My first Tamagotchi!

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Earlier today I received the remake of the gen 1 Tamagotchi from a friend and I decided to log it on here!

I plan on going in blind, only using the instruction booklet and things i knew before hand (Which was literally nothing other than how the look game worked haha) so wish me luck!

Whats Happened so Far:

My egg hatched into a black ball

Ive been keeping an eye on his Hunger and Happy stats, trying to keep them at 4 hearts when they drop to 1 or 0 hearts

About 1 hour in he got sleepy and fell asleep, so I turned off the lights (I dont know if this is significant, but still decided to tell)

He hasnt been acting up so I havent had to discipline him yet, so his discipline level is still 0


And thats about it for right now.

Wish me luck guys!

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Oh okay, so right after I posted the original thread, he evolved into a big white ball that weighs 10 OZ.

This is going good so far! I cant wait to see what kind of things he'll turn into next!

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One last update for today, and this should sum up everything that happened between the last post to now.


Whats happened from posting my last message to now:

I decided to name him Jeff after the comic "Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff"

He beeped at me for no reason, so I had to discipline him, twice!

He got tired and decided to fall asleep around 8PM GMT-6

He now weighs 11 OZ


Well, if my hunch is right, he should be asleep for the rest of the night. My only worry is that I tend to sleep late on my days off (the rest of this week) and I have no clue when he'll wake up. So lets just hope nothing bad happens while im sleeping.

This is Scrungo signing off, I'll keep you all updated.

(P.S. Should I post pictures of my Tamagotchi? Is that something anyone reading this would enjoy?)

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Sorry for the lack of updates, not much has happened honestly. Ive been doing the usual, feeding him, playing with him, cleaning up after him, etc.


But what has happened is:

He evolved into a bipedal creature and grew two arms

Got sick again, but I was able to cure him


And thats the only major thing thats happened. From my knowledge his next evolution should be his last, so that might be my last update until he dies. See you all in the next one.

Edited by Scrungo

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Posted (edited)

Sorry I didnt update yesterday, I went to a friends house to celebrate the new year (happy New Years by the way! :D).

Here's what happened:

-He evolved again! He'd bipedal with a tail, and has hair. kind of looks like a duck to me.latest?cb=20181015071158

-Paused him from last night to right now as im typing this, so he's only 7 years old

Well, I'm not sure what I can really talk about now. To my knowledge he cant evolve again since he isnt Maskutchi. I guess I'll just post sporadic updates on when he gets sick, when I have to pause him, and when he dies.

If this is one of the last big updates, I just wanna let you all know that this was a very fun experience, and I might do another with another Tamagotchi that I ordered a while back when it gets here.

Thank you for reading, and I hope You'll join me again when I make a log of my next Tamagotchi! :D


Edited by Scrungo

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Hey Scrungo, nice log! It sounds like you had fun and I enjoyed reading about it :)

I like raising Tamas without reading the guides too, it's more of a surprise. Let us know how many "years" Jeff makes it to!

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