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Touma pet vs qpet +colour

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Imo it mostly comes down to preference for the characters, but here are some things the Touma Pet has over the QPet:

- texting feature

-better minigames, and a wider selection of them. (+ each can award up to $500 instead of only $200 like on the QPet)

-original + improved graphics, smoother animation

-quirky sound effects like Furby noises

The QPet has the advantage on character selection + replay value. Each character on it has different growth stages, whereas Touma Pets always have the same toddler/teen character. Plus, the QPet has 10 adult characters while the Touma Pet only has 8.

Another major difference from the Touma Pet is that things like going to the park are free. It may not seem like much, but $25 per visit to the park really adds up.

Even though it may not technically be as good, I prefer the QPet for the better character variety + easier difficulty level. I found the Touma Pet to feel a lot more repetitive, but it’s nice if you want a more unique experience.

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