Tamagotchi Meets/On App Not Downloading

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So I’m currently running my Meets, and I have a Loveletchi and want to marry her. So I’m using my Samsung Galaxy NotePad 2 to download either the ON app of Meets, and there from the APKPURE website. Now, I go on the downloads, and it doesn’t let me open the app. It just says “There was a problem parsing the package” and doesn't let me do anything else. Am I doing something wrong? Also to mention, the app also doesn't appear on my home screen. The 4U app works, but this on dosent.

Also, I might try my old Samsung S3, but the NFC does not work that well (I’m aware the S3 is notorious for being quite dodgey) but the 4U app opens. I also have on handy 2 Kindle Fires, but they don’t run the 4U app.

So, you know, if anyone knows anything then please help here! 
Update!- We’ve just unlocked my S3, so if there’s anything I should know for that it would be appreciated! :D 

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20 hours ago, Eggiweg said:

Yeah, I have. Same thing still happens; if it carries on I might just use MyMeets- I have a Windows 10, and I can get the application on it. Thanks for the info, though.

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