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tamagotchi m!x random selected characters

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I own a tamagotchi m!x (or mix, idk), and i had a question about it.

Does it depend on how well you take care of it for the character outcome? Or is it just random chance on getting your favorite character?

All of the growth charts I found for the M!X are just images of all the characters, and not actual charts depending on how good you take care of the pet.


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This was also something that confused me at first as well. The first time you start a generation the care does matter because it will determine the growth. After that however, the final adult will simply be a mix of genes from the one you raised and the one you married. I think that the care can affect what your toddler and teen will look like, but that's the extent of it.

You can only get a "pure" character that first generation.

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