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Unknown Nano Fighter?

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So am i just ignorant here.....?

I ordered this unknown Nano Fighter from Japan for my expanding Nano collection..... still waiting for him to show up. Can someone help identify? Is is just the Japanese version or something?

Hope I posted the pic right !!! ;)

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I've never seen one of these before, but it looks like, for the Japanese release, they named them after real-life fighters (in this particular case, a karateka and kickboxer from Switzerland called Andy Hug), and tied it in with the K1 GRANDPRIX, which was a kickboxing series that was broadcast by Fuji TV. What a neat find! :D

The packaging also suggests that at least a couple of others exist, though of those I can see that Andy Hug is repeated, and one other is unreadable for me at this resolution. One that is clearly named is Peter Aerts, who is a Dutch kickboxer.

The only thing that I don't quite get is how these relate to the publishing-house Kodansha.

Anyway, I don't know if these being based on real kickboxers carries through to the characters' looks and abilities on these devices, but these are a really cool tie-in item.

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My boy arrived.....but all of the internals were removed...! Ouch! But it seems almost mint condition. No internal damage, no battery  leakage. Wtf? 

Update Well forgive my ignorance ! I must be very bad at understanding the internals on Nanos. After opening up a second one I could see that actually no parts are missing just very different than the digimon pendulum I fixed! A little work on the springs fixed it easily.  I feel extremely dumb! Errrr.

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