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My Grandad's Spirit visits me through a virtual pet.

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This is not a fictional story, this is something I've just wanted to share for quite a while. If you know me, you'll know I've collected virtual pets in the hundreds since I was about 10 or so. (back in 1996-1997). One of those pets was called Bobby, and I made a whole thread about it here. People who know me even better will know I'm a paranormal investigator, full time psychic and demonologist/exorcist. (not a joke, this is how I earn my living).

Back in late 1997, my grandad passed away. It was very sad, and I remember family was at the hospital with him, and while they were there, me and my mum went to get something to eat from Morley's Chicken. I had all my virtual pets with me, and one of those was Bobby. Upon returning to the hospital, I realized he had passed away and the whole day felt like a downer. I didn't expect him to pass away, I was just a kid I thought he'd get better. I remember my dad telling me just before he passed, he opened his eyes and looked up at him. As if to say, thank you for being here. (There was more to it but I won't go into that). He passed away looking at my dad like that. The doctors said it didn't mean anything, and that he probably didn't even know my dad was really there. But my dad was a paranormal investigator roo (which is where I picked it all up from) and understood that "death" isn't what people make it out to be.

A few days later, me, my mum, my dad and my aunt were out somewhere and I was on my Bobby. I was playing a game or something with one of my other Tamagotchi's when I heard Bobby beeping. I had used Bobby a LOT so I knew it's growth chart pretty well back then. I looked at Bobby to see what was it was wanting and ... to my surprise, the usual happy smiley face that usually floats around the screen had been replaced with a sprite of my grandad who had passed just a few days prior. I even showed it to my family who were in shock to see my grandad's face on the screen.

This was all in late 1997. I had played with Bobby TONS of times over the years since then with NO sign of it ever happening again. But. Yesterday, on the 1st May, which was also my Aunt's birthdau (the one who saw it back in 1997, who was incedently, his favourite daughter), I was celebrating Beltane with my most precious lady and my mum. I had brought Bobby to life  afew days prior as I often do. I had woken up yesterday morning to incessant beeping and it was coming from Bobby. I looked at it and would you believe it. My grandad's face was on there. I quickly grabbed my phone and recorded it, took screenshots and film of it as proof... proof I have wanted for over 22 years. HE WAS ONLY ON THE SCREEN FOR A FEW HOURS. I saw it, my mum saw it again and so did my precious lady. Evidence was captured this time, and I will be sharing it soon on Youtube.

My grandad has spoken through mediums many times before, but this was the first time since 1997 that my grandad actually visited me through a virtual pet. The same kind of pet, too. And it was most likely to celebrate Beltane with me. Within a matter of hours, the usual smiley face returned and he was gone. And has been gone ever since. Nothing I could do would bring him back. He just visits when he wants to. It was a wonderful experience, and I never thought it would happen again, considering the gap of 22 years between the times it happened.

So what's the point of this thread? Nothing. I'm just sharing a story that I hope will bring people comfort in knowing that our loved ones are eternal. And we all will survive always.



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