TamaOtch: Good Characters Solved!

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...at least, partially! TamaOtch is the final released vintage tama somewhat infamous in that all english collectors would get the worst teen and adult over and over, and nothing else. After finding an old log where someone got a Baradorutchi (one of the 2 good adults) and documented how, but failed to ever get another good character, I finally got enough information to figure it out. And for proof; I got Hariutchi! The first time I've heard of anyone getting one!




All along, the answer was in the training games. It seems that the TamaOtch functions vaguely like a Connection v4; imagine each time you complete a training game, TamaOtch gains invisible training points for one of the three categories, and you must get a certain amount in one category to get good characters. All along, everyone had been randomly choosing one game or another, spreading out points too much to ever get good characters; there'd be a couple flukes in the early stages to get, say, Asadorachi, but nothing far enough to end up with a good adult.


So, I went in and focused ~90% of my efforts on the third training option, Acting. Lo and behold, instead of my usual Mochimotchi -> Kakuretchi -> Tabakotchi cycle (what almost everyone reports getting) I got Asadorachi -> Tamaotchi -> Hariutchi! A blazing success! The only downside is I didn't get Baradorutchi, who can turn into secret character TamaOtchi, but it's only a matter of some more research. Even the japanese apparently find it very difficult to get TamaOtchi, but I'm sure it comes down to focusing the training games in a certain way once again. (Yes... there's Tamaotchi and TamaOtchi. Confusing.)


I wanted to share my findings so that other people could actually enjoy their TamaOtch as well. I've only ever seen ONE report of anyone getting any adult other than Tabakotchi, and they couldn't do it again. Plus, more people playing a TamaOtch means more people who can report the results of various training methods and help figure out how to consistently get all of the good/secret adults.


Anyway, I've got a good bit of various tips and tricks to help raise a TamaOtch, so here's all that I've learned! (This is assuming you know basic vintage tama use and how to play the training game)

  • Most importantly; don't train randomly. Picking one training type almost exclusively WILL get good characters.
  • If you play almost nothing but Acting (third option) for TamaOtch's whole lifespan, you will almost certainly get Hariutchi. Baradorutchi may require spreading it out a bit more or focusing Dancing instead(?), but you DO need to focus one category more than the others to some degree. Research needed on exactly how this works.
  • FAILED TRAINING GAMES COUNT towards good care, so don't just exit out of the game if it's going badly! This was how Evie accidentally got Baradorutchi; they aimed to win all games evenly, but happened to fail Dancing a massive number of times. They couldn't get good characters in future attempts with winning the games evenly, proving it doesn't work that way.
  • Easiest way to activate the sound sensor is jiggling the chain against the left side of the case. This goes for all vintage tama sound sensors, really.
  • There is a trick to win the slots game almost every time. Hit A and B within less than a second of eachother. There's a certain timing to it. Hitting them at the same time doesn't work.
  • The discipline meter drains over time. Almost definitely a programming error. Doing discipline events correctly still counts, so don't worry it.
  • Taking medicine upsets TamaOtch. After the sickness is cured, use the sound sensor to calm it down.
  • TamaOtch's "event timer" keeps ticking whilst it's asleep. This means TamaOtch can commonly wake up sick, wake up immediately calling for discipline, or evolve overnight. If you don't want it to wake you up at 8am sharp with loud beeping, you need to set it's clock a little behind. It does not beep just to say "good morning", that's only when it hatches.
  • TamaOtch's hunger and happy hearts seem to always empty at the exact same time, and it calls for discipline less than once a day.
  • The reason it's known for being needy is just because everyone always had the worst characters. Good teen Tamaotchi takes roughly an hour to drop a heart, or slightly more.
  • TamaOtch does not seem to evolve at consistent times. You should have an adult during age 6, but it might take a day less or more, even without any pausing. (Is it possibly related to egg choice or what it's evolving into...?)
  • There's a few uncommon events. It may make a weird noise and then leave the screen when you hit a button. Use the sound sensor to bring it back. If it doesn't eat/play/train but isn't calling for attention either, give it a fan letter (third food option). Sometimes when it calls for attention, it's forgotten who you are, and you use the sound sensor instead of disciplining it (so try the sound sensor in case, when it calls). I honestly haven't encountered the latter two events yet, myself.
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Thanks for doing all that research, Tumalu! I don't have a TamaOtch but I have heard of it, and a little bit of people saying it is such a demanding version. What you have said definitely throws light on the matter and I could see new and old TamaOtch owners greatly benefiting from it :lol:

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When you have the bad characters, it's definitely a bit demanding! The hearts drain so much faster, and the training game does take a little bit of time if TamaOtch wants to fail it for awhile. Having Tamaotchi for a teen made it soooo much easier to care for. Plus no more demotivation from feeling doomed to the worst characters...


Some sites also call it demanding for constantly beeping, but that's because they didn't understand to play the training game or when to discipline, I think.

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This is actually very interesting, I was not aware that there was any sort of known problem related to getting certain characters, as I haven't heard people talk about the TamaOtchi much. Great research!

It's also the first time I learn about all the features this vintage tama has. I just thought it's another vintage tama, but it seems to have quite a lot of features. I might look into getting one.

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The performance training is unique for a vintage tama, especially considering it influences evolution. It also features a lot of sound sensor use (mostly for training). Not a lot is known about it since no one could figure out how not to get the worst adult.. but I'm planning on running it more after Hariutchi retires to try more things, aim for the secret characters. I'm not sure how long the good characters live, but the one reported Baradorutchi retired after 4~5 days I think, so Hariutchi miiiight be on it's last day now? At least one of the secret characters lives a very long time.


As far as buying one, unfortunately, it's a little on the pricy side; on ebay they start at 50 dollars. The only others I can find right now are on UK site http://www.whoopsydaizydesigns.co.uk , one at ebay price levels and one that's cheaper, but with a concerningly edited picture.

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A few characters later, my info is now a lot more solid! The short form is; playing every game a minimum amount IS important, and the easiest way to control which character you obtain; I recommend picking one go-to training option, and using the other two in measured amounts specifically for the character you want. Also... I think the growth stages will all end after 24~36 hours if you play the training game a bunch of extra times to meet the criteria for the best character early? The reason I say that is, at age FIVE I have...


TamaOtchi! As an aside, Baradorutchi is definitely the best care adult (and turns into TamaOtchi), and Baradorutchi loses hearts every 1.5 hours and turns the lights off herself.


Hariutchi lived to 17 and then the battery died (whoops), so the good adults all live a pretty long time, it seems. And if you want a worse character on purpose, you can limit how much you play the two training games other than your main go-to. I think training progress might carry over between stages, and it's not entirely clear what effect eggs have yet (I thought it was evolution time, but then teen stage lasted all of a single day... so I need more testing data), but I -think- I can lay out how to obtain all characters now, which I'll edit into the first post... oh wait, I can't edit that post anymore. >.>;;


Toddler stage:

All games played more than 3x should result in AsaDoratchi


Teen stage:

All games played more than 3x should result in Tamaotchi IF you had Asadora... more is necessary from Motchimotchi. If you're just a little short, you'll get the other toddler, which is fine; but Kakuretchi cannot become any good adults.


Adult stage:

-Baradorutchi:Play all games many times. Playing them extra when Training is full should cause early evolution?

-Hariutchi:From Tamaotchi, limit two games played to 5 times each? From motchi/asadora it is much trickier not to get Tamotchi or Baradorutchi instead

-Tamaotchi:Get Kakuretchi and then play all games and you will absolutely get him.

-Tabakotchi:Get Kakuretchi and do not play two of the training games more than a couple times, if ever.

-Kakuretchi:Same as Tabakotchi, but on the other teens. If you had Tamaotchi, never play the other two training games.


For secret characters, play all games many times each on Baradorutchi (for TamaOtchi) or adult Kakuretchi (for Sendatchi)


Unfortunately, it's possible these numbers vary depending on which egg you use and how much you trained in previous stages! However, Hariutchi is the only tricky character to obtain anyway; best care is easily done through overtraining, worst care cannot be screwed up, and Kakuretchi makes it very simple to obtain the other two middling adults.

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