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Reverse Engineering TamaTown?

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18 hours ago, hwd45 said:

I didn't forget, I was entirely unaware! Hahaha

It makes sense though, given the V5.5 is version 36.0 in all regions.

I guess the character-related integers in the password are to do with the character's ID and gender? Looking at the image above, a male futabatchi would have ID 05 and Mataritchi would have ID 11.

it seems more like a stage:index type thing to me, like how futabachi is 0:5 (because 0 = baby tamagotchi & 5 is the index, basically its the 6th baby (because we count from 0)) 

when it evolved into toddler status it became 1:1 which sorta backs up the theroy either way what it means doesnt matter, we have the 2 digits for what tama you have in login password, and we can use the smae 2 digits for creating logout


ANYWAY~ my work here is done:

v5 Password Generator:

Famitama.cgi re-write:


btw my Tama & Earth EXPO rebuild now uses this code and you can login / logout with any v5 or v5.5 ;)

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