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John Smith

No Tama Town

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What are we going to do now that there's no Tama Town. I just found out yesterday my old v4 Tamagotchi and realised that the Tama Town isn't available since 2009.😥😪

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Well, as you said it's not available since 2009, it's been already 10 years since then. We just moved on. There are some projects that are attempting to bring it back but it's a huge work in progress and might or might not work. 

It is a shame but the toys are still usable even without Tama Town, even if some experience has been lost.

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      Hello, TamaTalk world, and I'm ChiChi1212, and this is my new TamaLog, where I will be posting daily (hopefully) about my Tamagotchi news.
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