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Unlocking different locations???

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Hi there! In the Tamagotchi ON manual it says different locations/towns/whatever are unlocked with "certain triggers as you play". How can I do that? Thanks!


EDIT: If it helps because I know each of the designs are different, I have the Fairy type [blue].

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The locations or towns are the 7th icon (ship) where it takes you into different 8 locations to meet new different characters, purchase new items, food and even get married! 

if you click here you will get tips on how to unlock them. 

if you click here you will see the characters and on what location they exist (since you have the blue fairy check the first coloumn from far left)

Hope this helps :) 

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Hope this also helps!


Beauty salon- has to be at least 2nd generation and change colors 2 times by eating lemon pie.

Toy town- (2nd generation or higher) be an adult and wear the drum accessory and go to your yard between 7-8 pm

Food town- eat the rice omelet 5 times at the restaurant

tama farm- visit the food town multiple times ( for me it was 7) 

Magic land- ( magic version only and generation 3) go outside 7-8 pm

That’s all I know!


For the fairy world, go outside 7- 8 am and have the fairy house background 

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