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Jerry’s Life- A v3 Log

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Hi, this isn’t my log for today. I’m here to try and upload some pictures.

Here they are as little eggs!



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It worked, I used TinyPic. Here are some more photos:

Here they are as Babies! Isaac hasn’t hatched yet in this photo.


And here they are as teens doing the 100% bonding animation! 



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On 12/27/2018 at 9:00 PM, Scrungo said:

Hello! I am VERY new to Tamagotchis, I only have the remakes of Gen1&2 that they're selling at my local GameStop from a friend for Christmas.

I did some research and found that later Tamagotchis have SOOOO much more to do in them, and some can even connect with each other!

So I'm gonna make a list of things I want in a Tamagotchi and see if anyone knows the best fit for me! (Trust me, I tried doing research on them, but theres so many I had a hard time tring to find the right one :()

-Has a decent amount of pets

-Can connect with other Tamagotchi devices

-Has more to do than the ones I currently have

-$40 bucks or less (I found some on Ebay that go for over $60! Im not made of money!)


Thats really it, and i'm fine if it doesnt have 100% all of these, as long as its fun any suggestions are fine! Thank you! :D


(P.S. Do they sell Tamagotchis in brick and mortar stores? I went to Gamestop, Walmart, and a few other places and they didnt have anything ((Gamestop had the gen1&2 remake obviously, but I want something different lol)). Is it just where I live, or do most places not carry them anymore?)


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    • By TamaMum
      When you start a new log topic in this forum you have a choice to allow comments to be made in your log by others or to ask that no comments are made. (For more info read this topic:
      If you're happy for others to post in your log you need to select an option from the grey "Item prefix:" drop box menu:
      If you're not sure, then you can add Tags and the moderators will change the prefix for you - they forum is checked regularly.
      If all else fails just use a tag to denote if you want others to post in your log (COMMENTS OK) or if you want NO COMMENTS  - some members like to keep their logs clear so that the flow of evolution and care info can be read quickly and easily.
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      Instead you can send them a PM with any questions.
    • By Tamadonut
      hello everyone! i'm katie, also known as tamadonut. i don't know if you remember my old logs, but recently, i have started up two tamagotchis again!
      here is Rain, the hitodetchi on the v2! she was born to Tomo the kiwitchi.  

      Here is Makoto the masku-shima-mimitchi, on the anniversary mix! he evolved today, and he is so cute! 

      bye for now, 
    • By anasmilkbar
      Hey, hey! It's time for a new log! I'm your host, Ana!
      But first, let me answer those burning questions I know you don't have!
      Q: Will this follow the continuity of the first two logs?
      A: No! Probably not! Maybe a little! Don't worry too much about it, it's just a Tamagotchi Log!
      Q: The title says Fridge will be here. Is he?
      A: Yes! Fridge is here, but no one else from the previous logs.
      Q: Are you gonna draw those cute little portraits for the conversations again? Those were pretty much the only reason I read your last log.
      A: ...Yeah, I mean... I guess I will. I guess. I don't know. That was really hard work, and the payoff wasn't great. We'll see.
      So far, the only Tama I'm running is my blue spacy m!x, but I'll be running a Meets once it arrives in the mail. It's supposed to come in a few days, but, uh, you know mail. We'll just have to wait and find out!
      At the time of writing this, the little dude is already in his toddler stage. He is a Puchitomatchi! And his name is, uh... Well, I definitely... remembered... to give him one... and it's... Jumpus. Not Jumpus, sorry.
      How about... Nico. That sounds good to me. Welcome to the world, Nico! And right as I wrote that, he went and evolved into Haretchi! Welcome to being a teen!
      Tamagotchi m!x Spacy ver.
      Name: Nico
      Tama: Haretchi
      Gender: M
      Age: 1
      Gen: 1

      -Ana <3
    • By Tamacass
      Well, it's been a long time since I did a log! A Tamagotchi log, to be exact. *woop woop let's go*
      So, holidays have finally come for me, which means I can run a Tama with (hopefully) no breaks in-between! I just started running my Version 5 Connection, so right now I've got the default family that you usually start off with (there was an option to restart but I wanted to go fresh ), but right now they're toddlers, so I'm not giving them names until the end of this post (most of the pictures have them as babies so it'd just be confusing haha)

      Here's a picture of them when they just hatched! The one jumping is the first child, the one to their left (from our perspective) is the middle child, and the one to their right is the youngest child. Aren't they adorable?

      (Watching TV with V4 characters featured! Looks like the wrong program was on in the second picture... oops.)

      Nothing really interesting happened for the first hour or so. They took a nap, and, well, got sick, but that's about it. Basic tutorial stuff I suppose, even if it happens every generation.

      Anyway, as I said before, they are now toddlers! Here's a picture below:

      (Top and clockwise: Sakuramotchi (girl, oldest child), Mattaritchi (boy, middle child), and Belltchi (girl, youngest child))
      (Sorry for the terrible quality, the image resizing program I was using didn't work too well. I'll use a different one next time, haha!!)
      Anyway, I'm gonna name them Rose (Sakuramotchi), Damian (Mattaritchi), and Lilac (Belltchi). Unfortunately, I don't have much else to post today I think they evolve tomorrow? I'll have to wait and see.
      That's all for now!
    • By molldoll
      i'm sorry, i couldn't resist that pun.
      anyway i finally managed to get my hands on a reasonably priced p's, and i thought i'd start a log to celebrate!
      it wasn't in the best condition - the shell is ink stained, the screen is a little scratched, and it looks like it used to be covered in stickers. luckily the staining and sticker gunk i couldn't get off can be covered by the case i'm waiting patiently for! not that i'm complaining, for the price i managed to get this P's at, you'd think it would be in much worse condition!
      i didn't originally plan on making a log so i didn't end up taking many photos today. by the time i the thought popped into my head my new little tama was already asleep...
      here's a look at the new baby girl:

      what a cutie! i always seem to start off with girls...
      i'm raising her to be Yumemitchi of course - she's my favourite tamagotchi, and i also wanted to have a good comparison to my 4U!

      i'll be running my 4U alongside my P's until my second gen, just to see exactly what the differences are, and to see what one i like better! so far, i'm a little more fond of my 4U, but it's a little hard to judge when i haven't even run the P's for a whole day yet!
      i mentioned the main difference i've noticed so in my status, so i'll elaborate on it a little more here.
      i didn't notice it until i turned my 4U on, but the P's feels very... slow? unresponsive? it's like comparing a 10-year-old computer to a brand new one! a bit extreme, but you get the idea. when going through the icons, the P's will get "stuck" and i'll have to press a again, while the 4U will just keep going, no matter how fast i press the button! this also happens in menus, and can be annoying when feeding. i'm not sure if it's an issue with this particular P's, or if it's just a general thing, i might but batteries in my +colour and see if it does something simillar.

      here's a full view of the P's and my sleeping toddler!
      ... and that's all the images i have. i definitely wasn't prepared for a log.
      i plan on running this log until i get all the tamatomo! i might have to start over at some point if i can acquire the means to english patch the P's, but i guess i'll cross that bridge when i get to it.
      thanks for reading! hope you tune in tomorrow!
    • By mimitchi ^o^
      Hey everyone! I've been gone for awhile.. I really have no excuse, I just kind of needed a break from Tamagotchi's for a bit.
      I unfortunately took out the batteries for all the Tamagotchi's in my previous blog, so they aren't with me anymore either. However, I am back! Finding out about the re-release of the chibi, P1, and P2 got me back into the Tama Craze.
      Instead of running Tamagotchi's just for the heck of it like previous blogs, my goal for this blog is to get every single character on every version of Tamagotchi I own! (Not on every TAMAGOTCHI, as that would be way too much, haha.) I feel that having a goal will motivate me to keep posting and try hard to care for my Tama's in a certain manner, so that is what I will be doing. I will also only be posting about every week or so, unless a lot has happened and I have too much information to hold onto. I'm currently in college as well, so posts may vary in time and length. I'll be pausing Tama's now and then as well, so usual timing for growth and age on Tama's may differ due to the pauses.
      Phew, with all of that out of the way, let's begin!
      November 10th, 2018:
      I don't even remember how, but somewhere, somehow, I saw online that the vintage Tamagotchi's were for sale again. Something sparked inside me that I haven't felt for a couple of years, and I immediately ordered two P2's through GameStop: Yellow with Blue buttons/decals and White with Pink buttons/decals. I was so excited to play with a Tamagotchi again after so long, but due to my impulsiveness I couldn't wait until Tuesday for them to arrive. I got in my car and left campus to go find my own (after looking online for places that had them first, of course.) The nearest Best Buy ended up having a couple assorted shells in stock, so I drove over there to take a peek. All they had were three Cheetah Print P2's and one Transparent Blue P1. On the drive to BestBuy I passed a Barnes & Noble, which I saw online also carried Tamagotchi's. I decided to go check out their selection, but not before putting the P1 behind the other Tama's on the shelf.
      As soon as I walked through the doors of Barnes & Noble I headed straight to the Toy Section, going in circles forever looking for their Tamagotchi selection. I couldn't find anything! But then, as I walked by a toy shelf labeled something along the lines of "Trendy Japan," I saw a lone Chibi Tama on the top shelf. I instantly grabbed it in case anyone around had their eyes on it, and then searched everywhere around the store for the P1's and P2's. Eventually I went up to a Sales Associate and showed her the page online and asked if she knew where I could find any, and she said she'd only seen the Chibi's. She asked if the webpage said online or in-store, but there was no marking. I wasn't too saddened by this, however. I knew where I had to go back to. After purchasing the Chibi, I drove back to BestBuy and got my hands on the Transparent Blue P1!

      After the witch hunt, I got back to my dorm and started up the two new additions to my family. There's something about the shine of a new Tama that just fascinates me and makes me all giddy inside. Anyways, I pulled the tabs and set the times for my babies, then patiently waited for them to hatch. This was my first time playing with a Chibi as well, so I was curious to see how this Tama functioned. The Chibi seemed to hatch quite quickly after setting the time, and out came a... Marutchi, interestingly enough. I guess because of the size, there are limitations to the stages of growth. Anyways, I fed him for a little bit and after a while he fell asleep. Another interesting thing to note is that there is no game on the Chibi, so feeding it treats is the only way to make it happy. I feel so guilty giving it so many treats, but I don't want it to be sad, so it is what I have to do, I guess. While this was going on, my P1 finally hatched. This was also my first time playing with a P1, actually! I own two other P1's, but one is still in box and one came in a protective shell still tabbed, which I haven't touched. A cute little babitchi puddle moved around the screen, and I attended to its' needs. I didn't find the P1 too needy, surprisingly. Sure, I had to constantly check it for the first hour to make sure it was okay, but it seemed easier than usual. After the hour went by, my P1 evolved into Marutchi and promptly went to bed. Persuaded by the actions of my two new kiddos, I followed behind them and drifted off into dreamland.
      November 11th, 2018:
      In all honesty, I actually paused them before I went to sleep. It was the weekend and I knew I wasn't going to be up anytime before noon, so I didn't want my Tama's to suffer because of it. After I woke up I unpaused the twins and got ready for the day, then headed to the bus stop to get to my car. Today I was going to head home and get my collection! I was so overwhelmed by Tama fever that I wanted to get all of them from home before they were put up somewhere and I'd have to dig them out. I waited for 30 minutes at the bus stop, went across the street for a drink, then came back to the bus stop for another 20 minutes before I decided to walk to my car. It was freezing and the walk was two miles, but the bus didn't seem to be running today. I trudged to my car and blasted the heater, then looked at the time and I surprisingly made it in about 15 minutes! I wasn't too upset by that. Anyways, I drove 45 minutes to my house, then hung out with my family and grabbed my collection. I sorted everything out, took pictures of all of my Tama's and Tama-related items, then put all of the Tama's in a tupperware container to take back with me. My family and I went out to eat and I got some fried shrimp, (Soooo good!), then I said my goodbyes and headed back to my dorm. After arriving, I selected my Pink Angel to run. I remember that I was running this Tama before on my previous blog, but since the vintage Tama's don't have a download option, I had to restart. It's been quite a while since I've run an Angel though, so after setting the time, seeing the grave and nothing else confused me. I wasn't sure if it was left over from my other Tama that died? But then it changed into Obaketchi 2, and I had a facepalm moment. (Fun fact; the Angel was actually my first ever vintage Tama, as well as the first Tama I've ever ordered online. (Not this one though, I have a white Angel that I am talking about.)). Taking care of Obaketchi 2 wasn't too difficult, I just had to watch his hearts and make sure he was okay. I wasn't too concerned with his health, however, because my goal was to eventually get a bad care character. After the hour was up, Obaketchi 2 evolved into Maruten and drifted off on his little cloud.

      I wasn't done for the night, however. While going through my collection, I noticed one of my two Umino's. Although I've had them for a while now, I haven't ever ran either of them. With this in mind, I selected my Transparent Umino with Blue Decals and pulled the tab. A cute little egg floated on the screen in some bubbles, which was so adorable! After a little bit, it hatched into a Planktontchi. I've read from multiple sources online that the Umino is one of, if not the most difficult Tama to take care of, and they are definitely right. This little guy dropped hearts extremely fast in the hour. I was constantly feeding him, then once as he was full I'd play the game to make him happy, and after filling up all of his happy hearts, he'd be hungry again! It was difficult, but I managed to get him into his toddler stage, Kuragetchi. He passed out immediately, then I paused all of the little guys and did the same.

      November 12th, 2018:
      There weren't many eventful moments that happened on this day. I had classes, however, so I had to pause them every now and then to make sure they would be okay. I for some stupid reason decided to keep my Umino unpaused but muted, and unfortunately let him get attacked by a polar bear and missed the whole thing. I pulled him out of my pocket and noticed the skull, and immediately sprung into action. He wouldn't take the medicine though, so I had to discipline him and them he took it. This happened TWICE and both times he wouldn't take the medicine until I disciplined him. I feel bad disciplining him when he's injured, but he isn't going to get better if he doesn't take his medicine!
      Towards the end of the day I was chilling in my dorm and noticed that my Chibi had evolved! That sure was quick. He evolved into a cute little chubby Mametchi, the best care character on the chibi! It wasn't difficult to care for him at all, so I don't feel too rewarded, but I'm happy all the same. I'm not sure how it works, but apparently he can evolve into a secret character after a week, so I'm hoping that happens!

      November 13th, 2018:
      And now we arrive at today. Or technically yesterday since it's now 1 AM, but I started this earlier, so today. During my first class today I was called by my dorm. They notified me that two packages came in the mail for me! I was so excited, I knew exactly what they were. I didn't get out of class until 5 PM though, so today was going to be a long day, haha. Luckily I had the current gang to tide me over. Nothing happened throughout the day, per-se, except Kuragetchi being so cute and silly when playing games. The frustrating thing about the game is that sometimes a squid pops out and inks the screen, and then you have to use the toilet icon four times to clean the Tama's tank fully! It also makes the Tama lose ALL of its' hearts, so you have to play the game four more times! and even then, the squid can come back again! Ugh, so frustrating. I managed, however. I don't know how I did it, but I did. This evening, my angel evolved from Maruten into Takoten, just who I wanted! I don't want to spoil what I'm trying to do just yet, but so far I'm on the right path. My Angel wasn't the only Tama that evolved though, My Transparent Blue P1 evolved too! He's now a Tamatchi, the good care teen. I wanted him too, so I'm feeling pretty good with myself!

      Lastly, after waiting ALL day, I went down to the front desk and got my packages, then took them up to my room and opened them up, basking in their adorableness. I decided to only run one, because I don't want to become too swamped with Tama's. It was a hard choice, but in the end I chose my Yellow w/ Blue Decals P2 because it has Mimitchi on it! It must be a sign of good luck. I left the other P2 in it's package and put it in the tupperware container with my collection, then put my Yellow w/ Blue P2 in my backpack and gathered up the rest of the team, then went to the union of my campus to get a drink and hang out there. After I got a cherry coke, I found a spot to sit down and hatch my P2.
      Oddly, I have noticed a couple of changes from the original P2. Firstly, the speaker is incredibly loud. They're very... screechy? It sounds like they're up so loud that its damaging their internal speakers. I noticed this in my P1 a little bit, thinking my P1 was just faulty, but the first sound this P2 made from the egg hatching was ear-shattering. I haven't started up my other P2 to check, but from these two experiences alone I think it is safe to infer that there's something wrong with the speakers in the new vintage Tama's.
      Secondly, some changes have been made to the game. Originally, the game on the P2 is a number guessing game where your Tama presents you a number and you have to guess if it's thinking of a higher or lower number. In the original P2, the second number the Tama was thinking of would become the first number for the next round, where you would have to guess if your Tama was thinking higher or lower than it. However, in the new P2, it's completely randomized. Your tama could have a 7 and be thinking of a 2, and then the next round start with a 9. It's nothing too big, but I definitely noticed it right away.
      Lastly, I'm not sure if this is a total CHANGE per se, but the baby stage of this P2 seemed twice as needy as the older P2. It dropped hearts almost as quickly as the Umino did, which shocked me since I've never encountered that with my older P2. It's only the baby stage, but it makes me wonder if the rest of the stages are going to be as needy. I hope not.
      Welp, that's all I have for now! I hope you enjoyed what you've seen so far, and please feel free to leave comments. Til next time!