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Hey, Tama Lovers!!! My name is Gina! I have been part of this forum for a while!
Content removed - topics promoting personal links are not allowed. Sorry!
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Removed link and image, per rule 4: Advertising of personal sites/forums/chatrooms/other is not allowed.
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Hi there Gina. Unfortunately, I've had to remove your link - as per the rules on website ads/links, it is a personal link that is intended for personal gain, and topics promoting these are not allowed.

You are allowed to put personal links in your signature and profile, however, so by all means please do so - your work looks lovely! :)

Additionally, the News and Announcements section is labelled as being for TamaTalk news and official Tamagotchi news, neither of which your topic falls under, so I've had to move it, too.

You note that you've been a member for some time, so perhaps now might be a good time for a refresher on the site's rules? ;)

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    • By *CrazyChick*
      So I found a tidbit of info where I worked searching items. I was surprised to see this with a sku and everything however it wasn't for sale or preorder, so I'm wondering if there will be a announcement soon. From what I saw it's only 2 colors which was lavender and turquoise. 

      EDIT: So I believed it had a placement release date but I dont want to say too much since I'm not sure if its accurate.
    • By LaraBrox
      I tried to search on google but I couldn't find anything that listed the actual name of the pet. 
      I got him from leaving the ribbon out in the yard. I love how he is the same colour as my tama! 
      (Also It took me way too long to figure out how to compress this image on mobile) 

    • By 321Boom
      I just ordered my Tamagotchi On, and I am psyched to receive it! I got the Magic Purple one! I have been doing quite a good amount of research, and reading about it, and it sounds like it eats through batteries, so I was going to go the rechargeable batteries route. I found the manual online, and it states in the 2nd Page, under Caution, 4th tick:
      "If you use rechargeable batteries please use only the appropriate nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries, and be sure to observe the recharger instructions regarding how to recharge."
      Can someone clarify and help on what are 'appropriate nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries'? 
      Searching around, I can only find rechargeable nickel–metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, NOT nickel-hydrogen :/
      I don't want to be doing damage to my Tamagotchi On. The NiMH rechargeable batteries I have are Maxday (pic attached) or link:
      Btw, the batteries I have state 2700mah, just want to make sure that's safe, cause from what I've been reading, other people's batteries are usually in the 750 - 900 mah range :/
      Thanks for any help and clarifications! Really looking forward to use my Tamagotchi On!! :D
    • By rose
      This is a modern tamagotchi group hatch which starts on the 1st of April 2020. 
      The versions which can join are versions from the past four years.
      Tamagotchi M!x (Melody, Spacy, Sanrio, Anniversary) Tamagotchi Meets (Magical, Fairy, Pastel, Sanrio, Fantasy, Sweets) Tamagotchi On (Magical, Fairy) Let me know who's joining and I'll make the log thread on the day
      I'll be entering with my Magical On.  
      Love you all,