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When you've been looking forward to Minecraft Earth, but find out your device isn't supported.

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I was looking forward to Minecraft Earth, but while my iOS is up to date, I own an iPhone 6, which does not support some of the stuff Minecraft Earth was built to use.

This stinks....

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    • By Penguin-keeper
      I must say that I didn't expect this, as Disney has not previously shown any signs of wishing to properly preserve and honour their classic video games, but today it was announced that they will be re-releasing their 16-bit era Aladdin and The Lion King tie-in video games in a pack titled "Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King". The pack will include various versions of the two games, along with the never-before-released trade-show demo for Aladdin, and production materials and a music player covering both games, and it will also include some modern quality-of-life features. It'll be released on October 29th of this year.
      The "Disney Classic Games" branding roughly matches the "Disney Classics" branding used on the home-media releases of the company's movies, so I'm hopeful that we'll see more like this in the future. I'd love to see Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse, and Toy Story also get this treatment, personally.
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      I just made a new world and still building my place up. I leave digging my mine to farm some stuff and throw any un needed stuff in my composer when I see this from the mountain my house is behind:

      If you can't tell its a Pillager Patrol staring at me, and it never fails to make my heart skip a beat because they just SHOW UP OUT OF THIN AIR! Like go away you weirdos I'm trying to farm and get the second story of my house built. Go pick some berries from bunch growing over the hill!
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      I've been reading that people have suffered their Tamagotchi ON or Meets suffering currupted data and other problems due to items or characters made in the MyMeets fan app.
      I have no intention of using the app with my Tamagotchi ON or the Meets app with my ON. But I'm worried about those who have used it and then go on to use the ON's app when its finally released and interact with other users through the marriage feature.
      Even though Bandai Japan has warned people to not use the MyMeets app with the Meets app or their account would be banned and their warranty on the device voided I'm sure there are people out there that will ignore this and do it anyway.
      It makes me worried about when the ON's app is released. Like if I connect and end up marrying my Tama to a Tama whose user used the MyMeets app for its genetics will it brick or corrupt my ON?
      After 3 months of waiting for this devices release and the app, having that happen would really stink. I hate the idea of having to restrict my use of the app, especially the one feature I liked about it the most (marrying my Tama to other users Tama's) because of this.
      Is there any info regarding if data corruption can happen between a Tama that had the MyMeets used with it and a Tama that hasn't and if the non MyMeets Tama got corrupted or glitchy? I've heard of people who had used the MyMeets app having their Tama corrupted but not if it spread through connecting it in anyway with other Tama's.
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      The old topic got closed due to inactivity, so I'm remaking it!
      For me, the latest Nintendo Direct finally had more information about the new Fire Emblem game for the Switch, Fire Emblem Three Houses, as well as a release date - July 26th! Needless to say, I'm looking forward to that, it looks pretty interesting, and the concept is pretty unique for a Fire Emblem game, can't wait to see how that plays out!!
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      Would y'all recommend the corner shop games for the DS?
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      So I have a tamagotchi Friends, and my sister and her BFF have ones too. They are all pretty much the same, BUT, mine has different games. Theirs have flower count, cake catch, drop catch, select get and mimick but mine has driving, dancing, find ice cream, flower count and another game I have not unlocked. Is there an explanation for this? If anyone could help I would be a happy cat! Thanks,
      Lucky cat