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My Tamagotchi stand.

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First I made a dough out of flour, salt and water. I shaped it into a stand and put it into the oven. When it was done I made glue out of flour, water and salt. I mixed those things in a pot cooked it. I put glue all over the Tamagotchi stand!!!


It looked icky.

After it has dried I painted it.


Then I took, what-it's-called?, white fluffy stuff, synthetic cotton?


And I throw that fluff into the green paint water!!!


Waiting for it to dry was boring so I used microwave.


Then I had green, green, fluff of home.


And YAY! It is finished!


The R.I.P Tamagotchi Stand



I might cut down on the fluff....

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that stand is cute, and the first picture, not going to lie, made me hungry. Since i am no expert here, but can it grow mold? 😲 That'd be my biggest worry after making something that good.

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The fluff didn't hold the Tama in place so good, also I felt like I had to try to make something that matched more.

So I made more green fluff!

And then I glued it like I've never glued green fluff before... 😔


Not so fluffy now! Are you!?

It became creepy crawly ivy, kind of...


Oh no! This doesn't look good! I guess I'll have to do like person who don't put things in the microwave... And wait for it to dry... 🤔


So I paint it...

Then I use hairspray om it! To make it stick together. It's important to spray from afar.. otherwise the spray is to concentrated. Trust me, I know, I do all kinds of things with hairspray.


The hairspray is flammable also, now I have to try hard NOT to microwave this thing. What would happen if I do???


This is a picture of me using the hairspray om the green thing. Very nice! 👍

I can't use the hairblower, because it broke in a microwave unrelated event.

I will update after it is dry.



13 hours ago, *CrazyChick* said:

that stand is cute, and the first picture, not going to lie, made me hungry. Since i am no expert here, but can it grow mold? 😲 That'd be my biggest worry after making something that good.

Hello fan of The R.I.P Tamagotchi Stand©!

The salt makes the chances of mold less, also No moist now when it's very hard. It's dry now. I have stuff that I made as a kid that still holds up today.

When making glue, if you don't use salt the bugs will come. Mjölbaggar, flour beetles, and they are nasty. They Will eat your bread!

Maybe the stand is less cute now... With nerfed fluff. But I still have the old fluff. In case I will miss it when my new green horrible creation is fine.


Here we like to put fish in salt and wait for it to rott. The salt makes it not mold... Then we eat it.


Just put salt on stuff. It works with food and with The R.I.P Tamagotchi Stand©.👍👍👍



Still not very dry...



The inspirations! 😭⚰️




It's very dry and Good to the touch now 👆

Very nice. I Will now try it in the microwave.

PS. Surströmming is tasty but there is a time and place for everything. Judging in reactions upon eating food you dig down with salt, such tastes are not for all.

In a way The R.I.P Tamagotchi Stand© is also rotten.

You should never eat the dough I used here, we call it troll dough.

4 parts flour

2 parts salt

2 parts water

2 spoons rapeseed oil

Just mix those things. But don't eat eat! Ok, ok... We all take a nibble, because who can withstand it? 😋

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oh this stand turned out pretty nice! looks good :D


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