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May you share with me your personal experience with the Tamagotchi Meets?

The pros and cons?


I came across this video and I am not sure whether I should buy the Meets now or not.

I would really appreciate your feedback.

As much as I've fallen in love with them, they are very much in my price range right now

and I was so eager for one, but seeing this video, I am not so sure.


I know that your M!X can lag by half a second or so with the sound on.

Can you tell me how the screen lags (off to on) on your Meets with the sound on

and then off? That would be appreciated, that's a big question of mine.


What happens when you send your Tama to Tama Hotel and are retrieving it back?

Does the screen lag?


Do you think the March Meets could be updated to fix these problems?



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Screen lag personally isn't a big deal to me, I probably won't notice it.

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