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So, I start a new tamagotchi life cycle, I hatch an egg, raise it, etc. It becomes a teenager, 2 days ago (it was on pause a while yesterday) I check today and it evolves into an adult. Now since it was an Ura Young Memetchi, I raised its spiritual points up higher for Ura Violetchi, but today it evolves, and its something from a completely different family! Its Shitekitchi!!! Did I do something wrong? It has max training it has spiritual points at the highest and it was always well fed and happy! What did I do wrong???

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13 hours ago, Rainbow_Kitty said:

Maybe you didn’t pause it and you thought it did

That has nothing to do with it.

Rainfall, as I understand some of the growth charts for the V4.5 are a bit misleading. On the V4 the parent character family was uniquely determined by what your character was during the teenage stage (with the exception of the universal family which could be reached from any teenager), but from what I've heard the V4.5 doesn't quite follow the same logic - apparently, your character can end up in any family from any teenager.

I think it's possible that each teenager still favours one family over the other two, but from what I've heard the V4.5's evolution is generally a bit more erratic than the V4's. Of course, it could also be possible that the growth is intended to be like the V4's but a common glitch is causing the erratic growth behaviour, but regardless it seems common enough to be a feature of the device, from what I can tell.

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