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So I'm getting a Giga Fighters

("Tech Warriors") in the mail this week! Sweet!

Well, hopefully anyway....:)

- So, has anyone ever played with these?

- Tips?

- Reviews?

- Do Giga Fighters have the same unusual care needs as normal Giga Pets ?

- Is the internet cable for these things different than the link cable that came included with the units? I have seen an unopened Giga Fighters internet cable sold separately before. ( with its original price tag: $20! )

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So I'm kind of struggling to understand how this v pet works...

Its has a lot of similarities to a "Nano Fighter".

But with much more detailed animations.

I love the expressions on the fighters faces! Hilarious.

But my speaker seems to not be working. I'll probably have to look up if it's possible to fix a vpet speaker. The case is transparent, so it is pretty easy to see the wire connections to the speakers and Mic. The case seems easy to open up if I need to work on it, I guess.

Does this mean the sound activation isn't going to work? Bummer.



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If the wires are loose, you'd just need to solder them back on again.  If the speaker is broken, you can replace it with one from another unit or vpet.

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