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Rad Days with Tamagotchi

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Well, it's been a long time since I did a log! A Tamagotchi log, to be exact. *woop woop let's go*


So, holidays have finally come for me, which means I can run a Tama with (hopefully) no breaks in-between! I just started running my Version 5 Connection, so right now I've got the default family that you usually start off with (there was an option to restart but I wanted to go fresh :)), but right now they're toddlers, so I'm not giving them names until the end of this post (most of the pictures have them as babies so it'd just be confusing haha)




Here's a picture of them when they just hatched! The one jumping is the first child, the one to their left (from our perspective) is the middle child, and the one to their right is the youngest child. Aren't they adorable?


(Watching TV with V4 characters featured! Looks like the wrong program was on in the second picture... oops.)

Nothing really interesting happened for the first hour or so. They took a nap, and, well, got sick, but that's about it. Basic tutorial stuff I suppose, even if it happens every generation.





Anyway, as I said before, they are now toddlers! Here's a picture below:

(Top and clockwise: Sakuramotchi (girl, oldest child), Mattaritchi (boy, middle child), and Belltchi (girl, youngest child))
(Sorry for the terrible quality, the image resizing program I was using didn't work too well. I'll use a different one next time, haha!!)


Anyway, I'm gonna name them Rose (Sakuramotchi), Damian (Mattaritchi), and Lilac (Belltchi). Unfortunately, I don't have much else to post today -_- I think they evolve tomorrow? I'll have to wait and see.



That's all for now!

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heck yes, totally following this!!!

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If you have image editing software e.g. photoshop, GIMP, you can adjust the levels to make your images more visible.



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Heya! Welcome back! Thank you for all the likes and lovely comments, they're really helpful and I hope you're enjoying this so far!


Yesterday I, uh, cheated a little bit to get my family bonding up to about 80%. Right now, it's at 90%, which would be fine if I didn't end up messing around with their evolution times. Sigh. They stayed as toddlers for today... whoops.



(I took Eggiweg's advice and messed around with the levels and such using an external art program! I hope it's at least a bit more visible now, my iPhone camera sucks lol)


Here they are! As a reminder, they are Rose (Sakuramotchi), Damian (Mattaritchi), and Lilac (Belltchi). I'd draw a picture of them but I am a lazy butt, so why don't we go see what they're doing as of this moment?

(Watching TV with Rose.)


Jeez, these photos don't represent me at all! I'm meant to be smart, playing with toys and stuff, not watching a screen that rots my brain every few seconds!

Well I'm sorry my camera sucks-

Oi, shut up! Scoot over and lemme watch!

Aw, can't we all just get along, you two?

Yeah, why don't you be more like Lilac, Damian?

You guys suck!


No, you suck!

Hey, both of you, break it up!

Whatever, I don't care! You're too goody-two shoes for my liking.

At least I don't indulge in those dumb cartoons you watch! All they do is punch and fight and scream!

But that's a good show-
Do not!

Don't forget about meeeee!

Caaaass, Damian is insufferable!! Can't you just get rid of him?!

Hey, I'm not... in... suff... whatever you said!

Oh come on, at least try to get along with each other! I can't just get rid of him either, I have no idea how your shell works!

No way! I can't deal with him any longer!

Now you're just being melodramatic! See, I know a long word!

See?! You're all just leaving me behind! I want to fight!

No, you don't. You're the only sane one out of all of us.

Haha, Rose is uptight and self-conscious!! That's why she acts better than all of us!

Shut up, you're meant to be the dumb one here!!





...I had no idea you were capable of doing that.

Ah, that's better! Okay, you can end the post now.

...Will do.

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"Aw can't we all just get along, you two?"

"I want to fight!"


lolololol i love lilac's shift from peaceful to combative

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Heya! Welcome back!


Today we have some very exciting (and obvious news):



(No, it's not that the photos are actually visible or blue-tinted due to an early update...)


The V5 has evolved!!


Here are some states because I forgot to post them:

Family Name: Artes
Family Type: Blended (aiming for Cheerful type)

Bonding Level: 100%

Stage: Teenagers


Rose has evolved into Ichigotchi (a personal favorite of mine), Damian into Bakutchi, and Lilac into Shelltchi!


Hey, who accused me of being combative?! I'll show you!

Please don't attack innocent members on Tamatalk.

Ah, I'm a part of the Cheerful family now!! I feel so much more free~

Aww, there goes my Easy-Going heritage.......

Well now I've gone from Cheerful to Easy-Going!! Give me back my Cheerful state, Damian!!

Hey, I didn't steal it! You just have terrible luck.

Ha! At least I'm not in the smart family anymore! Now I can finally be my true self!!

And your true self is...?



(Uh oh.)


Damian! Let's raid the fridge!

Hey, your old self would never agree to this! Let's go!

Don't you dare!

Everyone forgets about meeeeee-!!

*nom nom* Cass, why do you only feed us baby food? Where's all the good meals?!

Because earning money in the V5 sucks.

I've had enough!! Graaaaaaaah!!


*sounds of a fridge being thrown out the window and into the abyss*





Man, when did life become so hard-


Okay, okay, everyone calm down! We just need to give each other space.

B-but we live in the same shell-

Shut up Lilac. What I mean is-

Wait, Cass doesn't live in the shell-

Guys, listen to me! We'll just end the log here and we can go back to being perfectly normal.

Wait, I have a special announcement!



(Pictured: Tamagotchi V2, transparent blue, with a very smug Mametchi keychain on it)


You guys are getting a younger sibling!








Aaaaand it's a girl!


Hey, another little sister!

Yes, this is the best surprise ever!

Her name is Erina! I trust you all will treat her nicely.

Of course! She's so adorable!

Heck yeah! When do we get to play with her?

...Ah. Well, you see, she's on an earlier shell...

W-we don't get to play with her?!


... o h.

Yeah, sorry guys... but hey, at least she's earning money at the ripe age of zero!



(I hate playing Jump. It sucks.)


That's not good enough-!!

We can still interact with her through the blog, right?!

Oh yeah, of course!

Wait, all this panic for nothing?!

Eh, who cares. Erinas' gonna be the best lil' sister ever!

Better than you, anyway.

What did you just say?!


Uhhh, better cut this off before someone gets hur- LILAC NO GET OFF HIM


That's all for now!

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i decided to draw my favorite of your tama cast so far, haha.


(psssst if you're reading this, lilac, i love u <3 <3 <3)

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W-Wow!! It looks just like me!! I love you too!!

*Collective thoughts of Rose and Damian: "She's usually more like herself in the picture..."*



Heya! Welcome back! Thank you for the fanart, anasmilkbar! It looks amazing!


Anyway if you can't tell by my (horribly rushed) drawing above...



(Erina's face is me irl)


The V2 has evolved!!


Here are some statistics:


Name: Erina

Gender: Girl

Evolution Stage: Toddler


How exciting! Here's another update on who's with us at the mo.:


Tamagotchi Familitchi/V5 - Rose (Ichigotchi), Damian (Bakutchi), and Lilac (Shelltchi)

Tamagotchi V2 - Erina (Hitodetchi)



She can also now interact with us on the blog.

Hey, we're gonna take care of her just fine!!

I don't wanna be punched-!

I am still in complete bliss........


*Sudden sounds of beeping*





(Just as I was writing this, Erina evolved into UFOtchi!)


The V2 has evolved! Again! In the same post!



You don't have to call me the V2, you know.

It's more or less for the people who don't prefer these segments, I guess. Or maybe it's to make it stand out and look cool.

Woah, that was sudden!

Now she can be *cool*, just like us!

Cool? We're awesome!

Pff, I don't care. All of you are lame, anyway.





Hey, what's that meant to mean?!

All you guys do is sit and nag Cass all day long.

But so do you!

I don't count.

Hold me back, or else I'm gonna beat her up!

Now, everyone, just take a breather! You all wanted to have a little sister, so here you are. She's just rebellious at the moment, give her ti-

You're just as lame. All of you are.

...Okay, Lilac, we both need to depend on each other in order not to punch her repeatedly while screaming.

Get the popcorn, Rose, this is gonna be just like those fights on TV!

On it!

Hmph. Complain all you want, but it's true.

You're insufferable!

Aaay, just what Rose used to call me!

'Erina is not holding up to her namesake.'

Got the popcorn!

Ugh, whatever! I'm outta here.




Aww, I just cooked up some treats!

We can still eat them though!

Gaaaaah! She chickened out!

Well, let's hope Erina can settle down... for all of our sake. I'm not too sure what's left to do here, no more surprise evolutions or anything...

We'll be evolving tomorrow, though!

Yes, that's right! Why don't we look forward to that instead?


That's all for now!

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Heya! Welcome back!


I see not many people like Erina (she deserves it grrrrr), haha....


Anyway, for those who are reading and don't have any context, here's why I didn't update last night: I didn't have my laptop on me and my phone refused to work with Tamatalk (for some reason 3DS systems of any kind are compatible with this site, so that's actually kinda cool), so I left a few readers hanging. Sorry!


Anyway, some more exciting news:



(Highly adjusted for visibility.)



The V5 has evolved!!


Family Name: Artes

Family Type: Blended

Bonding Level: 100%

Stage: Adults!

Rose has become Memetchi (heck yes), Damian has become Sukatchi (heck yesssss) and Lilac has become Chantotchi (heck yesssssssss)! Erina (UFOtchi, V2), however, has not evolved.

Wahoo!! I'm a Tamagotchi from the main trio!

I'm a cool Tamagotchi! Finally, Erina can't bully me anymore!

I've gone from the Cheerful family to the Easy-Going family to the Smart family...!

You three are all Tamagotchis I love and grew up with! Be proud of yourselves.

Aww yeah, even though you cheated and gave us semi-jet lag in order to raise our bonding levels very high.


Huh? But you've literally told the readers you chea-

No, I mean...


(I'm a good caretaker, trust me. Ignore the fact that I didn't turn the lights off or that there's poop next to her.)
Erina's asleep.
Well maybe we should wake that brat up!
What? One of the readers is on my side, right?
Yeah, but you're a part of the smart family now. You're meant to think rationally.
Feel the pain, sis. Being a smart family member was the worst memory of my childhood.
Thank you, Damian. Look, it's not all bad! Chantotchi is a personal favourite of mine!
So are the others!
Okay, okay, lemme clear some things up. I think Lilacs' been soaking up all the attention on this blog!
Yeah! We want more space to write things, Cass!
Aw, okay. Sorry guys.
It's fine. Why don't we all go play some soccer?
*a few minutes of setting up later.........*
I can't play soccer!
Well, we're outside now, so at least we can shout.
Heck yeah! Soccer in the dark!
I can't seeeeeee!
Damian, to you!
I got it, I got it!
Damian, that's a raccoon you kicked!
Hey, watch out! Don't bump into me!
Wait, who's the goalie?!
I kicked a goal!!
*sounds of glass shattering*
You just broke a window, Damian!
Oh-my-gosh!! Everyone ruuuuun!!
Hey, Lilac seems a little less confident than usual...
Yeah, it's because I'm a part of the smart family noooow!!
Oh yeah.
Okay, uh, we just need to find which house we kicked the ball into...
Wait a second... that's our house!
And that means........
*distant sounds of Erina screeching*
Oh no. We're gonna cut off here, please hope for our safety-
I'm going to kill all of you!
Lilac! Channel your inner fighting spirit from your teen years!!
I... I can't!! Waaaaaaah!
She's channeling her toddler years instead! Everybody hide!
Okay, that's all for now- ERINA NO
Edited by Tamacass
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she evolved so you know i have to draw her again.


she's got angxiety. it's like anxiety but ur pi**ed off about it

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