How do You display Your collection?

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Hello Tama Community! First Post here.

My Question is: 

How do You display Your collection? Do You have a secret drawer to store them in a tiny box or is it a wonderful trophy display with LEDs and stuff?

I'm thinking of a nice adult way of showing my growing collection to friends and other visitors.. First thought was a cupboard with glas doors and individual stands made out of clear polymer clay. I still think the clear polymer clay is a nice idea to make them face to the right direction and to create a colorful environment.

Second idea was a clear plastic curtain to store photos in. The bags might be big enough for the original packaging and I could remove the Tamagotchis easily to play with them. I could attach some iridescent foil behind the plastic curtain and the clear plastic look fits right to the 90' flair. 

Do You have some ideas or photos?

Have a nice day!

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There are some photos in the old "Your collection" thread that show how some members have displayed their tamagotchis if it's of any use?


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