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Did I mess up my chance of getting zatchi? (Secret tamagotchi p2 character)

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I own a tamagotchi P2, and I’ve been trying to get the secret character, zatchi. I currently have zuccitchi (I think that’s how you spell it,) and I’ve been taking care of him perfectly. I’ve cleaned up every mess, I’ve caught every discipline, and I never let his empty hearts go over 1. But, one night, I accidentally left poop next to his bed before he fell asleep. Did this ruin my chance of getting him? 

Edit: I also changed the time to a time where he was awake to clean up the mess a few hours before he woke up, then put it back to normal time for him to fall back asleep. Did this fix anything?

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    • By Robert110
      I have a few questions about my zuccitchi. 1. when does it go to sleep? and, 2. Is it supposed to go to the bathroom so much? (Uses it every hour or so.)
    • By Robert110
      Hello! I am a new tamagotchi owner and I just wanted to know how to get a hashizotchi. I currently have a zuccitchi even though I followed the directions to get a hashizotchi. I need hep. 
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      For the past month or so I've been running 3 different original tamagotchi (P1 and P2) trying to get a secret character, which is something I've never succeeded at before.
      Many people have said to simply get Maskutchi/Zuccitchi and then take perfect care from there.
      Others have suggested these different variables:
      - Discipline 100%, but take average care
      - Discipline 100%, with one or two care misses
      - Discipline 0%, take average care, but no care misses
      - Discipline 75%
      - Keep a low weight
      - Keep a maximum weight
      - Feed no snacks vs feeding snacks
      But I'm starting to wonder if there are more requirements to getting a secret character... Do you need to take certain care when they are a baby? Does the care of their entire life cycle matter?
      I would appreciate advice or input of any kind!
      Has anyone successfully got a secret character by way of taking certain care at other stages? Does babytchi care matter?
    • By Knighttchi's Ballad
      Today I was surprised to glance over at Okro my Zuccitchi and see that she had changed into none other than the secret character on the P2, Zatchi. I was not aiming for Zatchi at all but rather running a series of experiments on my P2 to see what certain variables would result in. My original goal has changed from finding the healthiest way to achieve the worst care character and thus keep them alive for longer - which, thanks to StarBlade's observations, cannot be altered - and instead I aim to find what is relevant to P2 and P1 growth. So to have some variety in my series of experiments, I decided to care for Okro with only three variables: no discipline, average care, and no care mistakes.
      Okro received no discipline in her toddler years and I think she was attended to after her meters dropped halfway. She was also not fed any snacks and she evolved into the good care teen, thus proving discipline does not influence which teen character is achieved. In her teen years she received more or less the same consistent care, perhaps with her meters depleting down to one heart a few times. She then evolved into Zuccitchi, which surprised me since I expected a worse character.
      I knew that Zuccitchi can become the secret character as I came across this when reading some old Tamagotchi websites. I had also gotten Zatchi before, with great effort and excellent care. But I decided to simply let Okro live out her lifespan as a Zuccitchi since the back cover my P2 had was a replacement developed out of trial and error, and a shorter lifespan might let me finally see a Tamagotchi dying - what I had never witness because my vintages kept resetting. So I was incredibly lax in my care of Okro, filling her meters once they were half empty and a handful of times her meters got down to one, but never fully emptied. I did make sure to catch all her disciplines just for the fun of it, and also because the discipline sound is unique from the other sounds on the P2. She got sick around yesterday and I was divided between this being a sign of her going to evolve or a sign she would be passing on. But as I have mentioned, the result of all my care resulted in her turning into Zatchi. After my shock, my next thought was a partial inner sigh of how this would be a long haul.
      Okro stands as a contradiction to the general advice to obtain Zatchi, that one must give the utmost perfect care. Okro also does something else as well since her care matches up with Hugo, the tamagotchi I ran in the Summer Hatch that ultimately turned into a Mimitchi. This strengthens my hypothesis that what determines a vintage Tamagotchis growth is not actually how high the meters are kept but actually discipline. I still have allot to test - such as care mistakes and how both these tamas came from the same device - and the bulk of that testing will take place in a P2 experiment log I plan to write one day. But for now, I thought I should share my observations of how the P2 may not be as rigidly programmed as is commonly believed.
    • By ultimodellanno
      I'm very sad because in 20 years I still couldn't get a secret characters on my p1 and p2.
      I follow everytime the tips I found on Internet but masukutchi and zuccitchi never transform in secret character.
      Can somebody seriously help me?
      Very thanks
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      Does Tamagotchi p2 have the matchmaker???
      how long is its life span???
      how do you know if your character is given by good or bad care???