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Rita's New TamaLog!

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Hi! I'm Rita. 17 years old, they/them pronouns, highschool senior. I'm not super well versed in Tamagotchis, I've been into them for about 5ish months, but I'm very excited about them still. When I first got into Tamagotchis my first log lasted about a month. I'm- hoping I won't fall under the weather again and drop the ball, as I really want to have a successful log!!! Although, let me say, this log probably won't have many photos. I hate trying to take them, trying to get the right light and get them onto my laptop and then resizing and- all of it makes me mad, can't stand messing with images. Maybe some other time, but definitely not now.


That all said, I don't intend to get started with this log just yet, as this will just be my introductory post. I'm deciding which Tamagotchis I want to start up... I have a V2-V5, though no .5's, and two M!Xes, Anniversary and Sanrio. Along with this is the fact that I really want a Music Star, my dream Tamagotchi being what the tamashell project calls the lullaby shell, it's pastel pink with music notes all other it. Ooohh I'd love to own one of those... In the meantime I'm worried I might be caving and go for a different shell for a music star instead as I still really want one, but I don't want to have two of the same version unless I find I really enjoy it... Hm... I also really want an Angel, and while the pink one would be optimal honestly I have no preference for the color, I just want to try a vintage tama.


Additionally, my little brother also seems to be fond of them. He's seven (about to be eight! so exciting) and always wants to know what I'm doing with my 'little guys' as he calls them, bringing them to me when he finds them around the house and informing me of what he found them doing when he saw them! He gets upset when I tell him he can't play with them (its mostly because I'm afraid he'll lose it) but I've been thinking about maybe purchasing him a Mini to see if he really likes to play with them or if it's just a desire to be 'cool' like me (I'm so not cool-) like most kids do when they have an older sibling.


Also, I tend to try to bite off more than I can chew. I try to run many tamagotchis at once but I just can't do it. I'm going to try to get better at that, I'm a master of neglecting my babies, but I don't really want to be, y'know? That all said I'm going to look through my tama drawer and decide who I want to play with today. See you soon! :wub:

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Hello! I figured out what Tamagotchi I want to play with; I asked my little brother and he did eenie meenie miney mo until he settled on my V4, but I felt so bad about my V2 with a dead battery that I haven't played with in forever that I replaced the battery and scooped that one up instead. I promised him I'd play with the V4 if I got bored of this one though. While I was talking to him I asked him if he wanted a tamagotchi and he said he wanted a green one with a little roof. I told him he could have a green one and if he really liked it I'd get him the one with the roof. He seems so excited about it now, haha. Now then; to logging!!

- Saturday, September 15th, 2018. 2:50pm -


With batteries in my V2 I turned it on and pressed the Download button to see where I'd left off. I have a 6 year old boy named Bo here apparently, a Dorotchi. Not the best care, not the worst care, but definitely overweight. A full training bar and a decent amount of points. I'm sad to say I think I want to reset him; I want a fresh start, and he's only a second generation tama, so I'm not losing much progress.


Setting the date and time is always annoying for me, but I guess it must be done. Now to wait for the egg to hatch...


It's now 2:56, she's hatched! Didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would, I reset her just maybe three minutes ago, haha. I've named her Aliza after referring to this list, that I think I'll continue to refer to in the future. It's now 3pm, I take quite a while to name my tamagotchis, haha oops.


Now we're playing Jump, I'm a bit rusty but getting better and she seems to be enjoying herself. We're going to watch some marble olymics videos while we wait for something fun to happen. Maybe (just maybe!) I'll be able to pull off a good care character this generation.


By the way; not many posts are going to go the same way as this one. This one is really only in real time because I have her right in my lap as I'm typing and I just- type what I'm doing. Through the school week I likely won't be able to pull this off, but I prefer it to summary posts tbh...


She got sick a few minutes ago, I didn't document the time but she's okay now. We've been playing our games and watching our marbles, haha.


Sweet baby Aliza took a nap as one of the marble olypmic courses finished up. It's now 3:31pm, poor girl was tired, but I suppose she was waiting to see who won the event, haha. I turned off her lights n made sure she was tucked in, but I think she'll miss the next event, it's a bit short and she'll only wake up for the results. I hope she sleeps well, though. :wub:


Oh! She's up! 3:36pm. She seems refreshed and like she had a nice nap.


3:41; she started crying! I think it's because her favorite marble team lost the event, I comforted her and she seems better now, I hate to see her all worked up like that..


It's time for her to become a child!! I'm so excited... She's a Marutchi! Aah!! So excited!! What a lovely baby girl! Grew up at 4:01pm. I love her so much! ...and I've already had to scold her for not eating her food, haha. What a little trouble maker. I think I'll end this first post here, I don't believe that anything else too exciting will happen this afternoon. Bye!! :wub:

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- Sunday, September 16th, 2018 -

Good morning! Well. I guess afternoon. I’m typing this up at 10:12am but I get the feeling it’ll be up at earliest by 1pm. Right now I’m at work, I watch the church nursery and all the young‘ns that come by. Earlier I was talking to the pastor, who’s kid is a regular in the nursery, and right as we finished up our conversation Aliza beeped at me!! Oh my goodness I was super embarrassed I forgot to turn off the sound.... Pastor was understanding and he’s even part of our DnD group so he already knew about my tamas, he got his little boy to come and investigate what I was up to and was just real nice. He went off after that and now I’ve got his little boy in my lap. We played some games with Aliza but he started to hit her with some of his toys so now she’s back on my belt loop. It’s been a pretty good morning all considered.

It's now 4:05pm. I kept forgetting to turn on my laptop and log, lol. All that I had typed up while at work as I was going along. Aliza literally just evolved, I was opening this tab to keep logging when she grew up into a Ringotchi. I'm really excited! Anyway, we've been playing a lot of Jump today, mostly because my little brother's been bored of church service this morning and asked to play with my tama. I let him while we ate lunch (well, I ate lunch. He 'wasn't hungry') and after that I asked him what color tamagotchi mini would he like; the bright green or the see through green? He chose the see through green mini, and I missed the ordering period for this Friday (his birthday!!!) but he said he'd be fine if he got it Monday so we're good.

All that aside, the day's been good. I need to do some homework and I'm about to start with Aliza as company but I'm just- in a good mood today. and I'm really glad, tbh. Hopefully it lasts, lol. Anyways if anything exciting happens later I'll let you guys know, for now I just have Aliza up though so there's not too too much to say sometimes. Love y'all! :wub:

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- Monday, September 17th, 2018 -

Hiiii everyone. Not a lot has happened but I want to make it a habit to update this log so I will! I went to school with Aliza today and she was a good girl, not very demanding or anything. I fed n played with her sometimes when I had a break or was waiting for instructions n all.

In my Digital Art class my teacher saw her on my belt loop and I got super scared she was gonna take her up because all my teacher said was "Let me see it". 'it'. Not even that, just. It. I knew what she meant though, I had just put away my phone n stuff and there was nothing else of interest on me. I handed it over to her and she looked it over before smiling and handing it back saying she hadn't seen one of those in years, she started talking about how she used to have an 'octo-pet' n stuff too. I was glad she didn't want to fuss with me about it and she didn't even mention how she felt about me having it in class, but I also tend to be a really good student so I guess it didn't seem necessary.

Other than that I finally picked up my antidepressants and I'm.. Very excited to get back on those lol. I have dance tomorrow so I'll be super tired, then I have an anatomy term quiz and a presentation to give in English. After that I'll be on my way to DnD, so hectic... I'll be so tired in the evening... I'll try to log before I head out to DnD because I'll certainly forget before I go to sleep, I won't even wanna turn on my laptop in the evening lol. All that aside, I hope you've all been having a good day. See you tomorrow! :wub:

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- Wednesday, September 19th, 2018 -


Aaa!! I forgot to log yesterday!! Sorry!! I ended up being real busy once I got home from school before I went to DnD.. Oops.. Anyway! A quick cap of yesterday; Went to school, everything was normal with Aliza and I, same when we got home then when we went to DnD things got a little messy. I got super distracted playing, well, dnd, so I forgot to check on her and she ended up with her lights on an hour after she went to bed... Sorry baby girl...


On the plus side, today she's evolved!! Yay!!! Aliza is now a Nyorotchi, not the best, but not the worst. I'm proud of myself, she's doing pretty well, even if I'm not the most amazing at taking care of my tamas lol. We've been playing slots for a while and she did some weights while I was painting something a bit ago, so that was fun. I wonder what I should name her kid... I guess we have the time to get there though, huh?


In other news, my office supplies gets here tomorrow and I'm super excited. Then Friday is my brothers party and he'll get his first tamagotchi!!! I hope he likes it!! He seems so excited when I let him use mine..


I'm thinking about starting up my Sanrio M!X. I really miss playing with my M!Xes but I'm not sure I'd be able to handle two tamas... mm.. I'll think on it more.


Thats all I have to say for now though, Aliza and I are just gonna hang out and watch some streams, haha. Have a good evening everyone!!

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- Friday, September 21st, 2018 -


..... i wrote a whole entry and apparently managed to delete it.............................. um... long story short, sorry for not logging daily, i'll try... started up my sanrio M!X on a field trip yesterday to play with on the bus, he's a child now.... Aliza is doing well.. Little brother got his Mini yesterday and has a Mametchi... Learning japanese for the sake of tamagotchi's and also out of a passion for languages... yeah... sorry im annoyed that was all deleted um.. I'll try to get better with logging in the future... lov yall :wub:

Edited by QueenRita

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- Sunday, September 22nd, 2018 -


Hello everyone! こんにちは‼ ♥


I’m typing this up in a Google Docs rn so I can update it through the day and post it this evening. Right now it’s FREEZING in my room (for once!) and I’m super happy about that. Usually im so hot I can’t focus… But anyway, this morning my Sanrio M!X woke me up by evolving into a Mametchi! I’m so proud. Other than that Aliza and my little brother’s mini (because I’m taking care of it while he’s at our grandma’s house) are doing just fine. There’s people here to paint my little brother’s room so it’s a lil noisy but it’s no big deal. I need to start reading my textbook now, but… Really don’t wanna.. Oh well :P I’ll be back when something fun happens!


It’s now 1pm. I can’t say anything fun really happened, I read a section of my textbook chapter and am taking a break for now. I’m thinking about getting lunch tbh… hm… But! Aliza may have the matchmaker visit her today and that’s exciting! I’m going to raise the friendship with some other tamas on my M!X so my Mametchi can have a kid, and my little brother’s mini is doing fine. Have I mentioned how much i ADORE the original sprites?? Mametchi is so chubby!!! I love it!! Anyway, I’m gonna play some games with them while I figure out what I want to do.


1:50pm, still haven’t had lunch but I got Mametchi married :P Loveitchi is lovely. I’m not gonna name the baby this time because I just- don’t want to find a name so the default name it has is okay… まめラブリっち.. Lovly. Little yellow bebby with a pacifier and the egg shell diaper :P It’s a baby boy, actually. Nice. I’m gonna take care of him while I make myself some lunch. <3 brb


Alright, it’s like 2:34 and I’ve had lunch, I gotta get back to work. Lil Mamerabutsuchi is gonna be a baby for about another 20 minutes, I hope he enjoys his childhood <3


3:52! Finished another textbook section, time to rest again for a bit. Mamerabutsuchi became a child at like 2:57pm and he looks like an orange My Melody with no arms and grey Mametchi ears. Somehow? I don’t know.. He has that My Melody face and an orange hood like Melody has that goes over her ears, but instead it’s like.. It has a Mametchi ear cap OVER the hood.. And his body is like a lil tooth and it’s orange too.. All in all it’s rather interesting, considering his mom is Lovelitchi… Rip. Anyway! Everyone’s fine still, the paint fumes are kinda getting in my room but its not as bad as they are in lil bro’s room itself lol. I kinda wanna get back to work on my textbook (surprising!) but I’m suuuuper uncomfortable the way I’ve been sitting so I do need a few minutes of rest… I also just realized I forgot to take my medication this morning.. I’ve been forgetting that a LOT lately… I need to find somewhere to put it that I won’t forget about it.. It’s also not as cold in here as it was this morning sadly, but it’s not as hot as it usually is and it’s DEFINITELY less stuffy, so I’ll take it, haha.


6:52pm. I meant to take a 5 minute break around 5:30 and here we are!!! I spent like an hour and a half helping finish my little brothers room! He’s coming home in like half an hour, I’m SO excited… Mamerabutsuchi is in a good mood and so is Aliza, so I’m gonna let em sit out of the party in my room so I don’t forget them around the house. Bro’s mini is in his room waiting for him, perfectly well cared for. Ohhh I can’t WAIT for him to get home!!!!


Also- I’m at over a page now in docs. Whoops!


EDIT: i didnt tell yall if he liked his room or not. Little bro loved it! He's super happy, haha. Had a good birthday.


Alright its now 8:30, Mamerabutsuchi is in bed and Aliza is settling down taking a back and whatnot so I think I’ll finally post this. Tomorrow's post may not be as lengthy I just- find posting at the very end of the day a lot easier than updating over and over again. With that said, I think that's all. I'm going to study my Japanese for the rest of the evening :P I love you all, goodnight!

おやすみなさい!! さようなら!!!

Edited by QueenRita

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- Sunday, September 22nd, 2018 -


It’s 10:30am, I’m exhausted, but Aliza had a baby with flowertchi. I think it’s a boy? Pretty sure she had a son. Proud… also I went to the shop and it’s JUST plants right now. I bought them all and decided to use em, as well as a shovel from a few days ago. Aliza dug up and then ate a cake, then the plants grew a sunshine, an angry face, another angry face, and then another sunshine!! Also; Mamerabutchi is at his parents house, at my house, this morning since I’m at work. Lil bro is w me too, we’re watching after his lil guy together.


11:30, still exhausted, thinking about getting another Mini for a little girl who comes into the nursery a lot. We share the same bday :P I’m totes gonna take a nap when I get home tho.. so sleepy..


Noon, going home. Tired af. I’m gonna NAP. Maybe. Hopefully. That or I’m gonna read my textbook again… 14 more pages.. h..


Hi Mamerabutchi evolved (2:57pm) and he looks like a fully Mametchi with navy blue ears and a blue bow tie and I’m gonna cry he’s SO CUTE!!!


Also I never got my nap. I’m so tired still. Ugh-



hi its like 10:19 pm im about to post this i never updated it again through the day becuase i was just really unproductive and felt bad but all in all tamagotchis make me really happy and i love them to death and i hope they know how much i love them and how mcuh they mean to me anyweay i love you all goodnight

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- Monday, September 23rd, 2018 -


Just got home- 4:08pm- hi! Mamerabutchi spent all day at his parents house while I watched Aliza and her baby at school today. I’ve felt. Really bad all day but why is super duper personal and not to be shared publicly so ): just know that I’m getting better and it feels good to talk about what happened w ppl I trust to get it off my chest. That aside, mamerabutchi evolved once I took him back home and now has black mame ears again with his bow tie black again too, he looks like a fluffy n slightly paler yellow Mametchi, but now he’s picked up mom’s dress and is wearing it about! So cute.


I’ll get him a child soon I think, I loooove taking care of tama babies. In the meantime I need to finish my homework and figure out how to fix meatloaf! I can make a p good recipe but sometimes I mess up, I need to perfect it! Haha.


Anyways that’s all for now. I’ll update if something fun happens.


5:53, finished the meatloaf, marrying memetchi!! We also got to the sanrio location :P


Mamerabutchi and Memetchi are such cute parents…. egg hatching!! Iiiiiits.. A baby boy!!!!! Again, haha. Right now his name is ラブめめっち, or Rabumemetchi. I think I’ll keep it and just translate it because that’s more fun for me, when I finally get Japanese a bit better maybe I’ll name them properly then. Haha. He’s a very soft pink baby in a little egg shell diaper, I love it!


I got really bored after dinner and never updated the log after i ate so uhhhhh im gonna post it now love yall :wub:

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heyyyy.... sorry i left for a while! there was a wedding and i paused my tamas so i could go and i forgot all about it. im gonna finish all my homework then ill unpause and play with them again. sorry for the absence!

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Good morning! It's 10:06 AM and I've unpaused my V2! I've missed my baby Boone <3 So I'll probably not post for the rest of the night or maybe this afternoon in my last period but right now I'm in first period so . yeah. But this afternoon I need to bake for a halloween party and then get going, I'll be too tired to really post. But I'm getting back into it!! I kinda wanna restart the V5 I have because I neve rplayed with it much. I know why, I don't really like it, but maybe if I gave it another shot I'd be okay. I'll look through all my tamagotchis when I get home and figure out what I want. Also as much as I love M!Xes theyre not good tamas while I'm at school, theyre better break tamas imo. Also I'm gonna try to get a music star finally! Not my dream tama, BUT, it's still pink so I'm okay iwth it haha, missed yall!

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HELLO!!! Boone evolved into a Gozarutchi last night but that's not what I'm so excited about. My dream tama got posted yesterday and I finally was able to purchase it! It's shipping to me right now and should be here by saturday and I'm so so so happy! It was cheaper than the average music star too which is pretty sweet. Anyways....


It's halloween!! Happy halloween everyone. I'm currently dressed up as a wood nymph? i guess? idk what it is i just thought it would be fun to make (and it totally was) so. I have Boon ehere right next to me but the poor thing is still asleep (its only 9am so i guess more power to 'im) so I'm ledt alone for now. We're supposed to be doing a school project right now that we were given all week to do but my group already finished so we're all just kind of sitting here... I might wake Boone up soon... anyways love you all I hope you have a good halloween and I may update later if I get updates on my music star! :P

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I put Boone in a costume and we've just been playing around today. My Music Star will be here on monday it says now, which is a little upsetting but as long as I get it eventually I'll be okay. I hope you all had a good halloween yesterday, Boone was playing with a pumpkin during class, lol. There's not a lot for me to update about; not much has really happened.. Oh well.

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hi gmers. I got my music star today... im so so hppy my keyboard doesn't relly work though, but ive been hving a great time. usually i can get it to not act up so bad but right now its a bit of a lost cause. i'm having to paste all my a's, rip. anyways, the music star... its a boy named artie, i love him... perfect care toddler but i dont remember their name, oops. im not gonna say a lot tonight because of my keyboard but also boone on the v2 got married yesterday!!! another baby boy... his name will prolly be cosmo, but i need to figure out my band name before tomorrow o:... ill think on it. v v v excited tho. hope u all have a good night, ttyl

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      In less than a day, he got these stubby lil legs, and looked like a takoyaki! He also started preschool and learned to dance. By this time I'd already started training him in the Kindness GUTS points so he'd get the right teacher as a teen.

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      Gender: Female
      Happiness: Cyan
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      I've mentioned in other threads, but recently my father delivered to me my original 97 P1 Tamagotchi that I played with as a young tween. I decided to get some batteries for it, and while I was at it, grab a Japanese OG P1 so I could try to get Oyajitchi. I'd always been interested in collecting Tamagotchis, and my friend sent me a link to where you can buy the new Digimon ver20th vpets. I had to grab one. Then you know how online shopping goes... you get a little carried away sometimes. I had just received a Twitch payout and decided to blow it all on Tamas and Digis. I grabbed up six Digimon total (one of each variation, and then a sixth so I could ge thte "connect to 5 unique devices" mons... )
      After playing with my new Tamas and Digis for a bit, I decided I wanted some "fresh" Tamas, as my OG ones have seen better days. So I ordered a rerelease P1 and P2... Definitely going to stop for now because I'm quickly depleting the little bit I have in my bank account...
      At first it was just the two Tamas and a yellow Digivice. But then my purple one came in (for some reason the other 5 got shipped in two different packages despite buying them all together) early in the morning, so I decided to open it and play with it, even though it's the same "variation" as the yellow one. But I was eager to start another Digimon. Then the others came in later in the day. I was feeling obsessive and wanted to try out some of the other ones, too. Since the black and white ones have forms that can Jogress with each other, I decided to open BOTH of those. Bringing me to a whopping total of 6 active pets. 
      So let's meet the crew...

      I named each device (I'm not going to name each individual monster/creature). In the Digimon, you actually get to type in the names, so I was limited to 4 characters, but with the Tamagotchis you don't enter a name, so I just refer to them by the names I gave them.
      Tyson is the translucent blue Tamagotchi shell. He's my OG P1 from when I was a kid. I started him on the 19th after learning I could take him apart and clean him out (thanks to the members here!) Takao is the all-white Tamagotchi shell. He's the OG JP P1 that I ordered from eBay. I started him on the 20th when I got him in the mail. Kudos to you if you get the naming theme of the two Tamas. THAO is the translucent yellow Digivice. It's the first one I received when I thought I was only buying one of them. I started it on the 19th when I first got it in the mail after trying to get Tyson to hatch before learning I could clean him out, so THAO has been the longest-running pet so far. META is the translucent purple Digivice. It's the second one I received and started early in the morning of the 21st because I was eager to start another Digivice. POD is the black Digivice with white buttons. It was the third Digimon to get started, after I got my shipment of the rest of the Digivices that I had ordered on the 21st. TRAN is the white Digivice with black buttons. It is the most recently started one; I waited til the Baby stage of POD was finished before starting it so I wouldn't get too overwhelmed. I decided to take a photo of each evolution I get in the P1s, so I can have photographic evidence that I got each 'gotchi. My goal is to see all twelve forms!
      My memory is kind of bad so I think the timeline here is a bit off, but I'm trying to make it as accurate as possible as to the last three days.
      MAY 19th - THE BEGINNING
      The 19th was easy as I was only caring for the THAO for the first part of the day, enjoying my first little Koromon. Later in the evening, after learning I could clean out my Tama, I started raising the newly-revived Tyson. Babytchi is so needy! Koromon hardly needed any care, so I was focused completely on Babytchi. It was getting pretty late, so when Babytchi went to sleep, I thought it was done for the night. I sat it aside and got online to watch some Twitch. Then a bit later I heard him crying out! To my surprise, there were four poops and a sick Babytchi waiting for me. I nursed the poor little guy back to health, and that's how I re-learned that Babychi takes a nap shortly after hatching instead of going to sleep for the night.
      Finally, Tyson evolved into Marutchi! Then I was wondering why it was not falling asleep for the night, as it was after 10PM. I checked his clock and realized I had mixed up the AM/PM. Oops! I fixed it and Tyson fell right to sleep.
      The 20th was an exciting day because my Japanese Tama was set to arrive in the mail! I anxious awaited its arrival while keeping an eye on THAO and Tyson. It was pretty easy as Marutchi is not nearly as needy as Babytchi, and I was having fun checking on THAO every now and then because I was still feeling quite obsessive and not wanting to do much else.
      Takao finally came in the mail in the early afternoon. Sadly, I was not able to get his battery compartment open because the screws are stuck! But the existing batteries, despite being 25 years old, seemed to work when I pulled the tab out, so I gave him a reset and started to care for him. Another needy Babytchi... The screen would fade in and out sometimes shortly after pulling the tab, but since then it seems to be running fine. Eventually, Takao evolved to Marutchi as well and it was easier to keep track of them.
      I decided to try an experiment, since Tyson's buttons are particularly hard to press. I would raise Tyson's happiness only by feeding candy, and Takao's happiness only by playing games. Let's see how they evolve!
      THAO's Koromon evolved to Agumon and I was able to start another egg! I picked the horizontal stripey one because I knew it could evolve into Kunemon eventually, which is my favorite Digimon. I had to be careful to neglect Tokomon just the right amount to get three care mistakes. I didn't want to hurt the poor thing any more than that. Once I got the mistakes, I took good care of him well.
      MAY 21st - DIGIMON DAY
      Normally I wake up around 10-11AM, but on this day, Tokomon decided to cry at 730AM! I can't believe the Digimon wake up so early! Thankfully, the cry did not wake up my husband, who is a pretty deep sleeper. I waited 10 minutes to get my final care mistake I needed, and then started taking good care of Tokomon. Later in the day, he evolved into a beautiful Kunemon.
      Earlier in the afternoon, my package arrived with META, my purple Digivice. I was originally going to put this one away and just play with one of the Black or White ones when they came in, for a total of two Digimon. But while waiting for my package to come with the rest of my Digimon, I got so anxious to play that I ended up opening up the purple one anyway. I neglected Koromon just enough to get him to evolve into Betamon (so I could have two different mons).
      Later in the afternoon, my other package came in with the rest of my Digimon. I still wanted to have a type A or B digivice running, so I decided to open POD. Hubs was taking a nap, so I decided to stay in the guest bedroom and take care of my pets while playing phone games. This way the sound wouldn't bother him while he slept. Without much else to do, I was checking my pets constantly, and felt like there wasn't enough to do with the pets. So I decided to open TRAN. Maybe I was making a big mistake, running so many pets at once...
      I was having so much fun with my pets, but the buttons on Tyson and Takao were kind of hard to press, making me have to exert my thumb more than I would like. So I decided... why not get even more pets? So I ordered a P1 and P2 rerelease to be delivered on the 23rd...
      And that catches us up to today  Outside of getting the Child/Rookie stages of the Digimon I wanted (since I really wanted Betamon and Kunemon), I'm trying not to use any guides or help. I did look at a P1 growth chart to make a checklist of all the forms you can possibly get on the P1. I'll try to update if anything major happens from here on out.
      Babytchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Marutchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Tamatchi - Not Found Kutchitamatchi - Not Found Mametchi - Not Found Ginjirotchi - Not Found Masktchi - Not Found Kuchipatchi - Not Found Nyorochi - Not Found Tarakotchi - Not Found Oyajitchi - Not Found Bill - Not Found