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V4 Family change rates through breeding?

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The title is a bit confusing, so let me explain. On my V4 I had my past generation (Sammy, a Memetchi) marry a Mametchi in hopes to get a Mimitchi. The baby was a girl, but evolved into Mizutamatchi- for the third generation in a row. (My 2nd gen was Togetchi.) I know Mizutamatchi is considered the “bad care” child stage evolution, but I’ve taken care of it the best I could. This 4th gen baby then evolved into Ichigotchi, like her mother. To avoid repetition I had her evolve into Violetchi. 

How do I get the mame genes to come through? Will it take a few more generations? And if you’re wondering, here’s what gen married who to get what family’s genes:

1st gen Kutchi + Meme = 2nd gen Meme

2G + Kutchi = 3rd gen Meme

3G + Mame = 4th gen Meme (current)

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I don’t think marrying your tama with a certain character will affect the offspring in the V4!

It all depends on how you take care of it and also the skills you earn. 

The first skill (pencil symbol) will get you a character from the Mame family, second skill (flower symbol) will be someone from Meme family and the last one (sparkles symbol) will be from Kuchi family.

Make sure you play the games and sending your tama to school/work it will help increase the skill you’re trying to get.

here’s a link that might be helpful:

Hope this helps :)❤️ 

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