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Bunny ROM sound question (is this on topic..?)

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I have a knockoff 168-in-1 that I would really like to play with, but I live with roommates, and the sound is super obnoxious. Has anyone found a sound toggle option in their 168-in-1, or is there a way for me to take it apart and remove the speaker without damaging the toy?

Here's a picture of the one I have.$pdp_hero_standard$

Also please let me know if there's another topic where this question would fit better, I didn't see any knockoff help talk in any of the sections besides the warnings section.

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I had the same programming in another case, and I never knew how to remove the sound. Although when the screen turns off it stops ringing, it doesn't call you ... it is a good option open it and unplug the speaker! (I opened it to remove the "reset" button because it seemed like a danger).

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I've moved this over to Virtual Pets - General, since that's the best fit that we have for oddball virtual pets like the 168 in 1 kinds. :)

Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any way of turning off the sound on these things (I don't think that there is one), but as @LadyCat notes, when the screen goes to sleep, the whole virtual pet does - it won't do anything unless you've woken up the display/program.

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Update: I snipped what I assumed was the speaker, but now it won't turn on. :( Oh well.

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9 hours ago, dwarfmun said:

Update: I snipped what I assumed was the speaker, but now it won't turn on. :( Oh well.

Ops, sorry to hear that. The positive part is that they are very economical ...

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    • By Knighttchi's Ballad
      The Wave UFO (or Henshin UFO) is a virtual pet alien created by Bandai and its main feature is that the alien will change form when it detects specific waves - wi-fi waves especially, a good and bad thing. This page rescued from a defunct website give a nice little summary:

      With that context, let's move onto the instructions. Via Wayback Machine, I stumbled across a translated version of the Wave UFO instructions (I have the original Japanese ones, but that is not as useful as copiable text). As nothing lasts forever on the internet, I am posting the full instructions here in efforts to further preserve it. This is the original page.
      While looking for other information I came across
      which explains the menus and gives a little overview. I thought I'd add that although it repeats some of the information present in the instructions. 
      I've noticed one big gripe about the Wave UFO is that the sound cannot be turned off for the attention or changing animations, both of which emit a shrill beeping sound. As someone who takes her Vpets practically everywhere, I had to find a solution for this. First I tried putting ductape over the speakers as in most cases that solves problems. Oddly, that only dampened the sound a little. I then found that rolling it up in a sweater really deafens the sound to a faint beeping. And I found that out after rolling up and tying my Wave UFO in a sweater and then lifting it up to the microwave like an offering to some pagan god, bewildering my father and making my brother laugh (I did this several times to make sure, of course). That works for me as the general principal of "several objects dampens noise" logically solves the problem, and it is faint enough that people probably wouldn't notice. Of course, there will always be the cost of having to unroll it to check on it, but it is low-maintenance enough to make that extra task reasonable. For people who don't carry a bag with them that can easily house a sweater, this won't be to helpful. My only advice for that is since it goes to bed at 1 a.m., it can probably be left unattended for long stretches and then cured before it goes to sleep. Also, in general situations such as walking outside or passing through places, there isn't really any need to be concerned with other people since loud talking is an equally acceptable distraction in those circumstances.
      Eventually when I have run my Wave UFO enough I'll create a review (like Penguin-Keeper :^) ) or detail it more in an oddpet log if that happens sooner. Overall, the information here will surely help anyone successfully run Wave UFO, as so far I haven't seen anything unusual or had problems (likely because all "evolutions" are not determined by care).
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      Much like The Works did in December of 2017, the UK discount chain Poundland is currently selling cheap virtual pets. However, unlike the ones sold by The Works, which cost £3 or £4 at the time (before later being reduced to £2), the Poundland ones are, of course, cheaper!
      This is the first time that I'm aware of that it's been possible to walk into a mainstream British retail store and buy a virtual pet for £1.



      They're marketed as Digi Pets (and, in French, Animaux Pixellisés), and are distributed by a company called Keycraft Global. The packaging indicates that these are a 2018 release for this company.
      Naturally, the software used on this virtual pet is the oh-so-common 168-in-1 program that's commonly found on counterfeit Tamagotchis.
      However, as you can see, this virtual pet isn't trying to fool anyone into thinking that it's a Tamagotchi, so it's not a fake itself. The packaging carries fanciful pictures of generic-looking pixel animals along with the name Digi Pets/Animaux Pixellisés, and the generic heart-shaped shell carries similar pictures along with the name "Jia Yuan", making it clear that it's just a cheap, generic virtual pet.
      I actually already have a penguin-shaped 168-in-1 virtual pet, which I've written about before. However, because of the pictures on the Digi Pets packaging, and because the packaging doesn't state that it's a 168-in-1 pet (or claim any number of pets at all), I took a chance on it to see if it has any changes from the usual 168-in-1 software.
      Whilst the software is largely the same in what it offers, this virtual pet uses a slightly different revision of it to the one that I reviewed before, which was a nice surprise for the gamble of £1! These are the differences that I've found so far with this version;
      1: The pet sometimes gets sick, which doesn't seem to happen on my penguin-shaped 168-in-1 pet.
      2: Weight-loss works correctly when your pet takes part in activities that should cause them to lose weight, such as games and work.
      3: It doesn't poop as much, though it does still sometimes do so several times in a row, calling you again immediately after you've cleaned up the previous poop.
      4: The display stays on for much longer, meaning that the unit doesn't go into sleep-mode every few minutes. This means that the pet is active and able to call for your attention for longer periods of time (something that it cannot do when it goes into sleep-mode).
      5: It appears to actually keep time - and fairly well, at that. The penguin-shaped version that I have forgets what time it is after a little while, but this one doesn't seem to have done so yet.
      I haven't found any more differences yet, but these changes alone make this version a little bit more fun than the 168-in-1 pet that was already in my collection.
      The other main difference is outside of the software, though - the casing, and the printing/painting on it, is a bit better-made than my penguin-shaped one (which, ironically enough, cost me £3, so it was £2 more expensive than this one).
      As I said back when I reviewed the penguin-shaped version last December, I find these cheap generic virtual pets to be fun for what they are - a weird, non-complex virtual pet that you can buy for pocket-change. I still feel the same way. These are never going to compete with a Tamagotchi, but they're clearly not supposed to - they're just a random oddity.
      Still, if any British collectors around here want to add a strange little virtual pet to their collection, Poundland is the place to go right now! These do seem to be the first-ever £1 virtual pets to be sold by a big national chain, after all!
    • By Knighttchi's Ballad
      I intended to replace my silent V4 with one that had functioning sound in order to have the full experience of this version. I came across a listing on Ebay that seemed to be the cheapest there was and though the seller listed it as a V4.5, I spied the packaging they were selling with it clearly said "V4". I bought it and later when I looked up the shell on Project Tama Shell, I realized it was indeed a V4.5. This isn't a loss for me since I did indeed want a V4.5, but I was wondering, is the sound of the V4.5 the same as the V4?
      The sound being the same is a feeble way to preserve the experience, but a little coincidence like this would be nice.
    • By beccalynn
      After I english patched my tamagotchi 4U with the 4U app the sound no longer works. I went to settings and turned it off and back on and have reset it as well. When I reset it it worked for a little while then went back off again. It could just be a side effect of the english patching and I am aware that I accepted the consequences when I did the patch knowing it could potentially cause a problem. However, I am just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue or knows a way to fix it. Thanks!
    • By MysteryMoonbeam
      My P1 is making some pretty weird sounds. It was perfectly fine when I went to sleep last night, but when I woke up this morning it was making some pretty horrible noises. Just beeping is fine, like when I press a button, but when I play a game or discipline him the sound it makes is sort of a squealing noise. This just happened seemingly overnight! What's going on? Should I reset it? D:
    • By pikmintaro
      So I mentioned this in another topic, but I found my oldest Tamagotchi in my house (With Mimitchi, and the plant thing, I think it's P2 or whatever people call it.) the sound isn't working on it, and I don't think the sound was working the last time I played with it over a decade ago either so I checked through the topics and found somebody with the same problem the replies basically said, and I'm paraphrasing here.
      "Open it up and see if one of the wires is unattached, then use a soldering iron to stick it back in place."
      So I opened mine up, and indeed one of the wires is unattached to the bottom half of the Tamagotchi, when I closed it back up the sound started working again, so I guess it went into the right place, but I want to make sure I put it back into the right place so this doesn't happen again.
      So anyways I want to know before trying it, is there a certain place to solder the wire to? I don't want to ruin my Tamagotchi forever, so does anybody have any experience with this? thanks a lot for any help!