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How do I know if my tamagotchi’s discipline meter is 50 percent?

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The reason why I’m asking is because I’m trying to get Maskutchi. I’ve been waiting until 2 hearts go down, and yeah. And in the Wiki says I need to have the discipline meter at least 50 percent. I looked at the meter, But I don’t know what how much I need for 50 percent. Is it at least all the way filled or is it half way filled? 

What I'm doing is filling the unfilled two hearts and waiting for them to be infilled again, I’ve been giving my tamagotchi snacks and meals, plus playing games with it, and when it’s sick, I give it a shot. So is that how I get Maskutchi? That’s what I been basically doing. Right now it’s a child ( Maruitchi. )

I hope I’m doing it right 😕 

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