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Drawing My Pet!

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Hello to everyone Interested :) 

So this is a little idea i had, instead of making fan art of the base characters, what about making art of YOUR pet?
I will try to draw all the characters i had since my 2nd Tamagotchi generation alongside the pictrue of the original tama i had with the name i gave it.

You all are more than welcome to add your own
there are no special rules, just add your drawing+the original and the name you gave it
   any art style is welcome!



Edit: i decided to add a quick "how to" to anyone who might not know how to post a picture.
the way i did it is just going to Imgur i created an upload (as a guest, i didn't register at first) 
then i selected the pictures from my pc to upload and after it was done i just clicked copy on the picture and pasted it in my reply.
also if you want to use the "attachment" option you can go on google and look for "picture compressor"
this will make any picture you try to attatch smaller in size so it won't exceed the size limit. 

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Here is my first attempt...I am having a few issues tho...
first i have no idea how to size down the pictures
second i haven't touched my tablet for a few years so im no very happy with the outcome but i guess for now it will do 🤔

Her name is Kittykitchy she is my gen 11 tama and she's actually pretty cute :D

Edit: I decided to completely redesign her to a chibby character so added that version as well~

Edit 2: i have evolved further in the design and decided giving her some hair! just doing some experiments.






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