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P1/P2 Secret Characters Requirements?

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For the past month or so I've been running 3 different original tamagotchi (P1 and P2) trying to get a secret character, which is something I've never succeeded at before.

Many people have said to simply get Maskutchi/Zuccitchi and then take perfect care from there.

Others have suggested these different variables:

- Discipline 100%, but take average care

- Discipline 100%, with one or two care misses

- Discipline 0%, take average care, but no care misses

- Discipline 75%

- Keep a low weight

- Keep a maximum weight

- Feed no snacks vs feeding snacks


But I'm starting to wonder if there are more requirements to getting a secret character... Do you need to take certain care when they are a baby? Does the care of their entire life cycle matter?

I would appreciate advice or input of any kind!

Has anyone successfully got a secret character by way of taking certain care at other stages? Does babytchi care matter?


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I'm not certain if the baby stage makes a difference, but getting Maskutchi/Zuccitchi and giving perfect care is the only way I've gotten the secret characters. I have the re-releases of the original P1/P2's and I have both secret characters now from perfect care of Maskutchi/Zuccitchi.

This website has always helped me with getting the Tamagotchi character I'm aiming for. It has a handy guide for obtaining all the characters on P1s/P2s. Hope this helped!

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      Let’s start with the P1. He was very needy like all tamas in the baby stage, but after a solid hour he wasn’t as needy. I filled his hearts up right away and every time I saw them drop-even by one!-I very quickly refilled them. I fed him mostly meals and barely any snacks- those would be taken care of by games.
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      (Quick question: when do they [child stages] go to sleep?)
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      I'm very sad because in 20 years I still couldn't get a secret characters on my p1 and p2.
      I follow everytime the tips I found on Internet but masukutchi and zuccitchi never transform in secret character.
      Can somebody seriously help me?
      Very thanks