Tamagotchi Some twins?

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Hi all:blink:

I recently purchased and received a tamagotchi some from the lovely tamagirl327 as she had a preorder for them.

I’ve had no issue getting twins on my pastel meets since I married a twin on the meets app however I’m 5 generations in on my Some and haven’t gotten any twins yet.

Since the some is a Korean variant to the fairy and magical meets/on with shell variants and doesn’t have the capability of connecting to the app, as far as I know I can only marry other tamas from locations and by connecting it to another meets. 

I was wondering does anyone have any idea if I can get twins on it?

I can probably just connect my some to my meets that has twins to try but I’m trying to get pumpkin genes on my meets since I missed the Halloween event. Since the some is relatively new and doesn’t have all the capabilities the meets/on has does anyone have any information? Maybe I just haven’t gotten any luck yet?

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Having twins I guess you could say is a “random” possibility just like how the geneder of your tamagotchi is! 

Actually I’ve seen some topics of people wondering if there’s something wrong with their devices, but not having twins for several generations is normal. :) 

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