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When I connect with my friend it's all good. I just have a question about some options and what they do. 

What I click on the heart ( 2nd icon ) what are those four options?

Anyways, I'm pretty sure that the second one allows you to host a connection. So I click that and then there are four options. What are those? ( If someone could find or just tell me a full translation of the menus and sub menus (sub menus and "sub-sub menus" more important) that would be awesome. Anyways. Now that I'm there, when I click the fourth option my friend usually gets her character to talk, sometimes visit this house, but she usually gets to play this slot game and get good money and prizes. When she hosts the same way I do, I get all of those results except for the slots. What is that? Sorry for all the questions all help is greatly appreciated!!!

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