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Hhhh again... Updates in bold were added after the fact. See the end for an important update on the structure of future updates.

Day 27
School is out, so I’m back for more bootleg goodness. Admittedly, my last entry wasn’t too hot. I ended up scrapping a lot of the last entry, which included an intro to the Touma Pet. Basically, it’s an upgraded version of the QPet. Everything from the software to hardware got an upgrade. My favorite new addition? The rechargeable battery. It cuts down a lot of bulk, making the device very thin and light. It’s also nice not having to stockpile pairs of AAA batteries that only last a week or so.

The first thing I did was download the data, and then raise Mametchi’s happiness by going to the park a lot. Now I’m buying and planting seeds for more points. Mametchi is now 2, so he will need 2 more days before marriage, meaning (with the way it tracks time) by Sunday it should be time for the next gen. On the Touma Pet they turn into oldies at age 10. I wonder if the QPet is the same, since it’s so similar in function.
Touma Pet
The battery died so I have to wait for it to recharge. (Which is okay because after taking my last final I need to recharge too ;D ) I really hope it has a Continue option... It does! After 50 minutes, it was done. Well, besides a few snacks it hasn’t really needed anything so far.
Outside of that, not much else. They are surprisingly low-maintenance, which is ironic because M&D pets tend to be really demanding. Maybe it’s because I’ve played them for a while so I’m just used to it? I hope I can eventually say the same about Nana Moon. I forgot to mention now that the QPet is asleep, the Touma Pet doesn’t go to bed until 11 PM. That is too late for a kids game imo, and another reason why I haven’t bothered with Nana Moon yet. 
I also started a few more fakes. The Jia Yuan is... something. I recall comparing it to the Tama P1+2 and to an extent I still agree. Both are pretty simple, but somehow this one is slightly more simple due to lack of growth or death. Last night I picked this robot thing. I don’t know if it’s an actual character or not, because many of the pets on here are from anime. I like the mini games on here more than the 90’s Tamas, but that’s all it’s got going for it. Outside of playing the games out of boredom, this thing stinks. On the plus side it would make a really cute Decora necklace charm. I will still “”run”” it, but don’t expect it to get included in logs.

Chuppi was also started. This is my first and only Gyaoppi at the moment, and honestly? I’m not impressed. It’s basically a worse version of the original Tamagotchi. I was expecting that to be the case, but it still managed to disappoint. Whatevs.
P.S. I’m aware this is more of a knockoff than a bootleg, but knockoffs are still fair game because they heavily copy other vpets. Plus, Chuppi programming has been used in fake Tamas before.
Next on the bootleg list: Nana Moon (ahhh!) and "The Pen"...

Day 28
The Touma Pet evolved into a Gozarutchi ripoff. I didn’t send it to school, so it has the lowest-paying job: construction. I’m curious if the different jobs are present on the QPet, but it requires answering correctly 50 times to max out the education.  Later : Turns out is has the same 2 jobs as the Touma. Not even surprised. The Touma also has oldies, so I’m now sure that is in the QPet too, because Touma is pretty much a carbon copy. 

EDIT- This is what the office job looks like on a QPET. There should be a pic of what it looks like on the Touma in a previous folder I linked.


As for Chuppi... It’s been almost a day now (still 1 hour to go), but it has not evolved. Something tells me this is going to be very long... Just getting to the adult stage would be an accomplishment because it’s died so much.

Day 29
Chuppi has not grown in 2 days, so I removed the batteries. It turns out in order to age the sleep meter has to be filled. If anyone has a manual on Gyaoppis or is a Gyaoppi expert, I would really appreciate some tips on how to care for it.
The QPet got married. After the baby stage, it turned into Makiko. I wonder if it will end up being Memetchi or Memepetchi. On Touma I’m going for the male oldie so that will take a few more days.

Day 30
One month of bootleg Tamagotchi-ness. I accidentally did a QPet drop test. The device seems okay after that freak accident, except there’s a crack on the LCD. I’m okay with this because it’s obscured by the icon background, so it is hard to notice unless you are really looking. When it fell, the battery compartment busted out, and so did the batteries. Fortunately, I only lost a few minutes of care.
Later- It turns out the “crack” is actually a piece of hair, like an eyelash. I’ve never opened this before and I haven’t seen anything else get under the screen, so it must have been from the factory. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen stuff like this inside... The other was my official Galaxy P2.

Day 31
Makiko turned into Memepetchi. Oh well, only a few more characters to go. Here’s a list:
That will take 12 days total, not counting the two more I have to wait before Memepetchi can marry. It will probably go in that order.


Day 32
More waiting. I’ve been having technical issues with the Touma Pet today. Pressing a certain button combo makes the volume turn on + maximum. It kept turning on by itself in my bag. I would probably just take the speaker out, but then again I want to keep it as mint as possible.

Day 33
My QPet got married and this gen I’m going to get Kikitchi. He evolves from Mametchi, which is what the baby evolved into. Well, at least there won’t be any more surprises after this and I can finally wrap up the QPet in 2 more weeks.... EDIT- Kikitchi grows from ShimaShimatchi. As for Touma Pet... 2 more days. Oh yeah, I forgot to show off all the different places. Btw for some reason I started the Nana Moon all the while juggling 3 other Tamas whyyyyy. The guide I read said that sending it to school shouldn’t effect growth, but it’s been 8 hours and it is still a baby.

Day 34
The Nana Moon grew. I got one of the better toddlers. My new strat this time is to limit the minigames to one per every 10/15 minutes depending on if I win or not. I also recently got a second Nana Moon for the purpose of cheating by having it gift a bunch of items to the one I’m running. I saw a guide a while ago that said money could also be traded, but I guess the versions I have don’t support that function. 
Mametchi will change today. Besides that, just more waiting. As a side note, my 2018 P2 will be growing today. My goal is Pochitchi. BTW here's a ridiculously off model sprite of Mametchi:


Day 35
The Nana Moon grew again. I didn’t get a good look at the new character yet because I pretty much immediately sent it to school. I was mistaken, as it turns out it goes to bed at 10 PM. Still, that seems kind of late. The Touma will turn into an old man today. I already saw pics of it on Instagram, and yes, the oldie definitely looks like an old man. I also saw a pic of an oldie getting married via the matchmaker, and it turns out you just get paired with a regular adult character. What a disappointment. I wonder what would happen if 2 Touma Pet systems with oldies married? Would there be a secret pet? Well, I would like a 2nd Touma, but don’t feel like getting any more fakes for a while so unless someone else does it, only time will tell.

Update- It turns out I got ShimaShimatchi!


I guess that means Kikitchi grows up from ShimaShimatchi. My Nana Moon also grew into a weird berry-looking thing. I think it will become an adult tomorrow, but I’m not sure. Maybe it will be like a real Tama and grow in 2 days after teenager stage.
I had to go do something and when I came back, the Touma Pet’s screen was lit up and-
YESSSSS! Finally. 

Day 36
I put away the Touma Pet because it was getting a little annoying having to juggle the Tamagotchis and other stuff I’ve been doing. 
Nothing much besides that, just more waiting for the vpets to grow. 
It turns out that the Nana Moon’s toddler stage does not go to bed until 11, so I was kind of correct. This is way easier with cheats (obvi) but it’s still a handful. It turns out that during the daily money/gift-receiving from the King, you can actually get robbed. I had $300 stolen and received a fly as a gift. I’m not sure if this is right or not, but I believe the amount and quality of the gift depends on your pet’s stats. Mine were low at the time (hunger empty, others almost empty) so that’s my reasoning.

Day 37
ShimaShimatchi got married, so now I may have a chance to get Memetchi. I just realized that Chamametchi is also a possible adult. I wonder what her growth chart is? I am considering writing a guide for the QPet once this is over aor at least making a full growth chart. 
I am also tempted to turn off the Nana Moon, but I will just deal with its annoyingness. I heard the Tamagotchi Ocean is really needy, but this might give it some competition. I think it will either grow into adult form tomorrow or the day after. All I hope is that it turns into an adult by Thursday (what would be day 40) because I will be too busy for any Tama raising. For anyone curious about QPet battery life, mine lasted a little less than 2 weeks using high-quality AAAs. It honestly gets annoying having to use so many batteries. That’s why I wish more vpets had rechargeable ones like the Touma Pet.

Fyi It turns out there are multiple versions of the Chuppi. I must have the original version, because the one in this video fixed every annoyance I have with mine:

Day 38


I got Princess Amy, the best character!!! Now that the Nana Moon is an adult, it is much easier to care for. The first three stages would be like if a Tamagotchi remained just as needy after baby stage. Of course, it’s worse on the Nana Moon because everything costs money.

Day 39
I got Memetchi! Wow, her sprites look really weird. The QPet has a peculiar combination of stolen and custom sprites. A lot of the closeup animations are just plain ugly, but this one... it’s weird. I realized that the Nana Moon anime’s story includes all 7 of the items from the game. Unfortunately, the incomplete chart from the anime doesn’t help much. I’m aware that 5 of the items come from the shop (incl. the lollipops), and that the magic plant is the final item needed (obtained via code), but what about the 6th item? I have a gut feeling that it requires collecting all the other items first, excluding the magic seed. This requires buying 4 of the key items from the shop and collecting 6 other, non-purchasable items from the dialogue random encounters. Fortunately, I have 2/4 of the shop items and 3/6 of the others. My hope is that the items and item quest do not reset after marrying. That would just be infuriating.


🌟🌟Thanks for enduring this latest collection of entries. Instead of posting giant annoying updates, I've decided that the best thing would be to post small stuff on IG with only the essential updates being posted here. Yeah, I probably should have thought of this a while ago.🌟🌟

Minor updates and other stuff:

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Day 40

I’m done with the QPet. Instead of copy-pasting tons of other entries in one post, here’s what happened:

-Finally got Kikitchi and Chamametchi

-Took the batts out

 That’s it. I’m officially ready to make a growth chart (and maybe guide) now that I’ve discovered everyone’s growth patterns. I sort of don’t want to kill it on purpose now that I’ve gotten everything because it would be a shame to lose everything. On the other hand, I want to see what happens. 

In other news, I finally got one of those cheap 49-in-1 pens. Tomorrow morning my ladybug pupa will grow into an adult. It takes 10 days to do so, but on day 1 the vpet always takes 4 naps and then ages up to 4 out of nowhere. Yeah, it’s as weird as it sounds. 



The programming is a mod of the “24-in-1 Smart Baby and Pets.” It’s exactly the same except for some characters being omitted and a few modified graphics. The pen stands out from other cheap virtual pets in that there  are actual growth stages. 2 is better than none at all, if the other multipets currently being made are anything to learn from. For $1, this is pretty good. If you don’t like the tiny screen (even more tiny than the original Tamagotchi, oof) there is a larger-screened one that comes in a house-shaped shell with a really atrocious speaker. 

It has 2 minigames, like most Gyaoppis. The first one is catching stuff and the other is soccer. With the latter, in order to win you have to push the A button at just the right speed. Too fast, and the ball with go flying over the goal! I’ve only played these 4 or so times in order to fill up the meter because after doing so, it stays that way. Another peculiar thing is that it never needs to be disciplined. As per the new rule, I’ll just post a pic of it on IG because the growth isn’t really that big of an update. Unlike the QPet, there’s no mystery to the final stage. Here’s some trivia before I go: Depending on which species you select, the pet will either hatch from a house 🏠 or an egg 🐣.

@Eggiweg Thanks, I’ve been meaning to get some but keep forgetting to. I’ll check those out.

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Day 41

Okay I know I said I wasn’t going to do an update, but something unexpected happened.


The pupa did not immediately turn into an adult, so apparently this game has 3 growth stages and not just 2 like I originally thought. I wonder when it will become an adult? If you want to see what the adult is supposed to look like, it’s in the first photo from the previous post.

 Btw I forgot to mention that some characters have different reactions depending on their mood. For example, the alien looks angry when its happiness is empty.

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Entry 42

The ladybug died at age 16, 4 days away from adulthood. It would have been 17 had I woken it up before it died. Tbf, the broken clock mechanic can make it hard when it decides to fall asleep early in the day. On my part, I forgot to reset the clock again after it sped all the way up to 9 PM when the real time was 10 AM... I was going to reset anyways, but with this we get to see the death screen.


Not much of a death screen but more like the leaving screen from some of the later Tamagotchi Connection releases. 



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Entry 43

This one is kind of special so I have to break my new rule.

July 10, 2019

Grail get!!!! The first is a weird JiDan-like toy by TS that copies the V1, except obviously way worse. I think this might be one of the Tamaguchis linked in the Tamagotchi Warnings section. The only thing apparently different is that the memory game is actually just a “randomly press buttons as fast as possible” thing. The sound effects are also different and not really Tamagotchi-like. The closest similarity I can think of is Devilgotchi, and you know how those can be... There are also different meters that are not present on any Tamagotchi, like physical activity. Ironically, I have more questions after getting this than answers.

The next is a JiDan. Yay! It is basketball themed and the intro screen says it is V3... in a V4 styled shell... seems legit. Despite being a female baby, the eating sprite is always Bill. It also has less features than other JiDan toys, lacking the running minigame and the different options under Connect. Compared to others like the fake Yasashii, it doesn’t do much. You know that stereotype about Tamagotchis always demanding attention every few seconds? Well, this one gets very close to making that a reality. I can’t recall how many times even on day 1 that this thing would need two things in a 2 minute timespan AFTER the baby stage. If there’s one good thing I can say outside owning one of the rarest fake Tamagotchis, is that I’ve noticed how similar it is to the “bunny ROM” in those Jia Yuans. Could this mean JiDan is still in business making things under a different name, or that people from JD went on to work at other companies? 

Also, change of plans for the pen. One of the others that came in this lot has similar characters, so I swapped the batteries. It is similar programming to this rare prototype from one of Erica Griffin’s videos.

It’s like this but a doghouse. I saw a few on eBay a while ago and it’s literally just called Virtual Pets. This was made by an Australian company, but the one I have was distributed by Scholastic, bundled with a joke book. 


Entry 44

July 11, 2019

In the end I had to take the batteries out of the multipet. It would not go to sleep, even at midnight! The strangest thing is that it would randomly age. Sometimes I would go to check it, and there would be a birthday cake on screen.  Pressing a button when this happens causes the device to play Happy Birthday. In the time I ran it, I was going to say that this was the best of the three fakes, but even the REALLY bad TS Tama at least eventually would stay asleep more than 5 minutes. It doesn’t help that none of these came with manuals. Worse yet, I found some JiDan instructions a while ago but deleted them off my phone because I figured I’d never own one. If anyone has a copy of it or knows how JiDans work, I would really appreciate some help. 

The JD I have lacks many features of the normal ones, but there is one interesting thing: items are not bought from the store. Rather, you have to win a mini game and then a code is flashed on screen. Then, you have to press the C button on the home screen and enter the code. The only one I have so far is a mic. The items don’t do anything, but I assume they can be transferred to a legit and compatible Tamagotchi. I tried V1 and that didn’t work, but there are still a few more to try. 

I also tried connecting the TS , and that did not work. The text on the TS connecting screen is in Japanese, so maybe it works with Japanese Tamagotchis? Btw I was originally going to buy a Tamaguchi, which it turns out is the same thing as this. I’m not too desperate to find out what happens when they connect, but for those who might want one, one seller has a few NIB on eBay. Just keep in mind that $20 is a stretch for what these can do. Also, I just found out that this is the original version of TS. There’s a thread in Tamagotchi Cousins that shows a later version. 

11 AM- Somehow in the process of trying to connect I ended up running 4 Tamas in total, 2 legit, 2 fake.

Way too late- The TS is giving me a lot of pain. It did not go to sleep until 2 AM according to the Tama. I honestly don’t even know what time it made me put it to sleep, but definitely way too late. Like any other cheap bootleg, the clock is software based, not quartz, so it is either too slow or too fast. Often, it is the latter. Hearing that awful beeping in the wee hours of the night was infuriating, especially because all my attempts to make it go to sleep earlier resulted in it waking itself up and pooing. 

* If anyone knows if/how the TS time can be changed, please tell me x( 

The JiDan one isn’t really good either, but at least I’m not losing sleep to it!!!


Entry 45

10:30 AM- So far nothing. I can’t get over how demanding the two fakes are. I’m running two legit Connections on the side and the difference is astounding.

10:43 AM- Have you ever wanted to raise Nazotchi? No? Well, JiDan says otherwise.


This is a bad care female teenager, possibly the worse. What can I say? It’s hard having to care for it every 15 minutes. I now appreciate how flexible the real Tamas are.

Bonus: group shot


Sorry, I don’t know what is wrong with IG. The post is public tho

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Entry 46

Last night the TS turned into Ichigotchi. It’s getting to the point where the TS will get sick even if all it is missing is one bowl (not heart) on the Health and Happiness meter. 


I need help with this, so if anyone has one and knows how it works or has an instruction guide, please help! I especially need help with what time it goes to sleep. Here’s something funny I forgot to show. Instead of the Happy meter, it’s the... wait for it...



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Entry 47

Not much in terms of fake Tamagotchi happenings. Both should turn into adults tomorrow, assuming that they grow at the same rate as real Tamagotchis. With all the vast differences in functionality/quality, I’m not holding my breath. In the lot there was also an original puppy QPet. While neither a knockoff nor bootleg, its successor the QPet Quolor earns it a brief mention here. It is surprisingly easy and fun... at least, compared to the two others I’m currently dealing with.




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Entry 48

4:36 PM- To my amazement, both fake Tamagotchis survived being left alone for hours. When I got home, the TS had become Kuchipatchi! She (yeah) eats mushrooms as the meal and dango as the snack. Does anyone know if the original JP and US V1s can connect? If not, that might explain why it still can’t connect to the official one I’ve been also running. After this is over I’ll downsize and run the Touma Pet again. These two are definitely just collectors’ items. I don’t recommend them unless you also like collecting bootlegs.


I just realized that the JD might already be an adult. It’s been 2 days and it still hasn’t grown. Oh well, one more day and we’ll see. 

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Entry 49

Come to think of it, doesn't Kuchipatchi's sick sprite in that gif look like it has three legs?

Anyways, I totally gave up this time. I can only be voluntarily annoyed by a toy so muchUnlike the time I gave up on the Crystal Warriors, these are actual vpets, not an RPG styled like one. Technically I also gave up on the Scholastic V-Pet mentioned earlier, but what can I say? If it won't even go to bed at midnight, I can't deal with that. The TS might have been better if I could change the clock to the normal time, but no. Even the $2 pen let me do that, and that one is a junkie Gyaoppi clone. I'm taking a break from bootlegs for a little bit. When we return, I'll go back to the Touma Pet. It will be a while before I even consider getting the new QPet, mostly because I want to see if anything actually new comes out following the Tamagotchi On's release. With bootlegs, you never know when a new one will pop up. Heck, I recently found a new version of the A-Watch/Handwarmer. Anything is possible.

P.S. I've been running the two official versions that the bootlegs copy, which are V1 and V3, and the difference in quality is ridiculous. At least the QPet Quolor for the most part copied the source material accurately, even if a bunch of things were removed. *sigh* On the plus size, both are rare additions to my bootleg collection.

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Entry 50!

Now that I’m back, it’s time for more Touma Pet. Tonight it randomly grew into this elf-like character.


It will be old enough to marry at 9 PM tomorrow, but I’ll have to wait until the following morning because I don’t feel like waiting until 10 PM or later for the next one to age. Also, there is a (really lazy) size comparison between a real 20th Anniversary Digimon and the Crystal Warrior.


I must say, the real version is way more fun. The only downside is how inconsistent the release date is/was. 


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Entry 51

The Touma got married today, and I got a girl.


Who will it end up being? Well, that will be discovered in a few days. This might get pretty slow, so let me know if/when I should switch considering I’ve already shown it here before. I have one more fake which is a Nano Puppy clone. I didn’t really enjoy it the 10 minutes I tried it, but if anyone’s interested I’d be at least willing to run it for a little bit to show how it works.


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15 hours ago, OneSummerDream said:

I have one more fake which is a Nano Puppy clone. I didn’t really enjoy it the 10 minutes I tried it, but if anyone’s interested I’d be at least willing to run it for a little bit to show how it works.

I'd certainly be interested, if it's not any hassle! Reason being, after getting an original Tamagotchi back in the day, my first non-Bandai virtual pet was a Nano Puppy. :P

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Another adult. 


This one is really Animal Cross-ish. In fact, one of the villagers from the series, Bunnie, appears in the “Receive Fruit” game.


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Entry 53

Things are going kind of slow with the Touma Pet. I'm now on my 7th gen. and it's a girl. I want to get the granny character which will take a while. In other news, I actually did end up receiving a Tamaguchi. It's another JiDan V3 just like the blue Honeylover, but with slight differences including different item codes and running at a slower rate. Even though it's not what I expected, the Tamaguchi is still interesting to try out. I'll go more in-depth tomorrow with photos and a list of gameplay notes. So far, both are boys and are what appear to be Kinakomotchi with legs...

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Got a little busy, but I’m back. I’m currently on the last gen for the Touma Pet. Here's a pic from one of the previous gens:

The last one was a duplicate, so no point in posting a pic of that. After this is over I'll run a Nano Puppy clone for a day and that will be it for a while. I do have one other fake to show off, and after that I'll officially be out of new material until M&D puts out their next color vpet. And now for the part I promised last time:

Here is a lot of info on the JD V3:

-Requires care every 15 minutes or less.
-Winning the mini game will show a 4 digit code for a second. Press the C button to bring up the screen to enter it.
-Winning the mini game is random until adult stage. Until then, you can actually just spam the C button to win.
-Duplicate codes don't work.
-A code can also be obtained if your JD V3 wins after a VS. game.
-When visiting, the guest Tama will give yours a random item, even if they do not have it in their inventory.
-Codes are not consistent between devices. A code that works on one might not work on another.
-You can only keep 4 items at a time, making collecting pointless.
-The Tamaguchi has a slower clock than the Urapet.
-Both devices can either win or lose at the same time in VS. mode. 
-When the JD grows, the screen flashes and the notification noise plays during the transformation.
-Press A and C to bring up the mute option.
-Each character has their own sleeping animations, but the eating animation just shows Bill every time.
-It can’t die, apparently.
-The instructions included are for a different version. This one lacks the matchmaker and only has 3 growth stages: baby, toddler, adult.
-The sprites shown in the manual also appear in the Bunny ROM/Jia Yuan/Diga Pet. This implies that JD had something to do with the programming for that. In fact, I recall JD releasing vpets with this programming.
-Unlike most JD releases, slightly modified official packaging art is used and there are no companies/model numbers provided.

Pic of both JDs:

Originally I was under the impression the Tamaguchis were by TS because that company would label the buttons. While that's not the case, there's always the possibility that TS could have used JD's V3 programming just like all the companies that use their Bunny ROM. If you're looking for fake Tamagotchi Connections of your very own, there is currently an auction on eBay for 3 NIB TS Tamagotchis which are a later/better version of the one we previously looked at. Looking for TS Tamagotchis there also bring up more fakes featuring the older Bunny ROM, which is a Gyaoppi clone.


If you see any new color screen ones, please share. Other than the ones we've seen already, I have one more fake and then that will be it until M&D comes out with something new. Well, thanks for reading again. For more pics and general vpet images, there;s links to my IG above.

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Well, that makes for two 100% completed bootleg Tamagotchis. The Touma Pet was pretty fun, albeit just an improved version of the QPet Quolor. While I would like for M&D to try something different with their next color pet besides the stale TMGC+C formula, this is a good next step. For their next one, something feature-rich like the Tamagezi would be nice, but I doubt M&D will get that experimental. Additionally, I'd like to see Bandai learn from this and include USB charging in future Tamagotchis, as it would not only slim down the devices and reduce batteries needed. Now that the QPet has been redone with these same technical enhancements, I'd say it all comes down to personal preference for the characters when it comes to choosing between both games.

Thanks for being patient during the Touma Pet run. Like always, it gets hard trying to cover the same vpet over and over again for 9 generations, but you know :P Next up is the Nano Puppy clone. I'll try to get the entry for that ready either tomorrow or Monday. In the meantime, take care.


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      This is Mochi. She is the third generation of three girls in a row on this v3 here. She is also the third Tamatchi I have gotten in a row! Nonetheless, I am determined to take good care of her because her grandmother was a Masktchi, and her mother a Warusotchi (pineapple looking gal), both considered "horrible" care adults. 13 year old me would be shaking right now! Maybe now that I know other Tamaparents are reading this it'll push me to take better care of mine. A log with only the worst care characters over and over would be way too repetitive and boring.

      (Please excuse any formatting issues as I get the hang of this again)  
      I'm currently on the hunt for the next Tamagotchi or virtual pet to add to my collection rebuild. There's a lot to consider here in terms of budget, what version to get, where to buy from, ect. I'm not in a hurry to rebuild my collection too quickly since I know I'm an impulsive person. I also have some sort of color Tamagotchi back at my parent's house, I'll have to look back on my old logs to see what version it is, and maybe I can run that one too!
      Not really much else to say today, I'll update tomorrow when Mochi evolves. 
      Until next time, thanks for reading  ₍˶ˆ꒳ˆ˶₎✼:♡*゚✿ 
    • By rjalda100
      Hello! It's been quite some time since I last logged here or was even active at all but I've decided to resume logging with something I've been wanting to try again for a while.
      I'm not sure how many people remember my first log (it was back in 2016, after all), but quite a bit of it centered around a V3 I was raising as an oldie. I ended up keeping that V3 alive for well over a (human) year, and for quite a bit now have been wanting to try it again. I actually did do it last year with one of my V2s, an Ojitchi named Ricky who accidentally died at age 105. Well now, I'm ready to raise another oldie. I chose this tropical V2 to house it:

      I chose that tama because it is already pretty worn, and when I run oldies I take them everywhere with me. So I won't have to worry about this one getting scratched up or faded because it already is. I initially was going to reset it and start fresh, but I last left off with a Ginjirotchi on it and Ginjirotchi is one of my all time favourite characters. I couldn't possibly bear to reset one. So instead I married her off and her baby boy will be the future oldie:

      I'm thinking of naming him Ricky, which is also what my previous V2 oldie was named. Ricky the 1st lived to be 105, so maybe Ricky the 2nd can have even better luck! For now there's not much to be done with this tama, but I'll be back to update again once he is left on his own.
    • By tamakuro;;
      not a big deal to most, but when i was a kid i just could never manage to keep my tamagotchis alive long enough to get them married, not to mention i only found out what 'bonding' was halfway through the first generations teenage hood; so on the first day of the second generation i spent hours getting the bonding to 100%!
    • By KareliaTheTama
      Hey gang, I'll make this short.
      Recently, I got myself an Entama (it's the shell design below, PLUS the beads which are easily the best part) after not knowing where my 4.5 was for ages because I wanted to play again, and uh.. the version one rereleases are pretty good but you basically have to let them die after a while, and I do not have the heart for that. Eh well.

      I do not speak or read a lick of Japanese, so this'll be fun.
      So, introducing.. AKIRA! Or, as it's put into the system, あきら.

      <-- he started life looking like this lil' fella (Kuchiotchi) and due to the way the Entama characters work, his appearance was pretty much set. I guess I have a soft spot for Kuchis now.

      In less than a day, he got these stubby lil legs, and looked like a takoyaki! He also started preschool and learned to dance. By this time I'd already started training him in the Kindness GUTS points so he'd get the right teacher as a teen.

      A couple of days ago, he grew into a Young Kuchipatchi (guess I took good care of him?) and earned the privilege of arms. He started school in Kindness, still grinding those GUTS points. I also got him a trampoline which he really likes. Thank all that is holy for the continued existence of the EnWarehouse program or I wouldn't have been able to get most if any of the right stuff. Man, I miss TamaTown every day of my little life. I don't do much anymore to note, but he did come with me for groceries.

      When I woke up this morning, my young lad evolved into a full grown Kuchipatchi! Ah, they (literally) grow up so fast. He still goes to school at the moment, but soon he'll have to get job hunting. Hoping for the Onsen job but I think he'll do just fine in anything he does. Then, it'll be time to find a partner. Oh man, they get so big so quick..
      Well, that's all for Mr. Akira for now. He says "hello" and to have a nice day.
    • By Erilies
      Hey everyone! It's been a while hasn't it? Seriously, I can't believe the last time I was on this site I was 17 years old whew time sure flies by! I recently went back to my Tamagotchi M!x after watching a Tiktok lol so I figured I would start a new tamagotchi log here.! So! Let me introduce you to my Tamagotchi~ I'm hoping to later bring back my other Tamagotchis but I need batteries rip 
      Name: Alice
      Type: Bellchi
      Stage: Baby
      Gender: Female
      Happiness: Cyan
      Apparently Alice wants to be a bit of a pain in the butt because as soon as she hatched she decided she would be depressed and wouldn't stop untill I gave her a bunch of sweets....and then after that proceeded to begin going to the bathroom every 5 seconds.  

      Then before I knew it though she grew up into Bellchi! Admittedly I didn't take the best care of her cuz most of the time she was a baby I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to connect it to the M!x website (I eventually figured it out but apparently Bellchi cannot identify flowers for the life of her). Luckily I actually quite like Bellchi cuz she is pretty cute! Nice to have a reminder of the old Tamagotchi log I did like 4 years ago now. Anyway, sorry this log was rather short, I started Alice up fairly late so unfortunately she has decided it's time to sleep no but I'll try keep this updated as much as I can! 
    • By KuchipatchiPod
      Hello everyone  My name is KuchipatchiPod or you can say Pod for short. I am new here but saw the log forum and decided to give it a try
      I've mentioned in other threads, but recently my father delivered to me my original 97 P1 Tamagotchi that I played with as a young tween. I decided to get some batteries for it, and while I was at it, grab a Japanese OG P1 so I could try to get Oyajitchi. I'd always been interested in collecting Tamagotchis, and my friend sent me a link to where you can buy the new Digimon ver20th vpets. I had to grab one. Then you know how online shopping goes... you get a little carried away sometimes. I had just received a Twitch payout and decided to blow it all on Tamas and Digis. I grabbed up six Digimon total (one of each variation, and then a sixth so I could ge thte "connect to 5 unique devices" mons... )
      After playing with my new Tamas and Digis for a bit, I decided I wanted some "fresh" Tamas, as my OG ones have seen better days. So I ordered a rerelease P1 and P2... Definitely going to stop for now because I'm quickly depleting the little bit I have in my bank account...
      At first it was just the two Tamas and a yellow Digivice. But then my purple one came in (for some reason the other 5 got shipped in two different packages despite buying them all together) early in the morning, so I decided to open it and play with it, even though it's the same "variation" as the yellow one. But I was eager to start another Digimon. Then the others came in later in the day. I was feeling obsessive and wanted to try out some of the other ones, too. Since the black and white ones have forms that can Jogress with each other, I decided to open BOTH of those. Bringing me to a whopping total of 6 active pets. 
      So let's meet the crew...

      I named each device (I'm not going to name each individual monster/creature). In the Digimon, you actually get to type in the names, so I was limited to 4 characters, but with the Tamagotchis you don't enter a name, so I just refer to them by the names I gave them.
      Tyson is the translucent blue Tamagotchi shell. He's my OG P1 from when I was a kid. I started him on the 19th after learning I could take him apart and clean him out (thanks to the members here!) Takao is the all-white Tamagotchi shell. He's the OG JP P1 that I ordered from eBay. I started him on the 20th when I got him in the mail. Kudos to you if you get the naming theme of the two Tamas. THAO is the translucent yellow Digivice. It's the first one I received when I thought I was only buying one of them. I started it on the 19th when I first got it in the mail after trying to get Tyson to hatch before learning I could clean him out, so THAO has been the longest-running pet so far. META is the translucent purple Digivice. It's the second one I received and started early in the morning of the 21st because I was eager to start another Digivice. POD is the black Digivice with white buttons. It was the third Digimon to get started, after I got my shipment of the rest of the Digivices that I had ordered on the 21st. TRAN is the white Digivice with black buttons. It is the most recently started one; I waited til the Baby stage of POD was finished before starting it so I wouldn't get too overwhelmed. I decided to take a photo of each evolution I get in the P1s, so I can have photographic evidence that I got each 'gotchi. My goal is to see all twelve forms!
      My memory is kind of bad so I think the timeline here is a bit off, but I'm trying to make it as accurate as possible as to the last three days.
      MAY 19th - THE BEGINNING
      The 19th was easy as I was only caring for the THAO for the first part of the day, enjoying my first little Koromon. Later in the evening, after learning I could clean out my Tama, I started raising the newly-revived Tyson. Babytchi is so needy! Koromon hardly needed any care, so I was focused completely on Babytchi. It was getting pretty late, so when Babytchi went to sleep, I thought it was done for the night. I sat it aside and got online to watch some Twitch. Then a bit later I heard him crying out! To my surprise, there were four poops and a sick Babytchi waiting for me. I nursed the poor little guy back to health, and that's how I re-learned that Babychi takes a nap shortly after hatching instead of going to sleep for the night.
      Finally, Tyson evolved into Marutchi! Then I was wondering why it was not falling asleep for the night, as it was after 10PM. I checked his clock and realized I had mixed up the AM/PM. Oops! I fixed it and Tyson fell right to sleep.
      The 20th was an exciting day because my Japanese Tama was set to arrive in the mail! I anxious awaited its arrival while keeping an eye on THAO and Tyson. It was pretty easy as Marutchi is not nearly as needy as Babytchi, and I was having fun checking on THAO every now and then because I was still feeling quite obsessive and not wanting to do much else.
      Takao finally came in the mail in the early afternoon. Sadly, I was not able to get his battery compartment open because the screws are stuck! But the existing batteries, despite being 25 years old, seemed to work when I pulled the tab out, so I gave him a reset and started to care for him. Another needy Babytchi... The screen would fade in and out sometimes shortly after pulling the tab, but since then it seems to be running fine. Eventually, Takao evolved to Marutchi as well and it was easier to keep track of them.
      I decided to try an experiment, since Tyson's buttons are particularly hard to press. I would raise Tyson's happiness only by feeding candy, and Takao's happiness only by playing games. Let's see how they evolve!
      THAO's Koromon evolved to Agumon and I was able to start another egg! I picked the horizontal stripey one because I knew it could evolve into Kunemon eventually, which is my favorite Digimon. I had to be careful to neglect Tokomon just the right amount to get three care mistakes. I didn't want to hurt the poor thing any more than that. Once I got the mistakes, I took good care of him well.
      MAY 21st - DIGIMON DAY
      Normally I wake up around 10-11AM, but on this day, Tokomon decided to cry at 730AM! I can't believe the Digimon wake up so early! Thankfully, the cry did not wake up my husband, who is a pretty deep sleeper. I waited 10 minutes to get my final care mistake I needed, and then started taking good care of Tokomon. Later in the day, he evolved into a beautiful Kunemon.
      Earlier in the afternoon, my package arrived with META, my purple Digivice. I was originally going to put this one away and just play with one of the Black or White ones when they came in, for a total of two Digimon. But while waiting for my package to come with the rest of my Digimon, I got so anxious to play that I ended up opening up the purple one anyway. I neglected Koromon just enough to get him to evolve into Betamon (so I could have two different mons).
      Later in the afternoon, my other package came in with the rest of my Digimon. I still wanted to have a type A or B digivice running, so I decided to open POD. Hubs was taking a nap, so I decided to stay in the guest bedroom and take care of my pets while playing phone games. This way the sound wouldn't bother him while he slept. Without much else to do, I was checking my pets constantly, and felt like there wasn't enough to do with the pets. So I decided to open TRAN. Maybe I was making a big mistake, running so many pets at once...
      I was having so much fun with my pets, but the buttons on Tyson and Takao were kind of hard to press, making me have to exert my thumb more than I would like. So I decided... why not get even more pets? So I ordered a P1 and P2 rerelease to be delivered on the 23rd...
      And that catches us up to today  Outside of getting the Child/Rookie stages of the Digimon I wanted (since I really wanted Betamon and Kunemon), I'm trying not to use any guides or help. I did look at a P1 growth chart to make a checklist of all the forms you can possibly get on the P1. I'll try to update if anything major happens from here on out.
      Babytchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Marutchi - Tyson 5/19/21 Tamatchi - Not Found Kutchitamatchi - Not Found Mametchi - Not Found Ginjirotchi - Not Found Masktchi - Not Found Kuchipatchi - Not Found Nyorochi - Not Found Tarakotchi - Not Found Oyajitchi - Not Found Bill - Not Found