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My Tamagotchi OCs + Sprites

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(If this isn’t the place to put this, please tell me)

Just a collection of my Tamagotchi OCs/fan characters. I’ve made sprites for some. The name will be above the image.

Nuutchi (adult) AD07D9C1BD894F21A324.png

Gatotchi (adult)EA166CCAF86E43B283A8.png

Furaidopotetotchi (teen)555231F5DE4349F28DB1.png

Kanaetchi (teen, Kanae means “ding”)6809FB278B2748DC9FC4.png

And lastly Denkitchi (child)C9A6A5F226CD48B3B020.png

Which ones are your favorites? Do they look like they could possibly be real Tamas?

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ayyy these are super cute! my favorite is furaidopotetotchi, and i could definitely see kanaetchi being real

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Kanaetchi (drawing ) kinda looks like Gudetama, but I like Gatotchi.  There needs to be another cat tama character.

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