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iTamannadi Log!

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Hello everyone 

And welcome to my first log! :)


I’ve been reading some amazing logs of the members and that got me excited to start one for my Tamas and show you all how I take care of them. 

This log will include the Tamas I'm running, not necessarily one just so no one get confused :D


I will try and post daily, if not it’s going to be every two or three days.

I hope you guys enjoy and if there’s anything you would like to add or say please leave a comment ^_^

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Lets get started! 





Today at 10:22am I finally decided to unbox my Tamagotchi m!x 20th anniversary and start playing with it!

I’ve had it for over a year now and didn’t really get the chance to run it, but today is the day :D

After putting the batteries on and waiting for few minutes, the egg hatches and a beautiful baby boy: 


Will take care of him for the next hour because we all know how Tamagotchi babies are needy and they need extra attention :babytchi:


Meanwhile, on my other Tamagotchi Sanrio Meets,

Meet “Mello” he is 4 years old, 5th gen. 


He is meeting and playing with other tamas:



At 11:13am the m!x anniversary evolved into:


Taking care of him wasn’t that hard as I thought, look at him Isn’t he cute? 

But now.. we both have a lot to do to unlock the locations! 

After I had lunch, At 2pm I played some games on both of them, got some gotchi points and I unlocked Rainbow Hills on the mix yay! :kuribotchi:


After a while I sent Mello to various locations meeting his friends and maybe finding his new ehm ehm.. love!?


At 4:20 pm I sent Mello to the app so he can marry a beautiful character like him. I'm so excited to mix him with another character to see what they could produce, but unfortunately the dating show was unavailable! :( 




He came back to his home, maybe we should look for his partner.. tomorrow!?


After a while I checked on them, I had to feed them to fill their hunger & happy meters:




And oops! I didn’t take pics for this part but the little baby ate a lot of sweets which is not good, it’s ok we will make the pain go away!

And now he’s a happy healthy boy ^_^ 


For Mello, I’m really not sure should I wait for the App dating show or marry him with Violetchi

Do you guys think that her and Mello will produce a beautiful baby/babies? 

Help Mello by commenting below


At 9:03pm I checked their stats, for the final update of the day they seem healthy and happy:



Good night to the both of you 💜


So far I’m enjoying my Tamagotchi mix 20th anniversary and I can’t wait for tomorrow to share with you guys what happens with both of them!

tomorrow is a new day, it’s a new adventure and I will make sure to update you all :blink:


Until next time, take care .. 💜  

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