Tamagotchi 4u notebook-Friends Notebook?

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Hello! So I recently gave my friend a tama 4u and we have connected our tamas. I noticed that a new option in the notebook opened up ; friends note book.

I'm not sure what I found next does, but here goes. So (I'm in the general note book icon right now) I click the second option and an egg, some Japanese, and my friends user pops up. I click that, and then there are four options. (If you know where I am right now and could translate that would be amazing).

First option: her profile

Second (where my question arises): my character, and writing space to type with my user at the bottom what's that for?

Third: unavailable to me. What is it???

Fourth : last time I clicked it apparently I clicked yes to deleting my friends profile... so yeah. What's going on???

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Third option:  I dont  know..  Maybe Other?


fourth Option:  Is to delete a Friend profile!!  AFTER THIS going. You will see that  a Friend profile IS Deleted!!!!  You need To start Again For create a New profile!!

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