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Ryo Stonewell


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Yo. Ryo here. Does anyone know any free android home screen pets like dinostalgia? You know, you have to give your pet food and drink, play with it, help it learn, keep it clean and warm or cool, treat it if it gets sick. I need a different virtual home screen pet like that, except for one really important differance. No death by old age. The reason being is I want a pet that can last at least a year's worth of days as long as it's in good health, because my goal is to keep a virtual pet that way for at least that long so that I know whether or not I can commit to having a real pet. And if not, then at least I have a virtual pet that, so long as I keep it healthy, won't die before I do. I hope I get some answers soom. I'll be waiting. :D

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