Best way to buff scratches on Meets?

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Recently I’ve stumbled upon a tumblr post regarding Polywatch being a suitable scratch buffer for color Tamagotchi’s, such as magical meets. Unfortunately after about 2-3 days of play, I got a nasty vertical scratch on my meets screen. 

I went with Polywatch because it seemed like there was a fair amount of debate on whether or not Duplex works or not, or ruins screens in general. After about 4-5 applications, the smaller screen scratches are nearly gone, however the larger one is still present. I’m going to post my overall results on my tumblr to show before/after images.

Anyone have any positive experiences with their own solutions to removing scratches?

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I've only used Displex before, and I have to say it generally works good on the monochrome tamagotchi screens, but when it comes to the color version screens, it works on shallow scratches but sometimes can make deep scratches worse, making the screen look perpetually "greasy".

I have not used Polywatch since it's not very accessible here however, not sure how much it differs from Displex - from what I've heard Displex uses some sort of technology that melts the screen, while Polywatch seems to be abrasive, is that correct?

People behind JapanYouWant have once made a blog post about using Tamiya polishing paste, using all 3 of them - coarse, fine and finish. The result they've shown looked good but I have yet to try this technique. 

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