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(Sorry if the images are very big or sideways, uploaded these from a phone)

Hello! :) Mimitchi06 here, logging my first tama experiences. It’s very exciting, even if they just bob around on the screen so far.

Let’s start with the P1. He was very needy like all tamas in the baby stage, but after a solid hour he wasn’t as needy. I filled his hearts up right away and every time I saw them drop-even by one!-I very quickly refilled them. I fed him mostly meals and barely any snacks- those would be taken care of by games.88C74E31818A45D0A101.jpeg

At a random point (around 20-30 minutes before evolving) he slept for no reason and woke up around 6 minutes later. Then he got sick and needed 2 doses of medicine, and then a few minutes later, the magic happened!


Now, he wasn’t as needy as he was in the baby stage, but now more waiting will happen until he evolves again. He did make 2 discipline calls, though, and got his meter filled halfway. I guess this guy’s hungry for attention. :P



And then his brother came into the world... like the P1, the P2 was very needy- dropping hearts every few minutes but getting them refilled in no time. Throughout his time as a babytchi, he was fed only 2 snacks- we played the game a lot! I think the sound chip is a bit wonky in him, sometimes the beeps come out very sharp or lag a bit. I’ve also noticed his beeps are quieter than the P1- is this normal?


P2 stayed a baby for longer, as I had him paused a lot (I did other things, nobody can watch tamagotchi for a whole day... or can they?) but this afternoon he evolved.


He did the weird random power-nap thing again, but soon he gained a spike!


Wow! Evolution is fascinating. He has not called for discipline at all, maybe he isn’t as attention-seeking as his brother, or maybe he’s just well behaved. Who knows. 

Anyway, that’s the end of today’s tama log. This is my first attempt at logging- please give feedback so my future logs can be better. I’m excited to see what happens tomorrow, if anything happens at all- I’m giving perfect care, so they should be on the route to Mimitchi/Mametchi.

(Quick question: when do they [child stages] go to sleep?)

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Hi! To answer your question, Child-stage characters on the P1/P2 fall asleep at 8:00 PM and wake up at (I believe) 9:00 AM? If I'm wrong, then they would wake up at 8:00 AM instead. Their sleep time will change as they evolve into Teenager and Adult stages - to my limited experience most, if not all, Adults sleep at 10:00 PM. Of course, if you have the sound on, they will beep for you to turn the lights off, so you probably won't miss it.
Nice log by the way, and merry Christmas!

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I apologize for not posting a log yesterday, but not much happened. Even then, I’ll post some of the highlights of yesterday.

P1 reached full discipline, yet he continues to make calls. I guess he just really likes attention, then. The P2 also made his first call, but he didn’t make any more after that. 

The P2’s meters stayed full for most of the day, rarely going down. He mostly just blobbed around the screen like always. The P1, though, was needier, with his meters dropping more frequently, and he also went to the bathroom twice. Other than that, he’s relatively low-maintenance.

I assume they’ll evolve either today or tomorrow, we’ll see. They’re still sleeping as I type this, with the P2 having dropped a hunger heart sleeping. I’ll log again tonight, but until then we can only guess what will happen.

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Hello again! Not much happened in terms of care, but here goes.

First thing this morning, the second the tamas woke up, they evolved! And just into what I hoped they’d be. Tamatchi and Tongaritchi!


Again, not much happened, although the P2 did get full discipline today. The P1 has yet to, which is strange considering his was filled first.

Their hearts dropped once every hour. I’ve been trying not to keep them paused for too long, as that may slow their growth. 

I think the eating animation for Tamatchi is funny, because it looks like his arms disappear! And then they return when he’s done. The same happens in the game, and when you win, his arms become blobs instead of sticks. That’s just something I noticed.

Tongaritchi eventually got sick and required two shots. Tamatchi didn’t yet, and I don’t think Tongaritchi is close to evolving, because he just did this morning.

That concludes this short log. At least it was longer than the last one, I apologize for it being so short. They should evolve on or around Monday, but we’ll have to see what happens. Until next time!

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For xmas I got the same Tamagotchis that you did! It's so cool to see that others are doing the same thing im doing!! Your log is pretty good so far, I cant wait to see what they turn into!

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I apologize for not updating earlier, but here is the new update on my tamas!

When they woke up on January 1st, I heard the familiar evolution jingle. Fingers crossed, hoping to get who I was aiming for, and-4464F1F675F74D7A8AB8.jpeg


I was greeted by none other than Mametchi and Mimitchi! I didn’t think I took that perfect care of them, maybe their hearts dropped and weren’t filled right away, but they became perfect care adults anyway! Mimitchi was more exciting to get for me than Mametchi (not that I hate Mametchi), but both are welcome.

Not much has happened since then. They are fun to be around and I only have to check on them once every hour to refill some hearts. Currently they are 15 years old due to frequent pausing. I’ll try to keep updating when major things happen, but since they’re adults now, don’t expect this to be updated for a while.

(Also, I may be getting a Connection soon, so there’s more to log about. Yay! No promises though :P )


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