October 5th groupe hatch?

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heyyy so i was wondering if anyone wants to do a group hatch starting on October 5th? any tamagotchi version. i myself will be hatching a v1.

anyway, just let me know in the comments!! owo

uk only please!!!!

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6 hours ago, Gaia_tamagotchi said:

uk only please!!

If you mean only user from the U.K., you might have little to no people to hatch with. I've been in quite a few group hatches and also read my fair share of them. Thus I can say that community involvement in them has always been a bit on the low side as they do require a good amount of effort (unless people do the bare minimum). Hatches with no version restrictions get the most people but even that boils down to around 5 people (include the hatch host). Users on TamaTalk come from all around the globe and some from countries where English is not the main language. I judge the bulk of us are from the U.S. and next to that we have somewhat smaller communities from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K.. Thus if you limit your hatch group to only U.K. users, that further restricts the already small pool of applicants to an even smaller number. In light of all that, I would recommend that you allow any nationality to join so that you can have a successful group hatch.

If you are more interested in having an ongoing conversation with other U.K. members that share updates about their Tamagotchis, I would recommend creating a club. You could name it something like "U.K. Group Hatchings" and your club would practically be its own little forum.

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