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My tamagotchi friends will not turn on.

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Once A long time ago I had 2 original tamagotchi friends, one had problems in witch the system turned on and during the bumping action. 

After getting fed up I traded it in for a tamagotchi friends dream town system so i could still bump with the old blue tamagotchi friends system.

Its been A few years now and for the time being I keep these gotchis in my book shelf for safe keeping.

Well the other day I wanted to play again,

I realized  both gotchis had old batteries in it, but there didnt seem to be any sign of corrosion.

I popped batteries in to dream town and it worked immediately.

However my old blue tamgotchi friends would not work at all.

The batteries where brand new and I tried them both ways and i also pressed the reset button multiple times with a tooth pick but nothing would turn the system on.

What is wrong with my original tamagotchi friends?

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