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How do you get a pet in the tamagotchi meets? I cant read Japanese so i need help ๐Ÿ˜ญ! Please answer if you know โ™ฅ๏ธย 

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    • By Save_Tamagotchis
      As the Tamagotchi ON is the English counter part of the Tamagotchi Meets I was wondering if anyone here could tell me the size of the Meets.
      I'm planning to buy the Tamagotchi ON next month and want to make a cradle for it before I buy it if possible. But the only Tama's I have to use for size are the Connections, Music Star in terms of the most recent ones I have. My Tamago I'm sure is way to big and wide from what I've seen from reviewers who got the ON early.
    • By KidRetro64
      Side Note~
      Recently, Iโ€™ve found a screenshot of a game that claims to have been released for the iPod 3rd and 4th generations. I am good when it comes to iPhones, but I know little about the iPods.ย 
      Luckily, my sister has an older one and so does my grandad. Now, I doubt they would be able to be downloaded ( I donโ€™t really know, but its a guess ) but if anyone has any information Iโ€™d love to get a hold of it.
      Now, in to the real point! ย 
      Here is the only piece of evidence I could find on the whole internet. Seriosly! This is it along with a single article here~
      It says 2008. Thatโ€™s when it wasย most likelyย released. And thereโ€™s a pretty neat picture, too.
      If anyone knows anything else- please let me know!
    • By Penguin-keeper
      Sure, there are lots of fan-made Tamagotchi pins out there, but I thought that this one was particularly notable, as it's the first one that I've seen that's based on the colour models;

      I also found this neat Tamagotchi/Kirby mash-up;

      Has anybody else found any other good ones?
    • By N33k5IsAZombie
      I just preordered the new Tamagotchi On models for my kids and I and was wanting to get a start on crocheting some new cases before they come in. Are the Tamagotchi meets (On in NA) similar in size to the Tamagotchi Dream Town Friends? My son and I have Dream Town Friends units we have been playing with together since his sister was a baby so I can use it as a reference device if they are similar enough in size to the meets/Ons.
    • By Penguin-keeper
      When you look back at your time with the Tamagotchi line, what's your personal all-time favourite moment?
      For me, it was noticing that the art-style of the Gen 1 Tamagotchi was quite similar to, and shared an oddball sense of humour with, Nintendo and HAL Laboratory's Kirby video game series, which I noticed right after the Tamagotchi line was released in the West.
      I first noticed this when my first Babytchi evolved into Marutchi, because I felt that Marutchi kind of resembled Kirby, and I continued to notice it throughout my time running the device.

      Kirby meets Marutchi.
      Kirby originated on the Game Boy, which had a greyscale display that allowed for four shades of green (which was changed to four shades of grey on the Game Boy Pocket), and the Tamagotchi line originally had monochrome displays, so similar limitations influenced the character-designs of both, which are generally simple, cute, and very expressive.
      The Kirby series is one of my all-time favourite video game series, and I loved the fact that the Tamagotchi bore similarities to its art-style and sense of humour, so that's why this is my favourite nostalgic Tamagotchi moment.
      What's yours?
    • By ๊Œƒ๊๊Œฉ๊‚ฆ๊Ÿ๊ˆค_๊“„๊๊‚ต๊๊…๊‚ฆ๊“„๊‰“๊ƒ…
      hey, i remember finding a very old tripod site that houses some tamagotchi emulators but 99% of them aren't able to work with my laptop depsite them being from 1999 or newer. i can link it if anyone wants to check it out or just google "tamagotchi emulators" which that website should pop up.