Tamagotchi ON's being sold on auction websites before offical release.

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Sorry if this is the wrong spot for this but Tamagotchi Warnings is for warnings on fakes and these from what anyone can tell are real Tamagotchi ON's.

I saw this video from a fellow Tama fan on YouTube about a person selling Tamagotchi ON's. There is also a Chinese market like store selling up to 18 Tamagotchi ON's with a tag on the box scribbled out. Like the video maker said this scribbled out info could be something such as "defective" or the Tama being a test model and not one meant for sale.

The eBay seller and buyers are from the UK, seeing as the UK will not be getting the Tama's I agree with the video creator that the sale was a good deal. The buyer even sold 2 of the 3 Tamagotchi ON's they bought.

But the question remains of where these are all coming from if its not due for release until next month. I agree with the video maker that if these were given to the seller as Tama's to review then they shouldn't have been sold and should respect Bandai's release date for this product. The Chinese site I can't figure out where these could be coming from.

Here's a link to the video:

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The answer is simple - Tamagotchi ON has been released early in Hong Kong. Not only it but also the English version of the Digimon 20th as well. HK usually receives most English model releases.

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