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State the opposite of the picture above you

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This was originally a game on Encyclopedia SpongeBobia that I have finally brought to TamaTalk.

The object of this game is simple. Somebody posts an attached image and somebody has to state the opposite of it. Unlike Encyclopedia SpongeBobia, the user can also choose to additionally put what the picture actually is in parentheses.

For example, if someone posts an image of a dog, the other user calls it a cat. That user can choose to add onto their response by adding (actually a dog).

Anyways, let's do this!


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i am angery

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Arise, thread, long since dead! Haunt thy forums from which thou wert created! ;)

@leogames2012 - You might want to double-check TamaTalk's rules. ;) Although this may not be the case on other sites that you might visit, bumping threads that haven't been posted in for three months isn't allowed here (please see rule 7). I've locked this thread, accordingly.

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