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Thing that happened

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so.. i was playing animal crossing new leaf (i don't play it anymore don't ask why) and we were just doing some fun stuff when all of a sudden someone says "I think i'm being robbed." I'm not kidding one bit. this happened a while ago, and i don't exactly remember what happened... but i think the dude jumped the fence and started stealing bikes. I was like ohmygodwhatshappeningaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  everything is gonna be ok. This person was one of my ac friends, and i think her name started with M. I wanna say Mametchi, but i know thats not it. She was home alone, and i think i was in her town with one of my real close ac friends (Say hi if you're there, Charlie!) We were freaking out  calm. So... i think she called the police, and in the meantime she was like ohgodohgodaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. she was hiding under the covers in her room. Eventually, the police came and she ended the session. End of story.

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