Tamagotchi M!X Sanrio - How do I form friendships?

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Hello everyone!


I'm finally back in Tamatalk :) And now I have a Tamagotchi M!X Sanrio ❤️ 


Now that my Tamagotchi is now an adult, I was wondering how do I get it to make friends so that I can eventually have him propose? Do I need to visit a certain location? Especially if I want him to propose to a Sanrio character -- after unlocking destinations, how do I make him make friends?


Thank you!

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What you have to do is get an item that the character you're interested in proposed to likes and go with that item to the character's location repeatedly until their friendship meter fills up. Yes, the characters are random so you have to do it repeatedly. Though if you buy the more expensive ring, just meeting the character once should be enough to propose to them succesfully.

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