Osutchi and Mesutchi - swapped buttons!

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I only wanted to show my newest "creation" i got the clear versions of Osu and Mesutchi. The male one is clear black with white buttons and a white cap and the female is clear with black buttons and clear black cap. I always thought they would look much better with fitting caps and fitting buttons. Otherwise it is irritation for the eyes, looks so mismatched.

So I opend them botch and switched the buttons. I also had to open them because of other reasons.

Heres the Original:




Heres the creation of Dr. Frankentama:



How do you like it? Which one do you like better?

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Whoo, cool! I'm not sure if I've ever seen a solid black or white tama before. I'm mixed on which I like better as for any other Tamagotchi model, I would prefer the solid look but since the Osutchi and Mesutchi are designed to be paired together, the mismatched colours are complementary (and I like the stark contrast). However, just by looking at the other shell designs, it appears the the smoke and clear pair are the only kind to do this alternation (besides the subtle yellow and white hearts shells). Sooooooo, I'm undecided. Since one is completely black and the other white, you could name the tamas on those models with names fitting with a black/white, darkness/light, evil/good theme. Off the top of my head, Blanche is a female name meaning white in French and "noir", meaning "black" in the same language, could work as boy's name. (I wouldn't be surprised if I end up scouring through baby name websites for my tamas XD.) 

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