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PSA: Don't buy Zackees batteries

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I've been slowly converting my large Tamagotchi Connection series collection onto rechargeable batteries to save on my pocketbook and help the environment, and I mistakenly purchased some Zackees brand rechargeable 2032 batteries on Amazon. I was on a budget and they were cheap.

Don't repeat my mistake! Stay far away from these things XwX
- I bought 8 batteries, only 3 worked. That's less than 50%. Not Good.
- One of the ones that did not work tried to BURST INTO FLAMES. (My Tama was unharmed, thank goodness, but I did burn my finger)

Sadly they didn't qualify for a refund >:T I will be leaving an unhappy Amazon review.

If anyone knows what brands/where to buy GOOD rechargeable batteries, please let me know.

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I'm really glad that no damage was done and I hope that your finger doesn't take long to heal. I'm also glad that the batteries didn't burst, since that would've been even more dangerous (and that's something that can happen with any cheap battery of dubious origin, rechargeable or not).

I've never heard of Zackees before. The name sounds rather like the myriad of seemingly randomly-generated company names used by junk-purveyors from China and thereabouts, which seem to flood Amazon and various other sites (names of that sort tend to instantly set alarm-bells ringing with me), but of course I can't rule out it being a known brand outside of my own country - I welcome any corrections on that front!

Heck, until today I had never heard of rechargeable coin cells in any size either, so I'm afraid that I have no suggestions for better options there. I do want to thank you for posting this warning, though - stuff like this needs to be documented so that other members of the community don't fall foul of it, so good job on that. :)

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