined with the gold accents that just looks so pretty. I wish it had gold buttons too but the yellow buttons still look nice. Also, the glitter matches my orange glitter Connection V1, so that's a plus.


I'm not starting them up quite yet since I've already got my first rerelease on the go, but sooner or later I definitely will. Anyway, as always, onto the main portion of the log.


V1 - Dara


Dara evolved into a teen two days ago (this is what happens when I disappear for a few days...), and of course there shouldn't be too much surprise in that department:


dara4.jpeg dara5.jpeg

I realize I JUST had Young Mimitchi on my V2, but she's one of my favourite teen characters so really, I can never have too many of them. So far, I've been attempting to give Dara perfect care in an attempt to get Mimitchi. From my past experiences, V1s are VERY sensitive to care, much more so than the later versions. I've read before that the games you play with your character also have an effect on which adult you get, but that's something I've never been able to prove. But yeah I've watched her like a hawk, making sure to never let her hearts drop below one empty. Her training bar is also completely full now.


Oh, actually I remember one thing that happened that may or may not affect her evolution. I was connecting her with Alexi the other day and they were playing the minigames, and I totally forgot that your tama loses a happy heart if they lose the game, so Dara lost three happy hearts from losing the connection games before I noticed. It would be stupid to penalize for that since it's not really the user's fault, but like I said this version seems to be very sensitive so I'm not really sure. The moment of truth will come tomorrow when she evolves.


V2 #1 - Alexi


Since he and Dara are in the same schedule, Alexi also evolved into a teen the other day. He did have the possibility of becoming Young Mimitchi just like Dara, but he did not:



I don't see Hinatchi often at all, so this was a very nice change! He's a cutie. Here's where the problem lies: since I've been so focused on Dara and not missing a single thing with her, Alexi has been a bit neglected for the past few days. He has not been sick, but his hearts have dropped to three empty a couple of times. His training is half full. As is often the case with my V2s and V3s, I am not sure what to expect. Alexi is definitely not going to become one of the healthiest adults, but I'm not so sure he's going to become the worst either. I'm assuming he will probably turn into one of the average or below average characters but again, the moment of truth will be tomorrow.


V2 #2 - B


I last left off with B the cursed Memetchi. I was going to marry her early to my debugged V2 but I didn't end up doing that. Not a huge deal, since the matchmaker came yesterday anyway:



Another girl! Not sure if I'm going to continue the alphabet theme, but probably not. I might just give her a normal name that happens to start with C, or I might just name her something random, like I do with my other connections. B will be departing tonight, so I will begin raising her daughter tomorrow .




Tongaritchi evolved this morning, into Pochitchi! This is what I'd expected, since his training was completely full but I accidentally let his hearts drop to two once or twice.


p28.jpeg p27.jpeg

This actually happens to be my first time getting Pochitchi on a P2 - I couldn't before because the only other P2s I have are two Japanese ones that both have Nyatchi in place of him. I've also never been good at getting second-tier vintage characters, so I'm not sure if this new version made that easier due to the more frequent training calls or if I happened to be more attentive this time than I normally am. Either way, I'm happy with him! He's adorable! He is 7 years old today and still extremely laid back; I suspect there won't be much more to report on him in here for the next little while.




Last but not least, my iD evolved from Mattaritchi to Monpatchi to...



Kikitchi! I was worried I'd underdone it with the care misses since I wasn't really counting them, but it turned out I did have the correct amount. Kikitchi was the second last character I needed to obtain, the other is Mametchi. I haven't gotten around to looking for his happy symbols yet, but he still has two days before he gets the 72 hour one so I've still got plenty of time to work on that. Other than that, he's doing well. I really like his sprite on this version and the iD sprites in general - they are adorable!

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Hello! A few evolutions to share with you today, none of which are particularly exciting but still worth a note as evolutions always are. Other than that, my tamas are mostly the same.


V1 - Dara


Like I said in my previous entry, I was positive I'd taken the best care of Dara I could possibly do. Her hearts never dropped, her weight was kept at the base weight, and her training bar was completely full. So, er, I'm just going to let this picture speak for itself:



*headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*


V1s baffle me because of how sensitive they are. The absolute only thing I can think of is when her happy hearts dropped because she was connecting with Alexi and lost the minigame. Like I said, that's a really stupid thing to penalize for, but it definitely looks like it did because I'm positive I did not miss anything else. I'm going to keep that in mind next time and perhaps wait until they're adults to connect them. I really like the V1 and how simple and laid back it is, but when it comes to obtaining perfect care adults, it's so difficult. I'm glad they made the versions that came after it less sensitive because I think I'd be driven bonkers all the time if my V2 was like this.


V2 #1 - Alexi


Okay, I didn't actually think I treated Alexi THAT horribly, since like I said he was never sick and his hearts dropped to one full a bunch of times but they never completely emptied.



I actually do like Gozarutchi, though I've had quite a few of them, especially lately, so I would have liked to have a different character. Oh well, the bright side here is that since both Dara and Alexi turned into characters I didn't want, I will have no qualms about marrying them off early via connection. I may even do it tomorrow since they only need to be adults for 24 hours before they can marry.


V2 #2 - Celia


Well, at least I don't have two Memetchis at once now. B was a Memetchi just like Dara, but she left last night, leaving baby Celia in my care. That was both the first name to pop into my head and a name starting with C, so it kind of continues my little theme? Either way, little Celia is now a Marutchi.


celia1.jpeg celia2.jpeg celia3.jpeg

She's a little heavy at the moment, but that can be worked on. I can't remember who her parent married, but it must have been someone unhealthy, because otherwise there wouldn't have been a reason for Celia not to become Kinakomotchi/Kuribotchi. Her parent was a good care adult with full training, so again this ties in with my little experiments that the toddler you get is not strictly based on the health of the parent you raised, but on the health of the character they married as well. Kind of interesting, it's almost like little tama-genetics going on here.


Going off of my past experiences, I know that Marutchi WILL turn into one of the lower-tier teens no matter how I care for it. So I'm not too optimistic in that department but it's not a huge deal. Am I looking too far into this? Perhaps, but I like experimentation and I've always found the randomness of the early Connection versions really interesting, especially with all the little quirks like the ones I've been outlining here. The early Connections (V1-V3) happen to be my favourites, so I'm hoping maybe people can learn more about them by reading my log.




Pochitchi continues to do very well. No photos today because he looks exactly the same and doesn't do a whole ton besides just chilling on the screen most of the time. He's cute though, I really like having him around. He's 8 years old today and though I'd probably be okay to now, I've not been feeding him snacks because I'm still paranoid about that. He is not showing any signs of neediness yet and it should still be a while before that starts happening. I've read that Pochitchi lives, on average, to about 18-20 so I should still have him for the next week or two.




Kikitchi is still doing well. He should receive his final happy stamp and be ready to marry off tomorrow. Today I mostly worked on finding his first three happy stamps, of which I found two, the remote control car and... whatever the food in the second picture is called (I do not read Japanese so I don't actually know):


id50.jpeg id51.jpeg

I haven't found the third one yet, but I suspect it's either a clothing item or one of the donuts (which are a royal pain when they happen to be happy symbols because you gotta keep changing the time over and over until the right one pops up). It's not the hat he's wearing, that just happens to be a download item I've been using on most of my adult characters (save for Chamametchi who disliked it) to get more in the festive spirit :D .


Anyway, it looks like long-winded log entries have been my thing lately, whoops. I don't believe there will be much to report on with my tamas tomorrow, so I may or may not be back. Either way, I'm sure they will all continue to do just fine.

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Sorry for being inactive these past few days. I've still been running tamas but mostly in the background because I've simply been too busy. They haven't been receiving the best care because of this, which some of the evolutions I'm about to share will reflect. I also turned off one of the V2s, so now I've just got four tamas going, two connections, my rerelease P2, and my iD.


V1 - Leona


Dara and Alexi got married a few days ago and had baby girls. I took Alexi's battery out because it was getting to be a bit much and I already have another V2 going anyway. My orange glitter V1 is remaining on the go and I intend to keep it running for the next while because it is a personal favourite of mine. So that means, of course, that Dara's baby girl did get to continue. I named her Leona, and she marks the ninth generation on this tama.


leona2.jpeg leona3.jpeg

She was the offspring of a second-tier adult and a bottom-tier adult (Memetchi and Gozarutchi), so really, her evolution could have gone either way health-wise. She chose the unhealthy route and turned into first a Marutchi, then a Hinotamatchi.



It seems like my log is becoming me rambling about random V1/V2 growth theories (and I apologize if you don't find it as interesting as I do), but here's what I think: marrying a bottom-tier adult, IF your adult is second-tier or lower, will always result in Marutchi the next generation. Marrying a bottom-tier adult when you have a top tier adult will still result in Kinakomotchi (I know this, because I did it a few generations ago). I always knew the V1 was really picky, but now I'm starting to notice that it is even more finicky than I had initially thought.


My next goal is going to be to attempt to get a top tier adult. In all of my time running V1s, I've only ever done it twice because of how attentive you have to be and the weird things it penalizes for.


V2 - Celia


Celia evolved into Oniontchi (surprise, surprise) and then Masktchi. I just had another Masktchi on my V1 pretty recently so she will be living in the costume until she's ready to marry:


celia4.jpeg celia5.jpeg

Like I said earlier, I wasn't really giving her my full attention, so I'm not too surprised she turned into the unhealthiest character. The costume item is a very useful item indeed. I can't even marry her off early since both of my running connections are girls, so I'll just deal.




Pochitchi is 13 and still doing fine. His hearts drop a little faster than they did before, though not by much.



He's been very nice to have around. He is very laid back and easy to care for. I'm sure he'll get needier with time but for now I'm enjoying how simple and easy he is.




Kikitchi got his final happy symbol a few days ago (the day after I last posted, so the 17th?) and was then ready to marry off, but that was delayed because his batteries ran out and I wasn't able to get more until yesterday. I finally resumed him, married him off, and guess what? I got a boy on my first try!



I have one tamatomo left to obtain, and it's a male character (Mametchi). I've been very very lucky with this tama: I'm on my 12th generation and I have had just one repeat character. That one repeat character did not come from getting the wrong gender baby but simply because I'd miscounted the care misses.



This is good too! For once, my toddler is not Mattaritchi! Of the two toddlers, I prefer Hanepatchi anyway. He reminds me of a turnip.


I'm trying to decide between a few different things I might start up once my iD is finished. I'd like to replace it with another colour tama at least. I'm leaning toward either the P's, which I've run before but not logged, or the Hexagontchi, which I've never run before. I'm thinking maybe the latter because it'll be a new experience and running tamas I've never played before is always fun. Oh well, I've still got several days to decide.


(You're also free to comment in this log if there are any colour releases you'd want to see me log about)

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Hello! Two new tamas are being added to the log today. Also, my P2 died a few days after my last post and I didn't restart, so that one won't be making an appearance in this post.


Oh, and I'm currently dumping photos of pretty much my whole collection on my Instagram (one at a time, because I love sharing the stories behind each individual tama), so if you'd like to see that by all means pop over there (link is in my sig). I've been having a lot of fun doing it.


V1 - Leona


Leona evolved into Masktchi. Bleh. This is the third one I've had in like two weeks. My past two V1 and V2 generations have also been exactly the same which is kind of annoying. At least I was able to marry her off today.



A baby boy for my 10th generation! That's nice since I've had mostly girls on this tama so far (I swear, the sparkles draw the girls in...). 10 generations on a V1 is kind of a feat since it really doesn't do much, but my plan is to keep this tama going for as long as I possibly can. My original goal was 10 generations, maybe now I'll see if I can eventually hit 20 (which I've done on a connection just once before, though it was on a V2 which has far more to do and many more characters).


V2 - Dolly


Again, luckily I'm not raising two Masktchis at the same time. Okay, I actually was for a day or so, but Celia did get married and left her baby yesterday morning. I named her little girl Dolly. She evolved into Marutchi (it's a curse, I tell ya) and then Propellertchi, a teen I like very much.


dolly1.jpeg dolly2.jpeg dolly3.jpeg

Normally I'd be like "I'm aiming for _______ with her", but for V2s that doesn't really work because of how random they are. There really isn't a way to aim for a specific character so I'm just going to take whatever this tama decides to give me. As long as she's not Memetchi, I'll be satisfied.


Keitai - ! (no, seriously)


I'd been itching to start up another Connection and eventually decided on this one, since I do love the simplicity of the Keitai. It's more simplistic than the V2 and almost feels like a slightly upgraded V1 to me - it's easy to care for but I still really like it. I own a few Keitais, but this is the shell I chose to run. It is one of my favourites:



That's actually not the keychain tab it came with - the original tab is white. I stole that light blue one from one of my V3s and I thought it matched well with the light blue shell. I switch around my tabs a lot for some reason. Anyway, I last left off (if the tama's date is any indicator, I last ran this tama in May) with a Mametchi named "!" - I normally do name my Japanese tamas, so I'm not really sure what I was thinking there. Also, his age says 11 but I don't think that's accurate because he isn't ready to marry yet.


keitai1.jpeg keitai2.jpeg keitai3.jpeg

Just like my V1, he is also the 10th generation. I didn't think I ran this particular Keitai for that long, but I guess I did. I must say that I really like the fact that the Keitai still has Mametchi's classic sprite, as opposed to the updated one that the V3 and later has. I think he looks so adorable like this.




You know how hard it is finding three different shades of blue to write in because almost every shell I'm running is the same colour? Anyway, I finally completed my iD after Mametchi got his final happy stamp:



I'm putting it on hiatus for now because that was a pretty good run. I still wanted to run a colour tama alongside my monochrome ones so I decided to start my P's in its place. I've been running it for a few days now and since running my IDLE a few months ago, I really have missed running an English colour tama. Normally I post a picture of my tama's shells in here before I start doing the closeup screen pics, but I forgot with this one. It's just the blue P's shell, so nothing super special there. I'm using the Love & Melody pierce with it and I am currently raising a Melodytchi:



Probably going to marry her off soon so I can start working on obtaining the built in characters - I'm on my 11th generation but I only have 7 tamatomos. I only have one P's, so there are two connection characters I can't obtain (the 3-way connecting ones), but there's still lots of things I can unlock that I have yet to do. The amount of features this tama has should keep me busy for quite a while, I hope.

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Hello! Lots to report on since I've been gone for a few days. This is also going to be a very photo-filled entry - I had to combine a lot of them because I was way past the 10 image limit, whoops. Oh well, not a huge deal.


V1 - Ivan


Yes, I started a new V1 generation a few days ago. This is somewhat of a milestone generation because it is my 10th! I named the baby boy Ivan for no particular reason other than that I liked how it sounded.



Unsurprisingly, he turned into a Marutchi (whoop). I didn't manage to get a photo but he actually has evolved again since then; he's now an Oniontchi (double whoop). I'm not aiming for any specific character with him. I haven't taken the greatest care of him but he hasn't gotten sick either so I have no idea. V1s are really sensitive when it comes to care so I'll probably end up with the worst adult again (it's a cycle) but we'll just have to wait and see on that.


V2 - Dolly


For once, my bad caretaking skills actually resulted in a cute adult!! Dolly evolved yesterday into a Hiratchi:



This isn't an adult I get often at all, in fact I think this is only the second or third one I've had in probably close to 100 generations across all of the V2s I have. A few others have pointed this out, but I've noticed it too: she reminds me of Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas, heh. I find it very fitting that I'm going to have Hiratchi for Halloween. I've also been running another V2 of mine in the background (which I may eventually add to the log if I decide to keep it running long enough), which has a Dorotchi on it. I don't think I could have gotten a more fitting set of Halloween-ish characters!



I mainly started that other V2 because of its candy themed shell, but that Dorotchi is so perfect!


Keitai - ! (no, seriously)


! got married and had a baby girl! He should be leaving her at midnight tonight.



I love how the Japanese connections have the kissing animation, though I'm not surprised that the English ones omitted that. This will mark my 11th Keitai generation - I think I've had all of the adults at least once at this point but I might aim for the average care adult this time, which is Debatchi on odd generations if I'm not mistaken.




I married Melodytchi off the other day. Being able to understand the character introductions at the matchmaker's is something I definitely missed from my IDLE:



She ended up choosing Mametchi, and the end result was a baby boy. He's obviously not a baby anymore, but these were his first three stages:


ps6.jpeg ps7.jpeg ps8.jpeg

(I already forget that toddler's name, but he reminds me of a ladybug - so cute!!)

He then evolved yesterday into Nandetchi, who I think is adorable:



I've not started working on his puzzle pieces just yet; I'll probably start doing that tonight. I keep forgetting that the P's moves a bit faster than the iD - on that one, the final tamatomo stamp was obtained 72 hours after becoming an adult, which gave more time to find all of the happy symbols. On this one, it's 48. Yeah, I know I can keep him around as long as I need to, but I guess I'm just picky.


Oh yeah, and he's now got a pumpkin in his living room; that started yesterday. I always like those little festive animations - it's a cute little touch.

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Hello! It's been a while again so naturally I have lots to report on again. Also, I've started up my Uratama for the Halloween hatch, but I won't be logging it here since I'm already logging it in that thread. For updates on that, by all means pop into that thread and have a look.


V1 - Ivan


Really happy with this one. I'm not sure what I did differently, but for once I didn't get Memetchi/Gozarutchi!


ivan5.jpeg ivan6.jpeg

I've not had Androtchi/Robotchi (I'm not sure what exactly to call this guy as sources differ) in AGES, especially not on a V1. I wish I knew how I managed it so I could replicate it with future generations, but like I said I have no idea what I did. I'm just really happy I finally got a different character for once because my V1 was becoming an endless Masktchi/Memetchi/Gozarutchi cycle and it was starting to get kind of annoying.


V2 - Dolly


Dolly finally got married this morning! I did keep her around a little longer than I normally keep adults because I really like Hiratchi and it's a character I rarely get.


dolly8.jpeg dolly9.jpeg

She married a Zuccitchi (cute little wedding there!) and had a baby boy. I haven't had a boy on this tama since my first generation (and this will be my fifth), so that's pretty exciting. Following with my little alphabet theme, I'm thinking of calling the little guy Ernie. Either way, he's a cutie just like his mom.


Keitai - Yoriko


! left his baby the other day, so I started raising baby Yoriko early Thursday morning. She was born during a pretty busy time for me, so I did not get photos but she went from Shiropetitchi to Kuribotchi. She is now a Ringotchi:


yoriko1.jpeg yoriko2.jpeg

I haven't been paying a ton of attention to her but I haven't necessarily been neglecting her either. With my luck she will probably turn into Memetchi (who is the above-average character on odd generations, I think).



I married off Nandetchi last night, though he'd had all of his puzzle pieces for a few days. He had another baby boy - I really do seem to get a lot of boys on this tama.


ps11.jpeg ps12.jpeg

He's now Turtletchi:



I'm now trying to decide which character to aim for next and I really have no idea. Maybe I'll just go nuts on the care misses and aim for Spacytchi, since I have not had him yet on this tama.

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Hello! Not a ton to update today but I still thought it would be nice to pop in.


V1 - Ivan


Ivan is still the same. He's 7 years old today which means he should be getting the matchmaker today.


ivan7.jpeg ivan8.jpeg

Yes, dental hygiene is important even if you are a robot! I've really enjoyed having him around. His animations are very cute. I've noticed that his happiness drops a little faster than it would on a better care adult, but other than that he's been very laid back and easy to care for which I really like.


V2 - Dolly


Today is Dolly's last day with her baby. I will definitely miss having her around. I captured some of my favourite animations of hers before she goes:


dolly10.jpeg dolly11.jpeg

dolly12.jpeg dolly13.jpeg

The UFO is pretty cool because it's the only item that both parent and child can use. It's like a little mini family vacation.


Keitai - Yoriko


I forgot about the fact that the Keitai is only a teen for 48 hours compared to the 72 hours of the early English Connections, so Yoriko did surprise me last night when she evolved. No, I'm not terribly happy with the result but I was expecting it at least:



It's a curse, I tell ya. This is the third or fourth Memetchi I've had in the span of like a month. Not really sure how to avoid getting her but I guess I'll just deal with it once again.




My little guy evolved yesterday evening into Maimaitchi. I'm now aiming for Spacytchi so I've been giving him a lot of care misses (it requires 8 or more - ouch!).


ps14.jpeg ps15.jpeg

He should be evolving some time this evening. After that, I can start being a little bit nicer to him! Until then, I just have to keep a very close eye and hope I'm counting the care misses right.

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I really enjoy this blog! I like how you have so many tamagotchi's that you switch out but unpause to marry with others, instead of just shelving them out of boredom. Keep doing what you do!

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Hello! Sorry for disappearing for over two weeks but life has been really hectic and my tamas have had to kind of be put on the backburner. I do still have my V1 and V2 on the go - those two have kind of become my permanent tamas that I run all the time because they're so low maintenance yet still cute.


mimitchi ^o^ - Thanks for the nice comment! My log hasn't been terribly consistent lately but I'm going to try my best to keep it going!



V1 - Kiara


When I last left off on this one, I had an Androtchi named Ivan who I was about to marry off. He ended up marrying and having a baby boy, who I named Pip. Pip became a Masktchi, got married, and I'm now raising his daughter, Kiara, who marks my 12th V1 generation. She became another Androtchi.



I like the simplicity of the V1, though the limited number of characters on it means I get a LOT of repeats. At least Androtchi is a character I really like so I don't mind having him/her again.


kiara2.jpeg kiara3.jpeg kiara4.jpeg

Her connection item is tools/bubbles. Unlike the V2, where this is a single-use item whose animation only lasts a few seconds, this one is reusable and the animation lasts for ages. That is one thing I really like about the V1 - the animations last for so much longer than they last on any of the later connections. It makes it a lot easier to enjoy them.

V2 - Flynn


Also still on the go is my V2, which I've had running for about a month and a half and will probably continue to run because I enjoy it a lot. I last left off with Dolly the Hiratchi who married and had a baby boy. Her son's name was Ernie and he ended up turning into a Tarakotchi. He then got married and had another baby boy, who I named Flynn. Flynn is now 6 years old and a Debatchi!


flynn1.jpeg flynn2.jpeg

flynn3.jpeg flynn4.jpeg

Debatchi is one of my favourite characters, and definitely not a character I get super often. I've been having a lot of fun using the various items on him. I think my favourite item animation of his is actually the wig which I've just realized I forgot to get a photo of so I'll probably post that tomorrow.


What I like about this tama in comparison to my V1 is that this my my sixth generation and I have not had a repeat character yet. I'm also proud of myself for actually getting a good care adult on it because I was stuck in a bad care rut for a bit there.

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Hello! Nothing super eventful has happened but I did start a new generation on my V1 so I thought I'd pop in for a little update.


V1 - Ruby


Kiara the Androtchi got married the other day and had a baby girl, who I named Ruby. She left her baby last night, though I didn't start caring for her until just now.


ruby1.jpeg ruby2.jpeg ruby3.jpeg

She marks my 13th V1 generation. Usually I start being more diligent after generation 10 because I have very bad luck and many of my tama deaths have occurred on high generations. So far this tama seems to be doing well though. She has not evolved into a toddler yet but I did a little trick with the marriage again so FINGERS CROSSED for Kinakomotchi! I haven't had one on my V1 in ages. My little trick is that I use one of my spare debugged V2s (whose shell is in HORRIBLE condition so you will probably never see me run it normally, though it makes a perfect debug specimen) and choose a top tier adult on it to marry to the V1. I've been doing this for ages whenever I get into a bad care rut like I have been on this tama. Hopefully it works out the way I want it to.


V2 - Flynn


Flynn got married yesterday and had a baby boy! He'll be leaving tonight, which means his son will actually only be a day behind Ruby (since Flynn was a day behind Kiara and so on, they've been running this way for a few generations), so it's safe to say it'll be an arranged marriage this time around. I like when it works out this way.


flynn5.jpeg flynn6.jpeg

Also, as promised, here's that funny wig animation:


flynn7.jpeg flynn8.jpeg

I'll definitely miss having him around - he's such a cute character! Even still, the family line must continue.

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Hello again! I disappeared for a few days so naturally a lot has happened. I also added another low maintenance tama to the mix which is a personal favourite version of mine but also one I have not run in quite some time. Read on to find out which one it is.


V1 - Ruby


Last time I logged Ruby was a baby, and, well, she's now an adult because I forgot to update in between. Oops. First she was a Kinakomotchi (YAY!) and then an Ichigotchi (DOUBLE YAY!)


ruby4.jpeg ruby5.jpeg

Okay, funny story here. So I was actually trying for Mametchi with Ruby so I made sure to take PERFECT care of her, never missing a discipline call and making sure her meters were always full. When she evolved, all of her hearts were full, she was at her minimum weight, and her training bar was completely full. Now, I know V1s can be very weird when it comes to care. But I really was not expecting the result that I got, seeing as I am positive I did not miss anything.



Now, I'm confused, but I am not unhappy at all. Quite the opposite actually - I've been trying to get Hanatchi on my V1 for ages to no avail. I've gotten Androtchi plenty of times on the even gens but was never able to replicate it on the odd gens. So I finally got my Hanatchi after all, at a moment when I was least expecting it.


(I still think V1s are really weird though. Hanatchi is considered a below average character and the care I gave was definitely not below average).


V2 - Gerry


When I last left off, Flynn the Debatchi was on his last day with his baby boy. I named the baby Gerry (spelled that way because, well, I name this tama alphabetically) and he marks the seventh generation on this V2 (blue/pink bubbles shell - still one of my all-time favourite connection shells so I intend to keep it going for a WHILE).


gerry1.jpeg gerry2.jpeg gerry3.jpeg

(He doesn't weigh that much anymore - I'm just lazy in the baby stage. I do have him down to his minimum weight now even though it took a while...)

The other day, on Friday I think, he evolved into UFOtchi. This is a teen I haven't seen in quite a while so I'm pleased:



He's set to evolve tomorrow. His battery did run out earlier this afternoon (7 generations on one battery is pretty decent, I think) so his growth may be a bit delayed, but I don't think it will be by much because the clock was only a few minutes off when I replaced the battery, so it must have saved right before the battery died. I've given him what I would probably describe as very good care (though that's how I described Ruby's care and look how THAT turned out) - his training bar is full and I really haven't missed anything. He also hasn't been sick because his hearts have never really dropped. So hopefully I'm in for good results. V2s are not as sensitive as V1s are (from my experience anyway), so I'm pretty optimistic with this one.


V3 - Derek


I decided to start up one of my V3s because I haven't run one in quite a while and I was really missing it. The shell of this one is actually white but since I can't write about it in white, I'll write about it in blue since the accents are blue (I forgot to take a photo of it but it's the Memetchi summer shell, an Asian design I believe). Got to start fresh on a new generation with this one with another baby boy, who I named Derek (why, I have no idea). He marks the 9th generation on this tama, since I have run it quite a bit in the past.


derek1.jpeg derek2.jpeg derek3.jpeg

(The screens on Asian/European connections are so much easier to see/photograph than their North American counterparts - I think I went over this before a while back when I was running my European V2, but the difference is so apparent. The screen on this one is definitely nicer than the other two Connections I currently have going, both of which are NA models)

He's currently a Tamatchi, one of the lower tier V3 toddlers but his parent was a Gozarutchi so that was expected. It's been a while since I ran one of these so I kind of forget who the odd gen teens are on here, but I'm probably just going to go into it blindly and refresh myself along the way. He's a little heavy but other than that I've been trying to care for him well. He has not called for training since he evolved, so he's still just at one bar.

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Hello! Guess who's back? I should probably stop taking such long breaks from this place, but it is what it is. Believe it or not, my orange V1 and blue V2 are still going. My V3 turned into Paparatchi, got married and then had a baby who later turned into Sekitoritchi. Neither of those are characters I care for, so I've decided to give that tama a rest for now. I started something else up in its place, which I'll get to in a moment.

V1 - Judy

I've actually been through a few generations since I last logged here. I had Ruby the Hanatchi, who had a son whose name I now forget (oops) that turned into a Tarakotchi and then had a daughter named Judy who is currently an Ichigotchi. For once I got a good care teen, YAY. 

judy1.jpeg  judy2.jpeg  judy3.jpeg

15 generations on my V1 and it's still going. It has never died, either. That feels like an accomplishment for me - I've had it going for about 3 months straight now when I typically switch out what I'm running every few weeks. I don't know, I guess I just really like the simplicity of it and the fact that it's easy to care for no matter how busy I get. I've built up a pretty long family line with it and that family line shall continue for who knows how long.

V2 - Irwin

My V2 is also still on the go, and yes, I am still naming it alphabetically. Gerry ended up turning into a Kusatchi and had a son named Harry who turned into Wooltchi (who I LOVE - it's too bad I was taking a break from logging when I had him because he was just so cute). I'm now raising Harry's son Irwin, who's currently an Oniontchi (I did good enough getting a good care teen on my V1, but I guess I wasn't THAT good).

irwin1.jpeg  irwin2.jpeg  irwin3.jpeg

(yes, he has a bit of a weight problem... and I wonder why I never get good adults)

He's the 9th generation on my V1. One more to go before I reach double digits. I actually have had this one going since generation 1 (I think my V1 already had 5 or 6 gens on it when I started it back up) so this is another one that has gotten a lot of continuous running. Also for some reason the battery ran out AGAIN the other day after less than a month so I'm hoping it was just a dud battery and this one will last longer. 

V4 - Freya

I decided to start another V4 in place of my V3. This is not the same V4 I logged in here a few months back. This one is transparent blue with different coloured stars on it - it is a European design. My Australian V4 never gave me any of the glitches that the NA ones have, but I have no idea about this one yet so we'll see. Anyway, I hatched a girl who I named Freya. To my dismay, she turned into Mizutamatchi - was hoping for something else because I always get Meme adults every time I run V4s. 

freya1.jpeg  freya2.jpeg  freya3.jpeg

I'm probably going to raise her Intelligence points and aim for Ponytchi since I'm not really a fan of Memetchi or Violetchi (I also don't feel like raising the skill points enough for Makiko). She's also got a bit of a weight problem right now but with the amount of games of Shape I'll have to play to get her skill points up, I think she'll end up being just fine. 

20th Anniversary M!x

I was itching to run a colour tama again and though I have ordered a Meets, it's not here yet. So I decided to start my mix up again to tie me over until that gets here. I actually just married it off last night:


12th generation girl. This is now the fourth consecutive generation I've had with Mimitchi's ears - I married Himebaratchi in the hopes of getting her headpiece, but it looks like the Mimitchi ears are sticking around for another generation. Oh well, it could definitely be worse - at least Mimitchi's ears are cute even if they are starting to get a bit old.

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Hello! I think all of my tamas have evolved since my last post so I have plenty to share today.

V1 - Judy

You know, the amount of times I've run V1s (hint: a lot), I've always forgotten that Tarakotchi is the one character that can appear on both odd and even gens. I have never had an instance where I've had him twice in a row, so it's one little detail I never seem to really think about, until now of course:


Yup, she turned into the EXACT character that her parent was. This is the first time I've gotten the exact same character twice in a row on a V1. Meh. I was planning on mating her with Irwin, my V2. I still am planning on doing that, but despite me wanting to get rid of Tarakotchi as quickly as possible, I don't want to marry them off right away because Irwin turned into a character I really like. Read on.

V2 - Irwin

I was definitely not expecting anything close to a top tier adult with this one because he received quite a bit of neglect as a teen (he was never sick, his hearts just dropped a lot). The end result ended up being a character I seem to get a lot (I read a bit earlier in this log and I did have another one a few months ago) but always enjoy having:

irwin4.jpeg  irwin5.jpeg  irwin6.jpeg

Whaletchi! One of the V2 exclusive adults and the one I probably get the most. He's bad care but I think he's so adorable! This is actually my first time getting him on my bubble V2 - 9 generations and I have not yet had a repeat adult on this one yet. Yay! Like I said, I'm going to be marrying him to my V1, but I want to keep him around for at least a few days before I do that so I can enjoy him. 

V4 - Freya

Freya evolved shortly after my last log post into Young Memetchi, who was pretty much who I was expecting to get:

freya4.jpeg  freya5.jpeg

Unsurprising, but at least she's cute. After she evolved, I then began to work on her skill points to ensure that she turns into the adult I'm aiming for, which is Ponytchi. This is where her skill points currently stand:



Not amazing, but they should be high enough. The only thing I don't necessarily like about the V4 is the fact that there's the risk of getting universal adults if the skill points are too low. I don't mind the universal adults and there's nothing really wrong with them, but that is not what I am aiming for right now. 

20th Anniversary M!x

My toddler girl evolved into a teen, again shortly after my last post. She was actually pretty ugly as a teen, or maybe it's just the colours that didn't look that great:


Her adult form ended up looking a lot better, however. The only thing I really did not like was the brown ears and bow, because they really didn't match well. So I decided to change her colour to pink using the pink milkshake at the restaurant:

mix3.jpeg  mix4.jpeg

I like the pink a lot better than the brown. I'm actually pretty happy with this mix - some of my earlier ones were very questionable but this one turned out really cute. I'll probably keep her around for a few days before marrying her off - sometimes I do it right away, but whenever I get a mix I'm really content with I usually like to keep them around for a bit. Plus, I still haven't decided who to marry her to. 

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I really enjoy reading your logs! Your M!x adult is really cute, I like the brown but pink suits her more.

It’s a bit strange and also a little funny that you keep getting Memetchi over and over. Bad luck I guess, which is weird calling it that since Memetchi is a good care adult if I recall correctly. :)

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I'm back for another installment of my incredibly inconsistent log. My current run has changed from my last entry but is still somewhat similar. I did get my Meets and ran it for a few weeks but needed a small break from it for now. My orange V1 was on generation 17 but I've now put it aside to run something else in its place, which happens to be another V1 with a different shell. My blue V2 is still running and on generation 12. I'm also running a second V2 alongside it. 

Also, thanks Mimitchi06 for the comment even if I'm a bit late in responding. I'm not running my mix at the moment but that was still one of the cutest adults I've had on it.

V1 - Ziggy

I've always loved my orange glitter V1, so much so that it remained one of my permanent running tamas for quite a while. Recently (last week to be exact), I ended up picking up another V1 that is very similar to my orange one except it is pink (and in much nicer shape). It's quite lovely in person.


My first generation was a Hanatchi named Romeo. He had a son, Ziggy, who I'm now raising. Ziggy is now a Marutchi:


Not much else going on with him. I already know he'll become Oniontchi as a teen as there are no other possibilities from Marutchi. 

V2 - Laura

Roughly three months of running and my blue V2 is still on the go. It is also one of my permanent running tamas and will probably stay that way for a while. It is now on generation 12 with Laura. Her mother was a Kiwitchi named Kerry. She was Propellertchi as a teen and I was very happy when she turned into her adult form this afternoon. I thought I'd treated her badly, but it couldn't have been that bad:

laura1.jpeg  laura2.jpeg  laura3.jpeg

Dorotchi!! One of my very favourite characters - I'm so happy to have her. Shortly after she evolved, I realized that I still have a male Dorotchi on my blue lollipop V2, so I now have the best marriage ever planned for Laura when her time comes.

V2 #2 - Agnes

I have a second V2 running alongside my blue one, mostly for marriage purposes and connecting. This one is pink with tropical flowers (pic of the shell on my instagram here) and it is currently on the 5th generation. My previous generation was a Memetchi named Sam. He had a baby girl, Agnes, who is the sister of Laura, my other V2 (I mated them the previous generation). She was a Marutchi, a Nikatchi, and now...

agnes1.jpeg  agnes2.jpeg

My long-documented all time favourite character, Ginjirotchi! Ginji always seems to pop up when I'm least expecting him/her. It's not a character I get super often so when I do, I tend to keep them around for quite a long time. As eager as I am to move onto the next generation with these v2s, they both turned into characters I LOVE, so I'm probably going to keep them around for a while and enjoy them while I can. They're both just too cute.

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