12 Tamagotchis and 2 Pocket Neopets... What could go wrong?

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The battery for one of my V2's died... and when I recharged it and put it back in... it reset ;w;

It hatched into a boy so Eril is back I guess but all my money and items are gone, nooooo :(

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I'm sorry about the loss of your dog.  Hope s/he is doing well up in doggy heaven.

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Posted (edited)

Married Himebaratchi on my Spacey M!X! That's right, I got her the BIG rock, because she's worth it :wub:

And this time... I RECORDED IT!


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12 hours ago, Eggiweg said:

I'm sorry about the loss of your dog.  Hope s/he is doing well up in doggy heaven.

May the afterlife be paved in bacon.

... although if it is it won't be for very long. She loved bacon and ate like a vacuum cleaner.

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Sorry for my absence for a few days there, stuff happened at home and I was called back to Construction Purgatory to help with drywall. So I took a few days off!

THE GOOD: My Spacey M!X has turned into a pink Chantotchi with Lovelitchi ears! So cute, aaa. Not sure which character to try to marry just yet...

THE BAD: My V5/Familitchi, as expected, wiped itself upon the battery being replaced. Bother. If anyone knows a good place to buy used Tamas please let me know.

THE UGLY: My Subway Sammich got dropped on the carpet :C nooo, my turkey bacon avacodo...

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Sorry for the small hiatus there, life got super busy and I had to help get my house fixed up and ready for inspection. But it passed! So I can go back to procrastina-- I mean um, raising Tamagotchis. yes.

Unfortunately the Deluxe Faerie Pocket Neopet glitched out and died? I'm not sure what happened, it froze at the clock screen. To be completely honest I'm much, much more invested in and get more enjoyment out of Tamagotchis, so I'm probably not gonna start it again soon. I think I'll use the batteries (AAA's, I use rechargables) for a new Tama possibly? I've been pondering buying a Melody M!X to go with my Spacey M!X. Although the release of the ON drove prices up waaaay high again (like, 60+ dollars, that's half of what I make in a good month) so that's on hold until they go back down a bit.

I'm keeping the Aisha running because nostalgia. Also, it fits in my pocket with the Tamas. (I love these pants, they have the hugest pockets ever lol)

I'd give an update on how the Tamas are doing, but a lot of batteries died while I was doing drywall and stuff so I have to charge them again. I have a smol cheap 2032 charger with only one working slot so this takes some time XwX I'll give an update once they're all back up and running.

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(Sorry for the delays, I had to babysit our remaining dog. PotatoDoggo was technically my brother's anxiety dog but in reality she was our other dog's anxiety dog. She's got some separation anxiety problems.)

V1: Ari, Girl, Gen 2, Marutch-- welp, just evolved right now, Oniontchi XD

V2 (1): Eril, Boy, Gen 1, Ringotchi

V2 (2): Arka, Boy, Gen 2, Young Mimitchi

V3 (1): Weys, Boy, Gen 2, Hinatchi

V3 (2): Ru, Boy, Gen 2, Young Mimitchi

V4: Siliv, Girl, Gen 5, Mizutamatchi

Familitchi/V5: PogoFamily, Ahirukutchi, Tororotchi, Mousetchi, Gen 1 (hoping it will hit adult stage before the battery dies and I can save at least 2 of 'em by marrying to the Music Stars buuut I have doubts XwX)

Music Star/V6 (1): Ianu, Boy, Gen 11, Hinotamatchi 

Music Star/V6 (2): Oshiro, Boy, Gen 2, Nonopotchi

TamaGO: Insinro, Boy, Gen 7, Kilalatchi

Spacey M!X: Been calling her Little Rose, Gen 3, mother was Himebaratchi, grandparents are Lovelitchi and Mametchi

Mini: Oyajitchi, again XD Maybe some day I can get a good character.

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1 hour ago, Pogostix said:

Mini: Oyajitchi, again XD Maybe some day I can get a good character.

Do we really count Bill as "good"? He's terrifying! :lol:

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9 minutes ago, Penguin-keeper said:

Do we really count Bill as "good"? He's terrifying! :lol:

Well he's rare? XD I dunno if that counts though, no

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Little Rose/Spacey M!X marred Speplanetchi and had a son! This is Gen 4 now.

I don't always have the energy to keep up with all 12 and just keep the M!X running solo... it's definitely my new favorite now haha

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      If that doesn't add up to twenty then I typed something wrong. I'll be starting in the baby stage whether that means resuming from where I left off or resetting the tamagotchi.  I've already resigned myself to the fact that the Ocean will be dead within an hour, but hey. Some of these will be extra fun since I haven't played with them before. I'm trying to figure out my set up/transportation method. I'm certainly going to be putting these in my work locker.
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      The Tama was a boy.
      So far there is a slight bit of lag with the buttons but nothing to hair pulling levels. The screw was really wedged in there, by the way you need a small flat head screw driver to remove the back to put batteries in and you need to pull down on the backing to slide it out.
      I fed him, he pooped twice so far and got a tooth ache from me trying to max is happiness out with snacks as I don't think games are available at the baby stage.
      Update: He pooped a few more times and I fed him some more before he grew up into a toddler, Hoshipontchi, the good care toddler so it looks like he's off to a good start! He went to sleep after that. Sadly because my Tama was delivered late in the evening I couldn't do much except the usual care for a baby before growth to a toddler. I'm sure if it was delivered earlier I could have played with him more.
      Also stinks because I have work tomorrow so now I have to unlock the hotel before I leave to make sure he's paused before I go.
      At least him becoming a toddler got me 300 gotchi points so that's enough for my work day plus travel time to and from work.