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Meets locations unlock by invites.

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Hello Tama lovers! :)

I would like to talk about & teach you all on how to unlock locations with Tamagotchi Meets by sending invites.

They added this great feature for the Meets, you’re now able to unlock them with only ONE device by simply sending an invites! Which made it a lot easier, unlike the mix where some locations required connecting your device with multiple unites to be able to unlock some of them, which was frustrating for many of us! :angry:

The only requirement is you must have another tamagotchi meets that has already unlocked the locations. 

All Meets versions share some of the locations, so before sending an invite make sure that the other tamagotchi has the the locations you are trying to unlock. 


Here’s how you do it:

On the device that has already the locations unlocked, go to:

  1.  Connect - ツーしん
  2. Tamagotchi Meets - たまごっちみーつ
  3. Go out - おでかけ
  4.  Come on! (invite) - きてもらう
  5.  *then choose the location you want to unlock*

On the device that doesn’t have the location:

  1. Connect - ツーしん
  2. Tamagotchi Meets - たまごっちみーつ
  3. Go out - おでかけ
  4. Go play! - あそびにいく

We are done! after the visit, the location will be unlocked! :D

You can repeat the same steps for other locations.


Check the list below, which shows all locations in the Meets, and on what version you will find them:

  • Tama Hotel (all meets versions)
  • Gourmet Street (all meets versions)
  • Tama Farm (Magical, Fairytale, Sanrio and Fantasy versions)
  •  Toy Park (all meets versions)
  • Sports Plaza (Magical, Fairytale & Fantasy only)
  • Starry Lab (Magical, Fairytale and Pastel only)
  • Beauty Salon (Magical, Fairytale and Pastel only)
  • Flower Garden (Pastel version only)
  • Easter Land (Pastel only)
  • Puro Land (Sanrio Meets only)
  •  Mary Land (Sanrio Meets only)
  • Star World (Sanrio Meets only)
  • Strawberry Kingdom (Sanrio Meets only)
  • Princess Palace (Fantasy only)
  • Arabian Night (Fantasy only)
  • Wonderland (Fantasy only)


*The list might change if there’s any more releases in the future.

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