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Why does the file size allowed keep changing as I post pictures on the site?

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I started out with 60kb, then it was 0.04mb and now its 0.02mb. With it going lower and lower will I just not be able to post pictures anymore?

Is there a way to put pictures on my log or this site without worrying about file size besides posting the URL to the picture?

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I would suggest using Imgur, personally. You can upload your images there for free, and they provide the BBCode that you need to paste into your posts here in order for the images to display properly.

This is all that I've ever used, since @Admin is the one who has to pay for the costs of hosting images on TamaTalk itself, and as I've said in another thread, I feel that that's better off going towards the forum itself. :)

For anyone who goes with this: Do try to be careful about the filesizes of your images, though, as some users are on mobile connections, and nobody likes their data getting chewed through by images that could've been a quarter of their posted size and still been perfectly visible and readable. :lol:

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The settings on the forum are set to allow for a max of 120 kB per account...  So as you upload files the limit starts to fill up.  I know...  I know...  That isn't much space.  It is intended more for singature images and stuff versus images for posts.  The reason is that files can add up quickly and, as Penguin-keeper mentioned, it affects both the costs of maintaining the site as well as the experience for people browsing the site on mobile or other slower internet connections.  Imgur and others like it really are the best balance for all involved...  You get all the images you want hosted, TT doen't have to shoulder the storage costs of tons of large images and people viewing the site still get to see the images (though sometimes slowly depending on image size and connection speed).

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